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As the title says; for a killjoy story! c:

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Hey Guys!

So I just re-read an old killjoy fanfic that I've totally abandoned called 'Kill The Party With Me And Never Go Home!' and I've realised how fucking terrible it is.

Basically, it's very poorly written and crudely shaped, and I'm very unhappy with it. I've decided that I'm gonna re-write it, but I need some extra parts!

The parts are simple; Your audition will be to be part of Poison Revolver's old crew who she will be re-united with due to a certain event... Vague I know, but I don't want to give the plot away!

If you are chosen to be one of the main 4/5 in the crew, your part plays a big role throughout the whole fic, so you will be mentioned at the very least once in each chapter after the re-uniting (hopefully, don't hold me to that)!
However, if you're not chosen, I will try and fit you in there somewhere! I have something in mind for that haha!

Please note that all of the Fabulous Killjoys have a significant other, so i'm afraid you can't be involved with any of them, but if you have somebody else in mind go ahead and write up a quick audition for them too!

Here's the character sheet for you to fill in; sorry for babbling!

Killjoy Name:
Age (Everyone's gonna be around 20 years old haha):
Appearance (split for detail):
-Eye Colour:
-Skin Tone:
-Height & Weight:
-Any piercings/tattoos:
-Killjoy Outfit:
-Raygun colour/pattern & Lazerbeam colour:
-Scarf pattern:
-Mask/helmet description:
Short background story:
Anything you think I've missed or would like to add:

That's it! If you're new to the whole auditioning thing, leave your filled out character sheet in the review section to audition! The results should be up soon; thanks guys! C:

~EmsJayify xo
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