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Petes' A Maid and Patricks' an Adult

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Amy asks Joe about Pete's past and some interesting things are revealed. Then, it turns into a crzy birthday party, including twister...and a little flirting.

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Chapter Thirteen- Imagine Pete in a Maid Costume

Joe became sick of dehydration and decided to stay home with Amy while Pete went grocery shopping for the apartment. Amy woke to see him sitting on the couch upside down, flipping through the movie channels.
"You baby-sit now?" she asked yawning and plopping down next to him. He laughed and sat up properly.
"Lard ass is shopping and I'm sick," he coughed and Amy patted him on the back.
"Well, tell me a story," Amy said in a baby voice.
"Why?" Joe whined.
"You're my babysitter, right?" Amy stuck out her bottom lip and he sighed leaning into the corner of the couch.
"I've noticed how Pete acts around you, so I'll tell you his story, because I think you deserve the truth to his odd behavior around /women/," Joe paused and looked over to Amy.
"Ok then," she said. Joe looked around and turned off the TV.
"Well, a few years ago, I was friends with Pete before we met Andy and Patrick. Pete got wrapped up in an intense relationship with this chick that I totally disapproved of named Amanda," Joe paused and Amy nodded her head, telling him to keep going. "Amanda was a high maintenance girl, wanted Pete to do everything for her, even steal booze for her wild parties. And that's when Pete got in trouble with the cops, and got his license suspended. I ended up having to help out as well, and one day I stopped," Joe smirked suddenly at Amy's facial expressions.
"What happened?" she asked leaning forward.
"Imagine Pete as a maid. He still did everything for her, he was so focused on his feelings for her, he didn't care that she was treating him like shit," he looked up to the ceiling. "And when she told him it was over, he went crazy, had a near over dose on anxiety pills and isolated himself, it had been two years and even though they were together, she had cheated since the first day," Amy skewed her mouth to the side and started to feel heartache for Pete.
"It sucked seeing him like that. So Andy suggested that we all live together to help him out. And let me tell you, he was feeling fine," Amy interrupted him.
"And then I came along," she whispered. Joe looked shocked.
"It's not like that. I think you could do him good. This, you being here, is like...phase two," Amy smiled and they looked up to see Pete walk through the door.
"Do you think you can help?" Pete shuffled through with four bags balanced in his arms. Joe shot up and Amy slowly took one bag and smiled at Pete. He seemed focused on something, but he smiled back.
I wonder if he will start to be nice, as long I am.

Chapter Fourteen-Let's Get It On

A whole week later, Amy found herself best friends with Patrick. She figured she could get along with him the most and that he was the listener of the group. Joe became her buddy, as he put it for when they went partying. It was nearing the end of April and Amy woke up to shuffling in her bedroom. Joe, Andy and Pete stood in their boxers standing over Patrick's bed. She sat up suddenly and Andy placed a finger over his mouth and helped her out of bed. She ignored Pete looking over at her and glancing her up and down and joined them in whatever they were doing. Joe noticed Amy's confused look and whispered to her it was Patrick's birthday. Amy bit her lip in embarrassment from not knowing and listened in on the plan. In three seconds time, they all jumped on him and started poking him and screaming "happy birthday". Amy laughed as he fell out of bed along with the others.
"That was great," Amy laughed as she leaded up against her mattress.
"We need to get you a proper bed," Patrick said yawning and standing up. Amy smirked.
"Forget my needs! It's your birthday! Let's party!" Amy watched as he smiled and they all filed out of the room. Patrick and Amy were left in their room to get ready.
"Mind if I got ready in here?" Patrick asked as Amy made her bed, still in her underwear and cami. Patrick let his eyes travel a little low and caught himself before temptation set in.
Amy and I are close enough...I wonder if...maybe it could be closer...
Shaking his head he watched her turn around and hum a yes. Amy went through her bag and picked out a pair of jeans and her blue polo. Slipping her t-shirt on, she shook her hair and turned to see Patrick pulling his own t-shirt on. Amy herself let her eyes travel and bit her lip.
He's a friend...right?
Amy shook her head turning around again and pulling her jeans on. She grabbed her makeup and headed for the bathroom. Later that night, the gang found themselves getting ready to play twister. Andy laughed as Joe placed out the mat out and looked worried.
"What?" Andy asked as Joe whimpered. He sighed.
"I just think this is gonna be so weird with just one girl playing," Amy giggled as she looked around her.
"Alright, so who is gonna control the spinner this round?" Andy asked. Joe rose is hand first.
"There is no way I'm doing this without watching it first," Amy smiled and stood near the mat waiting for the first commandment. Many placements later, Amy found herself squished between Patrick and Pete.
"Man, Amy, it looks like your having an orgy with Patrick and Pete!" Joe laughed and shouted out the next command. Before he was even finished, Amy's knees went weak and she collapsed right on top of Patrick. Andy laughed from where he landed and Amy felt Pete fall on top of her as well. Joe fell on the ground laughing and held his sides as Pete laughed as well for the first time in a while. Amy propped herself up on her elbows and blew the hair out of her face.
"Well that was fun while it lasted," she smiled threw her words and looked at the clock.
"It's almost midnight," Andy yawned. "And that really wore me out," Joe nodded his head.
"I'm ready for bed anyways," Pete mumbled retreating to his room. Patrick hoisted Amy up and they shared a smile. She yawned on her way down to her room and collapsed on her bed.
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