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chapter 3

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Gerard is worried about her he doesn't know how to help and he's jealous that mikey found a way to make her feel happy how will gerard gain back the person he cares most about?

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Romance,Humor,Drama - Characters: Ray Toro,Mikey Way,Gerard Way,Frank Iero,Bob Bryar - Published: 2012-02-15 - Updated: 2012-02-16 - 408 words

Sorry for not updating for so long but I hope you guys like this chapter if not well atleast I tried. I will try to update regularly from now on x emilyx. Gerard's p.o.v. I don't like how emily is acting. She's never acted like this before. I know it was extremely horrible what they did to her during her tine in summer camp. But I think its time for her to move on. I watched as she walked with ray and mikey like a prisoner.I could tell she was unhappy. I pulled her away from the guys and wrapped an arm around her, she didn't respond she just kept waljing snd looked white as a ghost.she escaped my arms and dropped her duffel bag and headed up the steps of the stage. She grabbed a megaphone that was hanging on a pole and turned it on."Campers if your here please come out to the stage were about to have a lakeside shore meeting and any counselors that are here please show up for the camper arrangements please, and thank you" she turned it off and hung it on the pole again. I gave her a thumbs up and she smiled a bit. She sat on the green grass and my brother sat right next to her."Em what's wrong?" She looked at him with those green eyes of hers I loved her eyes. She also started tugging on her The Misfits tee shirt. "Nothing it just feels weird to be here" he looked at her and I could bearly hear what he said "em I know what they did to you was horrible but you have to let that past go alright you have us now" she smiled and stood up. The meeting was about to start and mikey was better at talking to her than me. After the meeting..... Third person. Emily was worried that gerard wouldn't understand what she was going through but what made her day worse was that she was stuck with raquel and maria as counselors who were poisoning the teens minds.she sighed and decided the teens needed a bonfire. She went over to frank and gerard and hugged them "bonfire time!" She smiled frank laughed and so did gerard whata wild night indeed it would be. _ hope you guys liked it ill update either tommorow or later love you guys!!! R+R please thanx xemilyx
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