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A Question Of Trust

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A friendship is questioned, and one woman must choose between the friendship of two men, or seeking true love.

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Joey Wheeler,Seto Kaiba,Yami Yugi - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012-02-16 - Updated: 2012-02-19 - 1061 words - Complete

The day started off as any other day, I got up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went downstaiars to have a little something to eat. Just as I was going to start to eat I heard a knock at the front door. I quickly put on my robe and I answered it. To my suprise it was Yami. "Good Morning Renee, how are you this morning?" I looked him in the eyes abd replied "Good Morning Yami, just what are you doing here so early in the morning?" Yami stepped into the house, went right into the kitchen, and made his usual bowl of cereal and he sat at the table and waited for me to join him. I came back into the kitchen and took a seat at the table. "Well" Yami started again, "How are you?". Coming out of my gaze I then answred him by telling him that I was fine and that my recent trip was simply wonderful. After a while Yami turned to me and had something to tell me.

Glancing up, I looked at him and I said. "Yami what do you want to ask me that would get you over here so early this morning. I have to get dressed and meet Joey and the two of us have to meet with Seto for a very improtant project that Seto wants us both to work on." Yami looked up from his cup of coffee and informed me that both he and Yugi were surfing the Internet and went on Facebook and saw a few e-mails that Seto had sent to me and that I had sent to Seto. I then brizzled at the fact that Yami and Yugi were not only reading e-mails that were just for me and Seto, but that they were thinking that me and Seto were having a affair.

"How dare you!?". How dare both you and Yugi even think that of me. Yami you know good and well that I am of flesh and blood, and that everybody here is of animated decent and that neither me of amy of you (male counterpart) could ever be together in that "way". Yami then swallowed his mouthful of coffee and looked at me and said that he truely knew that I could NEVER fall in love with any of them. "Do you deny the fact that the e-mails could be considered in that "way"? "Well, I didn't think that the person that I thought was my true friend would ever question my loyalty in any way at all!" I shouted. I then reconsidered for a moment, and I then apologized to Yami and told him that I really had to get dressed and go meet Joey and Seto I then tossed the second set of hous keys to Yami and I left the house. "Yami, don't forget to lock up when you leave." "I won't forget Renee." Yami replied back.

Upon going outside, I cought a cab and instructed the driver to go directly to the the Kaiha Corp. Tower. When I got there, I saw Joey standing in the doorway of the Tower. "Hey Renee" Joey called. "Hey Joey" I called back. For the first time in his not so serious life Joey was wearing a suit. "Wow!" I exclaimed. "Joey you look absolutely beautiful. You know that if Seto sees you in that he just might try to make a pass at you." I told him. "Yes, I realize that Renee, Joey replied, but how else am I to get Kaiba to take me seriously?" Joey said. After thinking about it for a minute I then felt a little foolish. "Let's go upstairs." I suggested.

Seto was sitting at his desk and he started to gaze out of the big pitcure window and he was also letting his mind wonder while he was looking out of the window. "How can I get Renee to fall in love with me. I know that she's "human" of flesh and of blood and I'm not but maybe this project that me and Joey are working on just may tip the scales in my favor." Seto thought to himself. Just then there was knock on the door. "Seto, are you in there it'a me Renee and I have Joey with me. Can we come in?"

"Yes Renee you and Joey can come in." Seto replied.

I then opened the two double doors and both me and Joey went inside together to see Seto and to also get our little meeting started. I felt uneasy as the meeting got underway. The time that Seto was finally waiting for had finaly come the meeting was finished. I got up to head for the door but Seto blocked my path. He let Joey go, but Seto begged me to stay just a little while longer. I wanted to object, but just one look from those big baby blue eyse coned me into staying. I thought to myself "Renee, are you freaking cazy. Seto's nothing but a conartist, and a real jerk so why are you even falling for his crap, just leave. However, my foolish heart was taken in by Seto's carms and his soft arms that he wapped so gently around me. For the first time in my life I really could feel truely loved. I then found myself closing my eyes, and leaning into Kabia's neck and his lips were touching my lips, something's up I thought to myself.

The very next day I got a call from Yugi. "Renee have you seen the recent Facebook page this morning?" Yugi asked me. "No Yugi I haven't had a chance to view it. What is it saying?" I asked. "Well," Yugi started. "There's alot of people that are saying that you're a real slut, and that your sleeping with Seto Kabia. Renee, please tell me that this is only a rumor and that you aren't sleeping with Kabia!" Yugi begged me. "Yugi, please be assurred that nothing of the kind is taking place and it never did. Oh, l may have spent last night at Seto's house, but I never, never, never let Seto touch me, or try to force me to sleep with him although I was almost tempted to do so, however, I held myself in a heard to get position.
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