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Jealousys' A Bitch

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This one is for prettypoizon. That review was utterly helpful. Thankx. Pete feels the jealousy rising in his viens as he hears about Patrick and Amy's new found relationship. He sits and writes...l...

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Chapter 17- My Pen Is the Barrel of the Gun

The rest of the day was pretty boring for the household. The party never really went according to plan. At around three, Amy sat in the corner of the couch next to Joe who was dozing off on her shoulder while Pete had control of the remote and Andy sat on the other corner of the couch. Amy was absent mindedly running her hand through Patrick's hair who himself was spread out amongst the four. He had is head in her lap facing the TV while smiling cause of Amy's touch. She yawned once and listened as it went down the group.
"It's boring for a Thursday," Andy muttered from his side of the couch. Amy closed her eyes and sighed contently. She listened as the rest of the guys talked. Joe stirred making her open one eye.
"I still say we should do something fun to congratulate the new couple," Amy smirked as she re-closed her eyes and kept petting Pat. "What do you think of that, Mrs. Stump?" Joe asked looking over at her dozing off form.
"Awww," Andy cooed. Amy just muttered a shut up and leaned her head more in the couch.
"You have to remember that she didn't get much sleep last night, if you know what I mean," Joe laughed and nudged Pete who had not said a single thing yet. He rolled his eyes and watched as Andy scrunched up his face like he was sick.
"Don't talk about my sister like that, guys!" Pete looked over at Amy to see just what they were talking about. Her glowing face was snuggled deep into the beige couch and her dirty blonde hair spilled over the arm of it. One of her hands was on the arm while another was running through Patrick's hair. A wave of jealously suddenly flashed through Pete and he tried with all he could to not do or say anything stupid. He sighed gulping back something sarcastic to say and pulled off a smile.
"They're cute, like that," Pete mumbled. Joe smiled.
"Finally," he told Pete.
"It makes me tired just looking at them," Did that sound to harsh? Pete spoke and thought, trying to pull off an excuse to leave the room.
"I could use a cat nap," Andy yawned. "It's not like we were really gonna do anything today," Joe nodded.
"Is Patrick even awake?" he wondered and looked back to the two that had stayed quiet through the whole conversation.
"Yeah," they heard the tired voice of Patrick suddenly. He got up slowly, avoiding from awakening Amy and yawned.
"She nearly did put me asleep though," he took away her hand that was slipping down his head. The rest of the guys smiled as Patrick and Joe stood and looked at Amy's sleeping form.
"What did you do to her Patrick? She is really worn out!" Joe laughed and Andy hit him in the back of his head.
"That is gonna give me nightmares, thanks a lot!" he laughed and followed him off down the hallway. Pete coughed a little and his eyes shifted.
"You ok?" Patrick asked yawning again. Pete nodded.
"Just thinking," he muttered. Patrick turned back to Amy.
"I have to admit, she's the best birthday present I ever got," Patrick whispered. Pete refrained from distorting his face and pulled off a nod.
"You're lucky," he muttered instead. Pete looked around. "I'm gonna take a nap as well," he got up and walked off. Patrick turned back to Amy who slowly opened her eyes. She yawned and got used to her surroundings. She turned to Patrick who was lounging next to her, his head back and eyes closed, hat pulled firmly over his eyes. Amy smiled and pulled it up slightly to see him open his eyes at look at her.
"Nap?" she asked. Patrick nodded and grabbed her hand to pull her up. Once Amy hit her bed, she was instantly surrounded by sleep and a light arm around her waist.

Pete lay on his bed examining his thoughts. The patterns on his ceiling confused him even further so he turned, only to see the clock flashing 6:00. Everyone was still asleep. The sun was setting and the eerie light from outside seeped into his bedroom.
This is stupid. Why am I jealous?
Pete sat up suddenly and grabbed his journal. He tapped the chewed up pencil on the paper as he examined the scribbled words.
Amy is supposed to be the enemy.
He scratched out a few words and replaced them with other words. Scratching his head he pulled some of his hair so it fell in front of his face.
Though, what about at the park? She's...she's a mystery, that girl.
Pete shook his head and looked back down at the paper. Frowning he turned to a new blank piece.
"Where is your boy tonight?"
Pete widened his eyes as he looked at the words he had just written.
Ah, hell no.
Pete blinked. It couldn't be about her. Amy didn't have that affect on him.
Or does she?
He bit his lip and continued on.
"I hope he is a gentleman."
He gasped slightly and his hand shook.
This can't be happening.
Pete swallowed back and breathed out as the sun slowly disappeared from behind the city.
"And maybe he won't find out, what I know,"
Pete stopped. It wasn't happening. It was just jealously, that he could deal with. He just missed that feeling of having someone in his arms. It wasn't Amy, in particular he wanted. Breathing out again, he looked down at the notebook in his lap and the pencil in his hand. Pressing it to the paper, he thought.
I wonder if Patrick will freak out when he reads this...
Pete pressed it further down and continued the verse.
"You were the last good thing about this part of town"
Suddenly, Pete closed the notebook. He bit his lip and tossed it back under his pillow. Swallowing, he looked back at the clock: 6:45. Had it really been that long? He sighed and lied back down, the darkness slipping into the room and his thoughts. Before sleep overtook him again, Amy's figure stepped into his thoughts.
Maybe it is her that I want...

Chapter Eighteen- As Much as This Hurts

Later on in the night, Pete woke up to see light leaking from under his door. He walked out to the kitchen to see Joe microwaving some leftover pizza. Yawning, he sat on one of the barstools and examined the chipped black nail polish on his nails. Joe turned suddenly looking over at him and sighed.
"Can't sleep?" he asked turning back to the microwave that signaled that the pizza was finished. Pete didn't really hear him so it took him a while to answer.
"Never sleep." He simply stated. Joe rolled his eyes taking a bite.
"Whatever. All I could hear was Patrick and Amy giggling all night," Joe said smirking. He stopped when he noticed Pete's zoned out face. He slowly stopped chewing on his food and swallowed, waving a hand in front of his face. "Dude, you ok?" Pete blinked once and shook his head to break his thoughts.
"Fine." He mumbled. Joe skewed his mouth to one side.
"Lair, tell me," he finished off his pizza and leaned against the kitchen counter. Pete sighed and shook his head.
"Amy is driving me insane," Pete simply put it. Joe's eyes widened. "It's not like that," Pete quickly added. "It's just, I'm jealous of what Patrick has with /her/," he sighed again. "I don't know what I'm saying,"
"Sounds to me like you have a crush," Joe mumbled looking at his friend. Pete shook his head.
"I do not," he bluntly said and crossed his arms, looking down at the counter.
"You are such a lair. I know things are really confusing in your head right now, and all that jazz, but maybe we should take you out and get you in the dating scene again," Joe told him. Pete still protested.
"I'll pass," he mumbled, still sitting with his arms crossed.
"You're so stubborn sometimes," Joe sighed and looked around for the clock. Pete looked behind him. The stove clock flashed 10:26 pm. He ran a hand over his face and yawned.
"I'm a mess. I guess, I still haven't really gotten over," Joe interrupted him.
"Don't start, you'll just end up taking it out on all of us, especially Amy," Joe scolded him and Pete obliged after a few moments. He let out a breath and looked around.
"I just think that Amy moving in really messed up my flow. I wanted it to be smooth riding until we went on tour again," Pete sighed looking up at Joe who was now drinking some water.
"Well, maybe so, but now, she needs our help just like you needed us. She's lost the stalker boy, but now she needs recovery, it's already good that she's with Patrick," Joe paused looking at Pete who seemed unfazed. "But, she sure could use you lightening up, she was worried you were going to kill her in her sleep," Joe smirked a little and Pete had to as well.
"She's too pretty," Joe listened as Pete said that.
That's the most heartfelt thing he's said in months...he's falling. For a girl that's already taken. DAMNIT PETE! When we said we wanted you to move on, we didn't want it to be like this!
Joe nodded letting Pete know he had heard him. He took one last sip of water before throwing it in the sink and filling it with water to soak over night.
"I'm gonna try and get some more sleep," he said with a yawn. Pete nodded.
"I should too, I have to baby-sit tomorrow," he chuckled a little and retreated to his room. Joe followed close behind and on his way to his room he peered into Amy and Patrick's room to see them fast asleep in each others arms.
Pete, don't do anything stupid. Patrick is happy for once.
He quickly retreated to his room and set his alarm for work and quickly fell asleep.
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