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Take My Words, Amy Christine, I Never Lie

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*Dedicated to Sierra, who waited patiently and talked to me all morning, literaly, like 3:00am tlakign here, haha* A disturbance at Amy and Andy's real home calls them back for some shocking news....

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Chapter 22- Incoming Call: Home

It was only a week into the tour. It was only a week that they were given together to have fun and laugh, until something dawned upon them... something... /horrible/. Amy was watching the show that was close to home, her real home, where she grew up with Andy, and was actually happy with herself. Her back pocket started to vibrate when the band started their last song, indicating she had a call. She backed away from the sidelines and looked at her phone.
Mom- Home
Amy raised an eyebrow and then her phone, answering it with a questioning hello. All she heard was shuffling and a sob before her mother spoke.
"Amy," her mother started and Amy walked further into the backstage area where she sat on the couch, while the guys come in threw the door. They were laughing and smiling, drenching each other in water bottles as Amy sat in silence listening to her mom's worried voice ring threw the phone. The guys noticed her vacant face and their smiles disappeared. Patrick looked questionably at her then sat next to her when he saw the tear that escaped her right eye. She sniffed once, and the rest noticed her emotions. Joe sat on the other side of her while Andy sat in front of her on the ground, looking up at his sister's worried face, the tears slowly slipping out. Pete furrowed his eyebrows and took a step and sat down on the coffee table that was near them. Amy whimpered before she gulped, taking a breath.
"Mom..." she spoke. Andy widened his eyes and took one of her hands, gently squeezing it. "Yeah, we will be there soon," Amy whispered this time, feeling the tears well up to her eyes again. She hung up her phone and chucked it onto the couch that was behind Pete. They all looked at her but she only looked down at her brother.
"What's going on Amy?" he asked gripping her hands and rubbing her knuckles in a comforting way. She just measly sniffed and looked down.
"...Dad," her breath hitched before she completely broke down and fell off the couch and into her brother's arms.
"Amiez...I can't believe it," he muttered into her hair as she sobbed into his shoulder. Patrick joined the hug and kissed Amy's temple.
"Babes, we're here for you," he looked up at Joe and Pete. "All of us," Pete and Joe automatically joined the hug as Amy and Andy mourned just what they had just lost. A half hour later, Amy was claming down and was silently leaning against Patrick as he stroked her arm up and down in a soothing way. Andy was pacing the room, on the phone with their mom, hand pressed firmly to his forehead. Joe and Pete had left to pack up the van and had returned to check on Amy. Joe held out a water bottle but her eyes never left where ever she was staring and he frowned, sitting down on the coffee table. Pete took a bold step and sat down next to her, but noticed she didn't shift at all. Patrick skewed his mouth to one side and looked down to see Amy closing her eyes, obviously tired from crying her eyes out. They did in fact find out that Amy and Andy's dad had passed, and their mom wanted them to come home as soon as possible. Amy wasn't doing so well, and Andy was trying to arrange that the weekend that was nearing they could have off from tour. Amy sighed and snuggled into Patrick more, making her lower legs fall into Pete's lap. Patrick smiled that she was finally moving and placed his head to her head where he let it rest as Andy walked over with the news.
"We have a two hour drive ahead of us. The funeral is this Sunday... we will be staying at.../home/," Andy's voice rang in Amy's ears the entire time she was asleep, from the moment on the couch to when Patrick shook her awake, telling her that they were there.

"I'm sorry," Night time had rolled around, and Amy had retreated to her old room, skipping the diner her mother had offered to the gang as they came through the door. She was just staring up at the ceiling when Patrick entered her room and climbed into bed beside her and looked up with her. She had broken the silence by those two words and turned her head to him. Patrick slowly turned his head and raised his eyebrows.
"Why? You didn't do anything," he told her, brushing some of the hair that was hiding her face. Amy shook her head slightly and sighed.
"I'm sorry that we are here and not having fun at the next show," Amy whispered turning her body and holding onto Patrick's hand. He smiled and turned so he was facing her as well.
"You know that this is priority, Amy," he spoke as he rubbed her knuckles. She smiled contently and nodded her head.
"Thank you, Patrick," she whispered looking into his eyes. He wasn't wearing his glasses or his hat, so she could see his face more clearly. Patrick simply smiled and tucked the hair that had fallen in front of her face again behind her ear. She shuffled a bit and gave him a gentle kiss before lowering her head to the pillow, letting Patrick's arms wrap around her tightly. Her face snuggled into the pillow, and just as she was about to fall asleep, Patrick whispered into her ear.
"Amy?" she slowly opened her eyes and smiled sleepily.
"Yeah?" she asked looking up and back into his eyes. He softly sighed and gave her a gentle kiss.
"I love you," Patrick whispered and Amy's heart leapt.
Derrick never told me that...
Amy closed her eyes and smiled into the kiss that she gave Patrick back.
"I love you too," she told him and hugged him close, falling asleep.

Chapter 23- "I'm Staying"

The day had rolled by, rather quickly has well, and "the bats" as Joe liked to call them were packing all their stuff into the van. Amy sat on her bed still, looking out her window, watching as the guys packed stuff up. Behind them stood the graveyard, where they had buried her dad just 24 hours ago.
I can't leave my mom like this.
Amy sighed and looked down. She backed away and slowly made her way downstairs where her mother sat on the couch, silently looking at photos.
"Mom," Amy muttered taking a seat next to her. Her mother looked up and Amy just looked at her. "I'm staying..."

"I said I'm staying," Amy stood in front of the guys while they all had their mouths gaping open.
"But," Joe started, pouting. Amy shook her head.
"I'm just keeping my mom company while you guys do your thing. And then when you are heading home, you can swing by and pick me up," Amy told them, noticing Patrick pull down his hat, obviously hiding his face. Andy nodded coming to terms with her and gave her a hug.
"I'm gonna go talk to mom then, ok?" he asked her and walked up the porch steps and walked through the open door. Joe came up to her and squeezed her tight.
"I'll miss your giant hugs after the shows, Amiez," Amy gave a chuckle as he faked sobbed and stepped into the driver's seat. Pete skewed his mouth to one side while he observed Amy, who stood in front of him, looking like she expected something. He sighed suddenly leaning down to give her a hug. Pete wasn't watching what he was doing and accidentally picked her up, but she didn't seem to mind. She just stood on her tippy toes and hugged him back.
"Keep Patrick safe, ok? And take care of yourself... I know I'm gonna miss your birthday, but," she paused and looked over at Patrick. Amy looked back at Pete and kissed him on the cheek. A blush rose to his face and he loosened his grip on Amy's waist. "I think that's what you wanted, right?" Amy asked and then laughed when he didn't reply.
Close...but about two centimeters away...
Amy gave him one last hug before he climbed into the backseat of the van. Amy frowned, looking over at Patrick's still figure. She walked over and tipped his hat off, noticing his deep frown.
"Patrick, it's only four weeks," Amy whimpered, feeling the tears start to sting her eyes.
"I know," he muttered. Amy gave up on talking and dove into his arms. He stepped back slightly but latched on just as quickly.
"I'll miss you, cuddle buddy," Patrick said, lightening the mood. Amy giggled threw her tears.
"I'll miss you Patty Cakes," she laughed as he grunted at the new nickname.
"Amy Christine Hurley, I'd rather you not call me that," he said, in a warning tone.
"What are you going to do if I do?" she paused before continuing. "/Patty Cakes/," Patrick narrowed his eyes before kissing her to shut her up. She quickly complied and wrapped her arms around his neck, trying to savor the moment. Moments later, Andy coughed and Patrick pulled away, much to Amy's whines.
"I got to go Amiez," he told her. Amy nodded knowing already and kissed him on the nose. Patrick laughed as he moved his head upwards to catch her lips.
"Gotcha," he whispered making her think back to the earlier nights. He started to walk away and their hands slipped out of each others, before Andy had to practically shove Patrick in the car.
"Bye, guys!" Amy shouted as she waved after them.
This is going to be a long... long four weeks.
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