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Joke Me Kisses

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Pete makes a horrible move in the game of love. Joe notices something fishy going on, but Amy discards it with a party. The worries are pushed away as easy as naming an apartment. If that makes any...

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Chapter Nineteen- The Bat Cave

The real morning came in and much to everybody's protest, they went off to work. Amy still was tired even around three but woke up to make some late breakfast for herself. While flipping pancakes, she noticed she had extra batter. Feeling generous, she decided to make some for Peter. Looking around before opening her mouth, she started to sing one of the band's songs she had learned while her stay.
"I served out my detention," she softly cooed as she flipped more pancakes. "And in the end I got an honorable mention," Suddenly she felt a pair of hands on her waist. Amy shrieked and the pancakes went flying. Pete laughed as he caught them on his plate. One hand was still felt on her hip and she shivered.
"Don't do that," she spoke, annoyed. He just snickered and smelled the meal.
"You're too nice, making me pancakes, and singing. It's about time I get payback for all those times I've babysat you," he muttered sitting on the counter. Even though his hand was long gone, Amy still felt the warm sensation left through her cami and sweater. She ignored it well and rolled her eyes.
"Whatever Wentz," she smirked and scooped out her own pancakes. "So what's on the agenda for today?" she spoke, swallowing some of her food. Pete shrugged from where he sat.
"What ever the guys feel like doing. Joe will think of something to do when he gets home," turning around, he moved to sit down on the barstools.
"Oh," That's all Amy could say as she yawned and placed her dish on the counter in front of him. They sat in silence for a while until she could feel his eyes burning into her head. Amy looked up suddenly and bit her lip.
"I tend to bite," she smiled revealing her actually sharp looking canines. Pete was caught completely off guard and shook his head. Amy smirked a little and looked back at what her hands were doing. One was still holding her fork that was hovering over her pancakes while the other played with the tips of her fading blonde hair.
What am I doing? I completely look like I'm flirting. Wipe that smile off your face, Amy Christine.
Amy bit her lip and stopped and lost her appetite shoving the plate into the sink. Pete raised an eyebrow while Amy skewed up her face and walked over to the couch, halfway lying down, feeling a tad sick from her meal. After a few moments, she felt her legs being picked up and then placed down to be over somebody's legs. Opening her eyes slightly she saw Pete sitting there with a smug look on his face, flipping through the channels. He was a little too comfortable. But Amy decided to take this moment while it lasted. She didn't want to make him all emo again.
"You look like a panda," she muttered, opening her eyes more. Pete's attention slipped away from whatever was on the TV and to her giggling form that was still huddled into the corner of the couch, she was on her back, but her neck craned upward as her head leaded up against the arm rest.
"What?" he asked, somewhat taken back from her completely random comment. Amy sniggered even more.
"Well, your eyeliner is smudged all around your eyes," she pointed and covered her mouth with one of her hands, still bubbling with laughter. "Do you toss and turn in your bed that much at night?" she asked calming down. Pete looked at her like she was crazy.
She's trying to be nice and cute. Answer her, Wentz.
"Uh, probably," he stammered. "I'm not sure," he stated and watched as she smiled even more at him.
Scratch that, she never has to try and be cute...
"What?" he asked looking down at his attire. He had made sure he was appropriately dressed before he came out and scared her.
"You're a funny baby-sitter, the best I've ever had, I wish you were around when I was 8," Amy laughed showing off her pearly whites.
"Yeah, but then I'd be around 10 to 11," he laughed as she stuck out her tongue.
"So?" she crossed her arms. Silence came between them and the silence was too creepy for both of them. Amy was afraid that something she would regret would happen, but then she was always afraid of that. Pete was scared he was going to do something stupid that would end up screwing Patrick over with his chances with Amy. They looked back at the TV before Pete licked his fingers and rubbed away most of his remaining eyeliner. He laughed a little and the motion ran up Amy's legs. She looked up and nodded her head.
"Much better, Peter Panda," she giggled and poked him. Pete smiled at the gesture and nickname and poked her back. He moved his hand to his hair and pulled some of his hair down in his face like he did a few nights ago.
"You have emo bangs," Amy whispered, laughing slightly. "That's hot," Amy joked and giggled. Pete suppressed a laugh and shook his head.
"Well... your jeans are too tight," he said making her mouth gape open.
"Well if you haven't noticed already, Peter, your are too!"
Amy giggled as she pulled a blanket down over her and snuggled up with a pillow. She had a point. Pete looked over at her and glared.
"I'm gonna call you Amy-pants then," he sniggered when he saw the look on her face.
"Peter!" Amy laughed and poked him.
It's cute how she calls me by my full name.
They ended up having a poking battle on the couch while the TV stayed on something random in the distance. The poking stopped and they both looked at each other and the compromising position that they were in. Amy felt a blush rise to her cheeks and breathed in sharply. Pete's instincts made his head bow down and before their lips touched, Amy turned her face away and felt the guilt start to develop tears in her eyes. She heard Pete gulp and she winced as they still lied in the same position. The front door started to make a sound and the door slowly unlocked. Pete broke away suddenly and sat up looking up as Joe trudged through the door.
"What's planned for tonight?" Pete asked straightening himself out and gulping back the embarrassment. Joe raised an eyebrow at the sudden question.
"I don't know, really," he looked at Amy and how she sat looking down, biting her lip.
Did I intrude on something?
Joe shifted his eyes back to Pete as he approached the kitchen counter where he was.
"We should have another day in," he mumbled and grabbed the phone off its base. "I'll order some pizza. Andy and Pat should be home in time," Joe nodded not really paying attention to him as he made the call. He looked over to Amy who weakly smiled and wrapped the blanket around her even more. Before Joe could say anything, Patrick came through the door and sighed, leaning against the door.
"We really need to get the band rolling, I hate this job," he mumbled dropping his keys and wallet on the little table by the door. He turned to see Amy sitting on the couch and smiled as he made his way over to her. Amy weakly smiled again and let Patrick pull her into a one armed hug. Joe ignored the thoughts that went through his head and quickly forgot all together as another game of twister broke out when Andy got home.
"I'm giving out commands this time," Pete laughed as he sat down on the couch and held the board in his hands. The game quickly ended with Amy defeating Joe with claiming she was "flexible". They ended up making fun of her from then on.
"Yeah, and I would know," Patrick laughed falling backwards. You could say that they were all a little lightheaded from the few drinks that were passed around, but that would be an understatement. Amy giggled and fell back against him.
"Yeah, but Patrick remains the champion, he disrupted your sleep pattern for days," Joe clutched his sides and he saw Amy gasp and mock pout. Pete was the soberest of the group and smiled as they all made dirty jokes. Andy was dozing in and out of sleep when Joe jumped up.
"OH! I have an idea! Let's play, "I've never," Joe smiled as they nodded their heads.
"Alright, I'll start," Andy said sitting up and thinking. "I've never made out with a guy," he stared at Amy and she slowly raised her bottle to her lips. But then Patrick and Pete raised their bottles as well. Joe widened his eyes and they shrugged.
"Had to kiss Pete as a dare," Patrick mumbled. Amy giggled and poked his side.
"I've never..." Amy tapped her fingers to her chin and thought. It turned out completely random. "I've never named anything," she raised an eyebrow as Joe took a drink.
"You've named something?" Amy laughed as he shook his head.
"But I will," he wiggled his eyebrows and took a long drink.
"Fine then, do it now. Name... this apartment," Pete challenged. Andy nodded his head in agreement. Joe leaned his head back in thought.
"Ok," he paused for dramatic effect. "The Bat Cave"
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