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Stalker Boy, Ehh, Well, We're Fall Out Boy

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um, Derrick finds Amy... things happen and Amy is confused

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Chapter Ten- Pssh. He Got Nutin On Us!

"Amy. I swear to god, I know where you are now. Expect to see me at your friend's next show or whatever the hell they call it."

Amy looked down as Andy replayed the message. When she had gotten home with Pete, Andy was sitting by the answering machine sighing. They found themselves in a situation where they didn't know what was going to happen. When Patrick and Joe came home, they talked it over.
"Well, maybe Amy should stay home," Patrick said looking over at her. She stayed quiet and just watched where everybody's eyes went.
"No. What if he comes here?" Andy sighed looking over at his sister.
"Well, if she comes with us to the show, she might be in more danger," Pete muttered.
"Pssh," Joe smirked and patted Amy on the back, sending her forward a little. "This guy got nothing on us," Amy smiled and when Patrick saw it he smiled as well. Andy caught on quickly and nudged him a little. Patrick coughed a little and Amy laughed a little.
"I want to come with you guys," she looked up and smiled to everybody. "After all, I know almost all the words," Andy laughed and she sweetly smiled.
"Good. We need a good luck charm for tomorrow," Joe said hugging her with one arm. With that the gang retreated to their bedrooms for a nice sleep.

Chapter Eleven- Stalker Boy, ehh? Well We're Fall Out Boy!

"I've seen your boyfriend and I don't think he treats you right"

The next night, the atmosphere in the small club was amazing. Amy had fun watching the guys prance around stage and sang along to the words she knew. When they got off stage, Patrick handed her an amp.
"It's so hot," she muttered putting one of the amps down in their special room. Patrick gulped and nodded.
You're so hot
"It's hell for us, jumping all over that stage," he said instead, placing his guitar near where Amy placed the amp.
"I guess," she smiled. Pete and Joe walked in and the looked around.
"No signs of stalker boy," Joe laughed and went to where you could see the crowd. Amy walked over as well followed by the rest of the band.
"Oh my god," Amy breathed and covered her mouth like she was sick. Pete and Patrick both looked over at her and then back into the crowd. "He's here, he saw me," she muttered before running back into the room. Andy and Patrick stopped her and they watched as a guy, a tough looking guy made his way over to where they were.
"Where's Amy?" he asked looking at Joe.
"Who wants to know?" he shot back. Derrick scrunched up his face and attempted to look over Joe's shoulder.
"Me. Her boyfriend," he said firmly. Pete held his tongue and watched as Amy appeared.
"More like /ex/-boyfriend," she stated, with Andy and Patrick on either side of her. Derrick's eyebrows furrowed and he took a step towards her. She didn't flinch but Pete did.
"Somehow, I don't think that was part of the plan, Amiez," Derrick said with a fake smile. Amy pursed her lips together and glared.
"I want out. Forever," she muttered and watched as he flinched at her words.
"Not gonna happen, sweetie," at the last word, he rose a hand to strike her, but before he came in contact, Pete jumped and tackled the ass hole to the ground. Amy shrieked and watched as Joe and Andy both started to try and pry Pete off of him. Patrick turned to Amy and she backed away slowly and ran out to the back doors and into the cool and breezy night. She was scared, she had to admit but she was also surprised at Pete's sudden actions to protect her. Amy leaned against the back wall near the car they had taken and sighed.
"Amy?" she opened her eyes to see Patrick walking towards her. She bit her lip and let him take her in his arms for a hug.
"I want to get as far away from him as possible," she muttered into his shoulder. Patrick sighed deeply and pet her hair in a comforting way.
"The cops got him," he simply said. Amy shuttered and clung to the back of Pat's shirt.
"I can't believe him," she whispered and felt Patrick's arms tighten around her. Patrick saw the guys step outside with the rest of their stuff and load it into the back of the van.
"Let's go home," he said softly. She nodded into his shoulder and turned around to be scooped up into another hug, but this time her brother.
"I'm telling you, right now Amy, that you will be safe with us," he simply said and placed her in the car.

Chapter Twelve- "I got to save the world"

Amy quickly recovered and soon found herself at another show. This time, the guys kept her company until they were on stage. She found herself in the back room downing bottle after bottle of water, trying to calm her nerves.
"What's with you?" she turned around and bumped into Pete who reached around her and grabbed a bottle for himself. Amy sighed and slid out from where she was and bit her lip.
"Why...why did you do what you did the other night?" Amy asked watching as he drank the bottle down. He shrugged.
"Man's instinct," he bluntly put it. Amy sighed out of frustration and traced the pattern on the couch with her fingers.
"Somehow I don't believe you," she said looking up. Pete lowered the bottle and threw it in the trash. He grabbed his bass by the neck and slowly walked up to her. Amy stepped down to face him and he smiled.
"I'd love to chat, Amy, but I've got to save the world," he winked and walked on stage. She turned to watch him leave and sighed.
"That's my line," Amy looked back to see Patrick laughing at his friend.
"Really now?" Amy asked sarcastically and placed a hand on her hip. Patrick nodded.
"Ehh, I don't care. He can't work it like I can," Patrick fixed his hat and grabbed his guitar. Amy smiled and watched as he approached her.
"Now, if you would excuse me, I've got to go save the world, because Pete's just my sidekick," Amy smiled as he gave her a one armed hug and walked on stage.
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