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The boys are ready to cram all thier gear and Amy into a van for a short month tour. It kicks off with a miniture party that includes Patrick singing while Pete grinsd with him. Then, Amy and Patri...

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Chapter 20- Ah Hellz No

Everyone had hangovers in the morning, well, except for Pete, which was why he was up and decided to make breakfast for everybody.
"Do you have any idea how unbelievably good that smells?" he turned around to see Amy peering over his shoulder to see what he was cooking. He smiled and shook his head.
"Nope. But the guys love this," he smiled and looked down at her attire. She was still in her sleepwear, which left little imagination for the eyes.
"Uh, Amy" Pete whispered and pointed down at her underwear. Amy just waved her hand around like it was no big deal.
"I don't care anymore," she smiled and looked back down at the cooking food. "Does it bother you?" she asked looking back up at Pete. He gulped and tried to ignore the heat rush that over took him. Delayed, Pete shook his head.
"Good, now am I going to like this as well?" she asked and sat down on the counter next to the stove. He shrugged and continued to poke it with the spatula.
"Depends, if you like a lot of vegetables," Pete looked up and she smiled widely.
"You should of guessed, the fact Andy is a vegan should have told you I'm one too," Amy bit her lip and inhaled again. "I can't wait to taste it," she looked at Pete and he grabbed a fork. He poked at the substance and got a piece. Placing his hand under the particle, he moved it towards Amy. She opened her mouth and took it, laughing slightly.
"It's good. Like, really, really good," Joe walked in next, mumbling something about his hangover.
"That sounds a little interesting," he raised an eyebrow and Pete shoved the rest of what was on the fork in his mouth, annoyed already.
"That's what she was talking about," Joe said after he had swallowed the food. "It is good," Andy came next and sat down at the real table by the kitchen.
"Food me," he mumbled and Amy giggled. Patrick waltzed in almost drunkenly and sat down at the table as well.
"Rough night, tough morning," he laughed and wiped a hand over his face.
"We need aspirin," Joe looked over to Amy.
"What?" She sighed. "Do I have to go and get some?" she sighed again when she saw all their puppy dog faces. "Fine, after this delicious meal," Amy grabbed her plate and sat down next to Patrick. A few conversations later, and a quick drive to the convenience store, Amy walked through the apartment door to see the entire band's equipment by the door. A few duffle bags were placed there as well and she raised an eyebrow. Andy walked into the living room with his drumsticks in hand and looked at Amy's questioning face.
"Another show?" she asked. Amy bit her lip when she got no answer. The rest of the guys came in and Patrick sat her down on the couch. Amy dropped the bag and breathed in.
"What's going on?" she asked quietly.
"Amy, we're kind of going on tour," Patrick took her hands in his and looked her in the eyes. She sniffed once and opened her mouth to say something but just closed it again.
They can't just leave me here...
Joe noticed her expression.
"Why doesn't she come with us?" Joe asked moving forward a little. Andy looked at him forcefully. Amy watched Joe smile at her.
"There is practically no room. Plus, we don't want her getting hurt," Pete mentioned. Amy was hurt. She had just thought Pete was her friend, and now...
"Come on, look at her, she's so small, she could fit anywhere! And she survived the worst boyfriend anybody could have, and found someone a lot better. I think she can handle a whole month's tour," Joe said, getting a little pissed off. Amy stayed silent and looked up to Patrick where he stood looking down at her. Both Pete and Andy sighed.
"Plus, don't you think it would be more dangerous if we left her here?" Patrick had finally said something and let go of Amy's hands to turn around.
"I'm just trying to look out for my sister," Andy muttered looking at Patrick. Amy sighed and crossed her arms.
"Then why don't you ask her, her opinion?" she fumed in an angry tone and watched as they all turned towards her. Joe smiled, she was on his side.
"I don't want to be a burden, but I'd love to go with you guys, instead of being cooped up in here for a whole month," Amy sighed and shook her head. "But it's not up to me, is it?" she looked at the guy's somewhat shocked expressions.
Damn. This girl can bite.
Patrick smiled and pulled her up into a hug.
"I want you to come with us," he whispered loud enough for the guys to hear. Joe came over and made an Amy sandwich.
"I want you to come too!" he smiled and looked at Andy with hope in his eyes. Andy rolled his eyes playfully and joined the hug. Amy looked over at Pete who was standing with his hands in his hoodie pockets.
"Please, Peter?" Amy gave the ultimate puppy dog pout and whimpered to add to the cuteness.
Who can say no to that?
Pete smiled and made his way over to the group hug.
"YAY! I got my buddy going on tour with me," Joe screamed and they all left the hug except for Patrick.
"And I've got my girlfriend," Patrick whispered into Amy's ear. She blushed slightly and looked over at Pete who was slightly pouting and looking down.

Chapter 21- Release the Bats

Amy was jumping up and down on her bed, well, jumping for joy. She suddenly slipped and gasped as Patrick caught her before she fell off completely.
"Whoa there, Amiez," he kissed her temple and then her cheek. "Are you that excited?" he asked and Amy nodded her head, smiling widely again.
"I'm so happy that I get to go with you guys," she spoke dancing to their EP that she had gotten a hold of. "And I already know most of the words!" Patrick smiled and tilted his hat up to see Amy clearer.
This will be better than last summer's tour
Pete walked into the room and his confused expression made Patrick giggle.
"Hey there Peter Panda!" Amy giggled like a little five year old and waved still jumping on her bed.
"What did you do to her Pat?" Pete asked sitting on his bed. Patrick shrugged.
"She's just excited," he spoke and turned down the music a little. "What do you need?" he asked causally, turning to Pete.
"Um, we are planning on heading out by tonight to make it to the first show in New York," he explained and Patrick nodded his head. He grabbed his glasses off of the nightstand and threw them on.
"Are we doing anything special before we hit it?" Patrick asked keeping a close eye on his dancing girlfriend. Pete shrugged as Andy entered the room.
"We are meeting Sasha and Molly in New York," he mentioned, also plainly disturbed by Amy's actions. "Is she ok?" he asked pointing to her spazzing out.
"Just excited," Patrick and Pete said at the same time. Amy smiled and calmed down, stepping next to Patrick still moving her body slightly to the beat.
"You are so weird, Amiez..." Andy said, shaking his head at his sister. She stuck her tongue out and smiled back at the other two that were still standing there.
"Well, maybe we can have a little fun before we head out?" Amy asked wrapping her arms around Patrick's waist and resting her head on his shoulder. He smiled contently and placed his hands over hers. Pete tried to ignore their affection towards each other and turned to Andy.
"What do you want to do?" Pete asked as Joe entered the room and smiled at Amy who had her cheek pressed into Patrick's shoulder, making her look like she didn't have a left side of her face. Andy shrugged.
"We should just hang. Put on some tunes real loud and have fun," Joe mentioned sitting down next to Pete.
"Can we play twister?" Amy asked, sounding mumbled because of the way her face was positioned. Patrick chuckled and sighed.
"I'm gonna end up hurt and mentally scared by the end of the night, I know it," Andy muttered as Pete laughed out loud.
"We will make sure it does happen, right Joseph?" Pete turned to see Joe nodding his head in a cocky manner.
"Ohhhh yeaha," Andy shook his head and grabbed the game that happened to be sitting in the room they were in.
"I'll grab my cds'," Patrick said, stepping with still Amy latched to him. He chuckled slightly when she stepped in time with him again.
"There is no way we are going to put up with the lovebirds in that van," Andy said, walking out into the living room.

An hour had passed and the gang was getting ready to play twister, yet again. Amy had walked to her room to change into some more lose fitting clothes while Patrick changed the songs around. All of a sudden, she heard those first unmistakable notes and started laughing. She also heard Patrick's voice bellow to the vocals, making it more funny.
"I've been feeling dryyyyy baby" Patrick sang, in a deep, soulful voice. Amy chuckled as she came into view of where he was standing. Pete was laughing and came up behind him and they started to "grind" in a playful way.
"Trying to hold back this feeling, for soooo long," Pete sang with him until Patrick laughed.
Amy covered her mouth, covering her laughing and shook her head as Patrick came over to her and took her hand, kneeling down.
"And if you feel, like I feel baby," Patrick stood up and pressed her to himself playfully and swung her around in the air. "Come on, OH! Come on," Amy giggled as Patrick swayed his body side to side.
"Let's get it on," he sang again as Joe rolled around on the ground. Patrick stretched his vocals to reach the "oh baby" and smiled as Amy burst out laughing. The song soon ended and Amy blushed, realizing she was still in Patrick's arms. Andy coughed and she quickly stepped out to see the game set up and Andy ready with the spinner.
"Let's play," she said cracking her knuckles and shaking her body lose.

Another hour later, Amy changed back into the clothes she had planed out for the trip. Patrick had followed her and as she pulled her new jeans up, she felt a pair of hands wrap around her waist and a head land on her shoulder. She turned slightly to see Patrick's glasses and the moonlight glaring off of them. She turned around in his embrace and fixed them along with his hat and his tucked a strand of his hair behind his ear.
"You ready?" he asked grabbing her attention. Amy nodded and placed her hands on Patrick's shoulders. He smiled down at her and kissed her nose. Amy giggled as she lifted her head up in time to catch his lips.
"Gotcha," she whispered after they broke apart. Patrick smirked at her childish actions and gave her another kiss.
"Sorry to break the love fest here, but we got to save the world, again," The two broke apart to see Pete leaning against the doorframe in what he called his "comfortable clothes". Amy nodded and smiled remembering what Patrick had told her one time. She leaned into Patrick's chest, and rested her head while they talked shortly. A chuckle ran through Patrick and she felt it.
"I told you to stop using that," Patrick mentioned. Pete just rolled his eyes.
"Whatever, let's get rolling,"
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