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Thank you to everybody who auditioned! C:

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Alright! Your auditions have been tediously tabulated (idek man, don't ask!) and I've chosen who's in! I'm sorry if you didn't get into the main 5, but you will be included somewhere! :)

The main 5 are:


Congratulations! :'D

And I've also had an entry from a friend on mine on dA, ~caitlinterrykilljoy. You're also in! c:
You're not there to begin with, but you do have a key role! Once you're in the story (which may take a few chapters more than everyone else haha) you'll be staying for good :)

Thank you so much for your auditions! They were all wonderful and it was really hard to choose! >.<

The first chapter should be up soon, and if you can think of any MCR song lyrics that you think would be a good title, it would be greatly appreciated if you posted them in the reviews for me! C:

Thanks again guys! I'm going back to writing!

~EmsJayify xo
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