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Ode To Temptation

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;] you'll be satisfied with this chapter, unless your punkprincess GC... then you might be like "WHAT!?!?!?!?" XD It starts hot, ends hot. Amy makes a heated move, Patrick gets some and Joe slams ...

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Chapter Fifteen- No. Seriously.

Opening her eyes, she saw Patrick sitting on his bed looking bored. Amy sat up and sat on the edge of her bed and looked at the clock, it was 4am. Feeling awake, she sat up and looked over at him.
"Can't sleep, never can when it's my birthday," he smiled. Amy yawned and blinked the tiredness from her eyes.
"I didn't wake you did I?" he asked concerned. Amy shook her head and wordlessly patted the space next to her. Patrick plopped down and she got out her notebook.
"You write songs?" he asked as she flipped to the song she sang for Pete a few weeks back.
"Yeah, and occasionally I'll break out the guitar," She tapped her pencil to her mouth and scribbled a few words down on the paper. She felt a pair of eyes on her and she turned to look at Patrick who was leaning back on his hands.
"You're so like me," he whispered. Amy started to feel the butterflies in her stomach and breathed out as temptation started to set in. She sweetly smiled and shyly looked away. Soon she felt calloused fingers brush her hair away then disappear. Amy turned back and noticed just how close they had gotten. Slowly but surely, Amy leaned in closer and gave Patrick a soft kiss on the lips. Her eyes slowly closed as she felt him kiss her back and the notebook gently side off her knees. Feeling her body go weak she let him take her in his arms and snake around her waist to bring her up into his lap. Amy played with the tuffs of hair in the back of his head as the kiss became more passionate and felt Patrick cupping her face in his hand while the other rested on the skin where her shirt raised up. Breaking the kiss slightly, she thrust them backwards onto the bed and straddled young Patrick. He smiled almost dreamily and she felt his hands start to bring her shirt up. Amy licked her lips slightly and closed her eyes.
I told Derrick to wait... I'm such a hypocrite...
Amy leaded back slightly to help Patrick take her cami off. Falling into some sort of trance, she let herself be flipped over and be taken over.
Though this feels so right.
Patrick paused from kissing her collar bone and looked up at her.
"You sure about this, Amy?" he asked sweetly and she breathlessly smiled.
"Yeah..." she closed her eyes and her hand went to his hair as he kissed all the way down and stopped right above the hem of her panties. Amy reached down and grabbed the sheets as Patrick's calloused fingers hooked into her last article of clothing. The beads of sweat came down and Patrick came back up to her face, bringing the sheets up as well and gave her a small kiss.
"Then here goes nothing,"
Within time, Amy found herself a sweaty mess with her legs tangled in Patrick's and her hair spilled all over her pillow. She gently wrapped her red sheets around herself again and sighed up to the ceiling.
"Thank you," she felt Patrick's hot breath hit her shoulder and a small kiss following.
"For what?" she sighed, still out of breath.
"For an amazing birthday present," he said tightening his grip on her. Amy smiled widley and nodded her head. She didn't have anything to say back, but Amy knew she didn't need to say anything. As her breathing steadied, she fell asleep.

Chapter Sixteen- Something Smells Yummy

Joe wandered into the kitchen in the morning to see Amy glowing and humming one of the band's tunes. He raised an eyebrow as she greeted him with a giant smile. Before she could pass him, he stopped her and cupped her face in his hands. Turning her head form side to side and looking into her eyes, Amy placed her hands on her hip.
"Are you finished freaking her out?" Patrick came in and Joe jumped at his sudden appearance in the room. Amy giggled as she took a seat on the barstools and moved it from side to side. Joe watched both their movements and bit his lip in thought. Andy quickly stepped into the kitchen as well and started to make his coffee. Pete came next and took a drink of milk from the carton. Patrick moved to sit next to Amy and smiled at her. She blushed and placed her hand near his. Suddenly, Joe shouted out, revealing his discovery.
"YOU GUYS LOST YOUR VIRGINITY TO EACHOTHER!" Joe slammed his hands on the counter, making everybody jump. Pete chocked on his milk and kneeled over almost losing his balance. Andy dropped his mug and it shattered on the counter top. Amy and Patrick both looked at each other with shocked faces.
"It was your first time?!" they exclaimed at the same time. They both smiled and shared a moment. Andy gulped and shook his head.
"Wait, let me get this straight. You guys..." he pointed at both of them and they nodded their heads. Patrick grabbed Amy's hand from under the counter and smiled over at her. Amy let her eyes wonder over to Pete where he stood putting the milk back in the fridge. She gave a small sigh and smiled back.
"Well this is new," Pete muttered, attempting to sound ok with it. Andy nodded and Joe shook his head still standing the way he had when he discovered their little secret.
"I still can't believe you, Patrick," Joe tsked has he shook his head. "We should party, we've found another excuse!" he turned to the fridge and found a beer. "To the new couple," he nudged Andy and Pete and they all said "Hazah" even though Pete was the most sarcastic of them all.
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