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Love Is A Many Slepndid Thing, Unless Your Peter Wentz

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It's Amy's birthday, a party happens and some friends visit and some stay for a while. Patrick treats Amy out for a nice day alone, just the two of them.

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Chapter 27- Let's Drink Legally

"Happy birthday Amiez," Amy fluttered her eyes open to see Patrick gently shaking her awake. She stretched her arms over her head and yawned deeply. Amy stood up and hugged Patrick, still tired. She looked outside and noticed it was almost sunrise.
"What time is it?" she asked groggily. Patrick smiled.
"I wanted you to watch the sunrise with me," he took her hand and led her to the balcony over the couch. Amy looked out beyond the horizon and smiled.
"This is beautiful," she whispered seeing the pink lace the sky. Patrick took her hand.
"You're beautiful," he smiled as she blushed.
"What do we have here?" The two turned around to see Pete yawning and shaking his head to wake himself up. His hair was sticking out everywhere and he looked... well, drunk.
"We have a sunrise, a beautiful view, a hot chick, and Patrick," Joe said suddenly, making his way out onto the balcony as well. Andy came out and wordlessly leaned against the balcony to watch the sunrise. A few minutes passed and Amy gushed.
"This is nice," she whispered. They all looked down at her. "Just all of us, in a comfortable silence, watching the sun rise," Patrick smiled at her.
"It is," he spoke looking back out.
"Pssh, you know what's better? Amy's party that's tonight!" Joe said, throwing his arms in the air. Amy's eyes twinkled.
"You guys planned a party for me?" she asked, surprised. Andy nodded.
"A few of your friends are flying out, and so is some of ours we want you to meet," Andy told her. She smiled knowing who he meant.
"Emily and Sasha?" Amy asked. Andy nodded. Sasha was Andy's girlfriend at the moment, but she was also one of Amy's best friends from high school.
"Yeah," Andy nodded and Pete added on.
"Frankie is flying out along with Mikey and Mikey's sister, Meagan," Pete said and Amy smiled, excited.
"I can't wait," she looked back out and the sun slowly seeped out onto the Chicago city buildings that were not too far away from their apartment balcony.

"PETEY!" A guy came running threw the door later that night and ran up to Pete, tackling him to the ground. Amy freaked out and jumped, causing to wake Patrick, who ended up screaming, which made Andy break another coffee mug.
"FRANKIE!" Pete yelled back, both of them hugging and acting, Amy raised an eyebrow as a few more people seeped through the door. Frankie then pulled Patrick off the couch and pulled him into a hug, rocking him from side to side.
"Pat-Pat!" he said, and then noticed Amy right by his side. Patrick sleepily stood and watched as Frankie pulled Amy into a big hug.
"You must be Amy! Amy-Pants, right?" Frankie asked her, making her blush.
"Yeah," Amy remembered that, that was the nickname Pete had given her.
"Mikey, come look, this is Amy!" the one named Frankie seemed to be hyper as hell as he dragged another guy in glasses over to Amy. He looked worried and then gave her a small hug.
"Hello Amy," he said, giving her a card. "Happy birthday," Amy smiled and sat back down with Patrick.
"Meagan! Wow, Meagan," Pete widened his eyes and had a shock in his voice as the girl Amy presumed to be Meagan walked in. "When did this happen?" Pete asked hugging the obviously pregnant girl. Meagan smiled.
"A while ago..." Meagan said waving over to Amy. Amy smile and helped her sit down.
"Let me guess, your boyfriend left you too?" Suddenly a very pregnant looking Emily walked in the door carrying a big gift. Joe took it from her and smiled in realization of who it was. He had met Emily before, a couple of times, actually. Meagan laughed at the irony that both women were about the same in size and had about a month to go.
"Yep," Meagan sighed. Frankie came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her growing waist.
"Now this is why you're staying with your brother and me, so we can corrupt your child's mind while you work the streets for money!" Frankie laughed as Meagan glared, not looking at him.
"You're such an asshole, but thank you for at least saying you would watch my child," She turned around and smacked him in the head. "That's for thinking I would become a prostitute," Amy laughed and noticed the growing number of people in the room. She looked around and counted ten, including herself. The door opened revealing Sasha with her sister close behind her.
"Sasha!" Andy smiled pulling her into a hug with a small kiss that followed.
"AHH! Too much love in this room," Pete screamed noticing Patrick and Amy's cuddled up bodies on the couch, Andy and Sasha's mooching and Frankie and Meagan's "friendly" body language.
"So is that everyone?" Amy asked looking at everybody. They all nodded.

A whole night of dancing to old 80's new wave, playing twister with four mats, making concoctions and duct taping Frankie to the wall when he passed out followed and soon passed and all who were still conscious were Meagan and Emily.
"Patrick and Amy and cute together," Meagan spoke quietly, so not to wake anybody. The two pregnant women sat in the love seat that transformed into a bed while Frankie, who had managed to break free, laid his head in Meagan's lap. Emily smiled at the couple in particular who had fallen asleep first, on the couch, Patrick lying down fully with Amy on top of him, head resting on his chest. Pete was passed out on the ground next to them, curled up like a sleeping cat. Mikey was in the armchair snoozing and lightly snoring here and there. Molly was lying flat on the ground like she was a bear rug. Andy and Sasha were cuddled up near the big couch as well.
"I know," Emily said back, looking at where Meagan's hands were. One was being held by Frankie's sleeping and limp hand while the other played with his styled black hair.
"You guys are cute together," Emily watched as Meagan sighed.
"I know... but things never really happened, I got a boyfriend that I knew he was jealous of, got pregnant, and then got left behind. I was lucky enough that he was there when I fell apart. He was willing to take me back, as a friend. I don't know if he has feelings for me anymore," Meagan whispered even quieter, not wanting Frankie to hear.
"Something will work out," Emily reassured her.
"I'll take your word for it," Meagan smiled and slowly dozed off.

Chapter 28- Cuddle Buddy!

"Shoo," Patrick waved his hands over the sleeping bodies. Pete groaned and just rolled over, flat on his back and scratched his stomach.
"Sleep," Pete mumbled. Megan fluttered her eyes open and yawned.
"What's the rush to kick us out for?" she asked, looking down at the slobbering Frank in her lap.
"I want to give Amy a day with just the two of us," Patrick said, almost embarrassed. Pete smiled, ready to make fun of him.
"What, are you gonna strip for her?" Frank sniggered as Pete said this.
"That, I'd stay for," Frank rolled over and looked up at Megan. "I'm sorry for crashing on you, Megan. Just thank god I wasn't naked," Megan smiled, blushing and Emily giggled.
"I wouldn't sit here for that," Emily said aloud.
"Are you freaks gonna get up or not? I really wanted to let Amy have a peaceful day with me," Patrick whined kicking Pete, playfully.
"You just want to get laid again," Joe muttered, sitting up and leaning against Emily's knees.
"Oh my god," Patrick sighed in one breath, pressing a hand to his forehead. "Just... I'm gonna take her out, and when we get back, could you all be gone?" Andy smiled.
"It will cost ya," Pete said, tapping his hand.
"Here," Patrick flashed him a hundred and Pete snatched it.
"Where did you get money like this?" he asked stuffing it in his pocket.
"I have a job, unlike you," Patrick laughed and saw Amy stir.
"What the hell is with all the talking?" she muttered sitting up and blinking the tiredness from her eyes.
"Get dressed, Amy! I'm taking you out!" Patrick poked her and she jumped up.

A movie, lunch and some shopping soon followed and Amy was smiling wide as they walked back down the street, heading home.
"I wonder what the guys want for dinner," Amy thought aloud, grabbing Patrick's hand and intertwining them. He shrugged.
"There is how many of them in that house?" he asked.
"Ten, including us, twelve if you count the babies," Amy smiled contently and Patrick swung their connected arms.
"You ever think of having a baby?" Patrick asked suddenly. Amy gasped.
"I'm only 21, Pat," she smirked and paused, getting serious. "I mean, sure... every girl thinks of that, I just don't know, maybe when I grow up a little more," Patrick nodded.
"Come on, let's get home," When Amy walked through the door, she noticed it all clean, smelling fresh and everybody was gone.
"Patrick, how much did it cost?" Amy asked, turning around to see him closing the door and kicking off his shoes.
"A hundred bucks, that's it," he told her.
"Oh," she said, smiling.
"Yeah," Patrick walked over to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"So what to do until the rest get home?" Amy giggled as they rocked from side to side, in a flirting way. Patrick twirled her around while she laughed.
"Oh, I don't know," he played along with her. Amy blushed and slowly danced with him, taking it as a game that they were playing.
"Really now?" Amy asked, flirting even more now. Patrick raised an eyebrow and dipped her, near the couch and the wiggled his eyebrows. Amy giggled and threw her head back, a little embarrassed.
"But, I can think of one thing," he whispered. Amy wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him down on top of her on the couch.
"Give me a good birthday present, Patrick,"
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