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With 23 Shots and One Miss, the Ice Breaks

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Pete's self pity drives him to get a little crazy at the bar while Amy gets a visitor from a friend, where she realizes she misses the wrong person. The guys come back eirlier than expected and the...

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Chapter 24- 23 Shots Never Sounded So Good

Happy Birthday to me...
Pete sighed walking through the bar doors. The smell of sweat and alcohol immediately hit his nostrils, causing him to cringe but he took his seat at the bar anyways. He had made sure that the bar he went to didn't care how much he drank... even if he claimed he didn't like the stuff. Pete had declined doing anything for his birthday because he just wasn't in the right mood to throw a party. So he opted for drowning himself in his own pity. He ordered his first shot and looked down at it.
Maybe I should make a wish...
Pete gulped and nodded at the bartender, sending him off.
I wish...I wish that I could have Amy.
He downed the drink quickly, the burning coming along with it. He shook his head from the shock but noticed the bartender bringing him more. A few more turned into more until 23 shot glasses lined the bar in front of him and 23 wishes cluttered inside of his mind. He slowly blinked, regaining his vision and stood up, wobbling slightly. Pete padded his pants, searching for his phone and dug his hands in his hoodie pocket, finding it. He walked outside the bar and leaned against the brick wall, slowly entering in a familiar number to avoid mistakes.
"Hello?" a groggy voice answered and Pete hiccupped.
"Patrick...I need a ride..." Pete managed to slur out and it surprisingly sounded ok. Patrick sighed and obliged. A half hour passed and Pete had long since decided to puke in the alleyway. He walked back into the bar to get a bottle of water and when he walked back outside, he saw the van sitting on the side of the road. He got in and was instantly hit with lectures from the guys who had tagged along, being woken up by Pete's late night call.
"You're a dumbass Pete," Andy muttered. "But Happy Birthday none-the-less," he smiled and Pete groaned, feeling sick again.
"Thanks, but I think I had one to many limes..." he smiled thinking back to the shots and could only remember one wish.
"How long has it been since we left Amy?" he asked suddenly. Patrick found it an odd question but Joe answered, breaking all thought.
"Two weeks," he said. "Only two more and we can play twister again!" Andy smiled.
"We should be back in time for her birthday," Andy mentioned. Patrick gasped and frowned.
"I didn't know my own girlfriend's birthday!" he muttered, pouting. It amused Pete and he just burst out laughing.
"Well, if it helps, she didn't know it was yours either," Joe pointed out. Patrick frowned more, shock written all over his face. Pete just laughed more, still slightly tipsy.
"You should see your face," Pete said after he calmed down a bit. Patrick chuckled slightly pulling into the driveway of the house they were staying at.
"Get inside, Wentz, your supposed to be in trouble for staying out late and drinking," Patrick scolded as Pete huffed and climbed up to his room.

Chapter 25- I Miss the Wrong "Him"

"Emily, my god," Amy smiled as her friend came threw the door. She was visiting because Amy wanted to see her. The instant that she walked threw the door; Amy noticed her very round belly.
"Hi Amiez," Emily gushed as Amy hugged her, not too tightly though.
"Oh my god, Emily, when are you due?" Amy asked sitting her down on the dark red couch. Emily sighed.
"Within the next month and a half," she spoke rubbing a hand over her stomach.
"Emily," Amy spoke looking at her friend in the eyes. "What about Jack?" Emily shook her head.
"He left me," she whispered.
"Bastard," Amy muttered. Emily smiled.
"I know. But it's his loss. This baby is going to rock the world..." Emily smiled down at her stomach before looking back at Amy. "Alright, enough about me and my problems. What about you and Derrick," The name made Amy cringe, the bruises that he left had just disappeared.
"I left him," Amy whispered and Emily gasped.
"Why? I liked him," Emily lied. Amy sighed and shook her head.
"He hit me," Amy paused to see Emily's shocked face. "Lots of times," she continued. Emily ran a hand over her friend's and whispered a sorry. Amy smiled.
"I found somebody else though, who really loves me," Amy said cheerfully, remembering that she would see Patrick in only a matter of days. Emily smiled widely.
"What's his name?" she asked getting into the mood for girl talk.
"Patrick," she spoke his name like it was sacred and her eyes twinkled suddenly. Emily gushed.
"And?" she begged for Amy to continue. "Tell me everything," Emily watched as Amy held her hands together.
"Well, we kinda hooked up after I moved into Andy's apartment. Patrick lived there along with these other two guys, Joe and Pete," Amy paused no look at Emily. "It was about two weeks later, in the wee hours of the morning after his birthday..." Amy blushed, feeling like she was 16 again. Emily scooted closer.
"You guys..." Emily trailed off using her hands as models. Amy blushed even more as she nodded.
"It's kind of how it all started," Amy told her looking up.
"So tell me about these other guys," Emily said, resting against the couch to rest a little. Amy smiled.
"Joe is sweet and funny, always there for a good laugh and loves to watch us play twister," Amy giggled thinking of past games. "And Peter...." Amy skewed her mouth to one side. She had nothing to say about him... was it because he wasn't very sociable to her, or was it something else?
"I don't know about Peter. He's so nice at times, but such a moody..." Amy mumbled the last part and Emily laughed.
"Lard Ass?" she asked. Amy widened her eyes for emphasis and nodded her head.
"That's his nickname...from Joe," Amy told her.
"What do you call him?" Emily asked out of the blue.
"Peter Panda," Amy smiled.
"Why?" Emily raised an eyebrow and rubbed her stomach again.
"Because when he forgets to wash off his eyeliner it smears and he ends up looking like a panda," Amy explained. Emily looked at the clock on the wall.
"Holy crap, Amy I'm so sorry, I have a doctor's appointment in like five minutes," Amy rushed to help Emily up and out the door. Sighing, Amy landed on the couch and thought back to when she first called Pete that. Suddenly, she remembered just what had also happened right after that.
We almost kissed...
Amy blinked looking up at the ceiling.
I miss him?

Chapter 26- Home

"Let's go home," Pete spoke suddenly, breaking the silence in the van. Joe looked up confused and Andy just sighed.
"Why?" Joe asked, noticing that they were right outside the border of Illinois.
"I thought that's where we were already headed," Patrick spoke, looking to his right where Pete was sitting, more slouching, knees resting on the glove compartment.
"I just want my bed back... and to play twister," Pete mumbled pulling down his shades as the clouds moved and showed a bright day.
"Should I call Amy?" Andy asked already pulling out his cell phone. Patrick nodded.

"YAY!" Joe was the first to scoop Amy up into a giant hug when they entered the Hurley household. "My buddy's back. Let's play twister," he smiled big and Amy just laughed along with him. Pete stood smiling and Amy gave him a hug bigger than even she expected.
"You are suddenly nice," he spoke once the broke.
"Had to eventually," Amy muttered, poking him before jumping on Patrick and literally squeezing him to death.
"I miiiiissed you," Amy sang, dragging out the "I". Patrick squeezed her just as tight and twirled her around.
"Missed you too, up for a cuddle?" he asked as he kissed her nose and cheek. Amy smiled.
"Maybe later, I just want to get home and rest..." Amy said leaning on Patrick like she always did.
"And play twister, right?" Joe asked looking at the hug. Amy smiled, feeling tired.
"Maybe if I'm still awake," Amy sighed as Patrick's hands petted her hair.
"Let's go home guys,"
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