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chapter 1

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Taylor has given up on men. or has she? please read and review's would be great.

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Tough Girl

Well here I am again sat in the bar where my best friend Jenny works. Probably boring her to death moaning about how much I hate men and that I have gave up on them for good this time; like I usually do when my boyfriend Drew and I have an argument and threaten that our relationship is over for good but it never is; but this time it's different I really have finished with him this time. Jenny seems to find my depression funny trying to hold herself back from laughing I go on I actually start to find the funny side of it after a while.

''I mean it this time, it's for good, I'm not taking him back any more.'' I say staring into my drink as Jenny chuckles at me.
''yeah yeah that's what you said last time, and the time before, and the time before that and the...''
''Yes I get your point but I mean it, I'm through with the lot of them'' I interrupt her.
''What you giving up on men, that'll be the day'' she laughs as she walks to serves a customer.
''Glad you find my suffering funny'' I say beginning to laugh myself.
''Well anyway before you go checking your self into the nunnery, some guys who I'm friends with are dropping by to night they just got off tour. Their in a band! Called Good Charlotte!'' she says sitting down on a stool at the bar next to me. Trying to impress me but I'm not in the mood.
''oh great just what I need more men. I think I'll give this a miss'' I say getting up to leave when Jenny pulls me back down again.
''Oh no you don't. I want you to stay, meet them and be nice to them I think you'll like them once you get to know them...'' she pauses looking at four guys walking in the bar ''...and here they are'' she jumped up and gave each of them a hug saying hi. I try to avoid eye contact so they don't notice me then I hear Jenny's voice say ''and this is my best friend, Taylor'' leading them over to me I don't bother to get up, I just mumble ''Hi.''
''Taylor be nice'' she pokes me in the side ''sorry she's a little upset at the moment, just had a tiff with her boyfriend'' she continues to them.
''Well tell the whole world why don't you and it's not a tiff we're, finished for good!'' I shout at her then resume staring into my glass.
''Why don't you sit down and I'll bring your drinks over to you'' Jenny says to them and walks of behind the bar.

Three of them start walking to a near by table but one of them comes and sits next to me at the bar.
''So you're a little upset about breaking up with your boyfriend are you?'' he asks quietly.
''Why do you care'' I mumble back at him.
''Just trying to be nice.''
''Well I don't need your sympathy and why are you sitting with me anyway? Why aren't you with your friends?'' I snap back at him. I can be a real bitch. I should be nice to him he's only trying to make me feel better but I'm not in a good mood to socialise at the moment.
''Cause I want to sit here, is that a problem?'' he snaps back at me.
''No, not if you don't talk to me, I'm fine''
We say nothing for a few minutes then he says.
''Hi, I'm Benji nice to meet you'' and hold his had out to me.
''What the fuck are you doing'' I say looking confused at him. Why can't he just leave me alone?
''I wouldn't bother trying to talk to her, she's a stubborn bitch when she wants to be'' Jenny said as she walked passed us giving the rest of Benji's friend their drinks.
''Good job I'm quite stubborn myself then'' he replied smugly.
''Your not going to leave me alone, are you?'' I say looking him in the eye for the first time. I was amassed at how sexy he was and he had the most amazing eyes.
''No not until you tell me what is bothering you, then I can put it right and you can look happy again'' he replied.
''Fine what ever'' I sigh this was going to be a long night.
''Well what's wrong then?'' he asks as just then Scott the dirty perve always trying to make a pass at me comes in.
''Hey Taylor just hared about you and Drew, feel like having some rebound sex call me.'' he says making rude hand gestures.
''Fuck you Scott'' I reply.
''I know you want to baby'' he says walking out the door.
''I hate your kind'' I say turning back round to face Benji.
''My kind?'' he says looking confused but also quite sweet.
''Men I hate men'' I said taking a sip of my drink.
''Now, now don't judge us by our worst type, there are some good ones of us''
''Yeah, like who I never seem to find any'' I reply.
''Well for a start there's me and I suppose my twin brother Joel over there...'' he starts.
''Ok fine what ever''
''So what did this Drew do that made you dump him'' Benji questioned.
''What makes you so sure he didn't dump me?''
''Because a guy lucky enough to be going out with you would never let you go''
''You've gotta be kidding me, have you seen me''
''Well yes I have and I'm liking what I'm seeing so anyway what made you dump him''
''He slept with another girl'' I say as Jenny comes up behind us.
''He cheated on you, why didn't you say?'' Jenny says a bit too loudly.
''Do you want to shout that any louder?'' I say noticing that some people in the Bar have turn to look at us.
''Oh sorry, he cheated on you?'' she says quietening down.
''Yeah, more than once too and I didn't get chance to tell you before because you where to busy laughing at me'' I reply.
''With who?'' Jenny says.
''Who do you think, Helen''
''Helen you mean...'' Jenny starts but gets cut off by Helen walking past into the toilets.
''Helen the dirty, 2 dollar, trash bag, hoe'' I say as Jenny gets told to get back to work leaving me and Benji alone together.
''I'm so sorry'' he says quietly to me.
''What have you got to be sorry for, you didn't cheat on me with some cheep slut''
''Yeah and I never would'' he says and we stair into each others eyes when Joel comes over.
''Hey Benj can I have a word please'' Joel says as Benji excuses himself and then leaves me then Jenny comes over to me looking mischievously.
''What?'' I say giggling.
''You like him don't you?'' Jenny says it was no use lying to her.
''He's ok'' I reply.
''Well he really has the hots for you but he'll never make the first move, you need to do it'' Jenny informs me.
''What are you talking about, who told you this?''
''Joel. That's what their doing now talking about you. Benji likes you but he's to shy to do anything'' she points out.
''Well what do you want me to do about it?''
''If you like him ask him out tonight do something or you'll regret it forget about Drew the scumbag''
''I don't know'' just then Benji and Joel come back Joel's pats Benji's back and sits back down with the other guys and Benji takes his place next to Taylor as Jenny goes back serving customers.
''Remember what I said'' Jenny says as she walks off looking from me to Benji.
''I'm just going to the ladies be back in a minute'' I say walking off to get my head around all this as I walk in I see Helen we hate each others guts always have always will.
''Want me to give your ex boyfriend a message for you bitch. I don't know what he ever saw in you. You never told me how good he was in bed but then again he was always sleeping with me, even when you where together, so I suppose you didn't get much action'' she spits. I can tell she's really drunk and I know she gets violent when she's drunk so I try to avoid her but before I know it she thumped me right in the jaw. I go flying back and through the door I must have hit my head because the next thing I knew I wake up on one of the benches with Jenny, Benji and Joel all stood over me.
''Taylor are you alright'' Jenny says.
''What happened?'' Benji says as I sit up with a huge head ache.
''That bitch Helen was in the toilets when I went in and... ow shit my head hurts... as I went in she thumped me and knocked me off balance I think" I try to explain. My head is banging like mad and my lip is stinging. Benji starts to wipe the blood from my lip.
''Ow fuck that hurts'' I flinch
''Sorry'' he apologises
''So she just hit you for no reason?'' Joel questions.
''Helen's always been out to get Taylor and she was the one who Drew cheated on her with'' Jenny explains to Joel while Benji is still examining my injuries.
''I'm going home to bed. Bye'' I sit up only to be pushed back down again by Benji.
''Oh no you don't, you can't drive like this and you shouldn't sleep for a while either, other wise you might not wake up again with a serious bang to the head like that'' Benji says.
''Well how else am I going to get home, Jen's working all night and I'm not staying here''
''Well I'll drive you in your car and Joel I'll leave you, Billy and Paul our car and you can come a pick me up when I call you, now come here I'll carry you'' Benji says trying to pick me up but I fight him off me.
''I've been hit not paralysed I'll be fine'' I say standing up but then feel really dizzy and fall but Joel and Benji catch me "ok maybe I'll take the help then'' I say as they put each of my arms around them and help me walk to me car we stop at the passenger side.
''I need the keys'' Benji says to me.
''Back pocket of my jeans'' I reply as he puts his hand in my pocket slightly brushing his hand against my ass and it feels good ,wait no stop thinking about that I quickly stop daydreaming as they put me into the car.
''See you later bro'' Joel says walking back in side.
''Yeah I'll call you'' Benji says as he drives off.

When we get to my house Benji lets us in and helps me to the sofa then goes and gets me a cup of coffee and an ice pack.
''Thanks'' I reply as he hands them to me.
''Does it still hurt'' he says looking concerned.
''Not much but I do have the worst headache ever' '
We sat up and talked all night getting to know each other when I woke up in the morning Benji asleep on the sofa sat up right with me lay with my head on his lap. He looked so cute when he was sleeping I didn't want to wake him. I slowly got up and made my way to the kitchen my head still a little sore and made pancakes for breakfast just as I'd finished Benji came shuffling in he had just woke up.
''Good morning'' he said.
''If you can say that. I've made you some pancakes if you want them''
''Oh thanks. Is your head still sore?''
''No, not as much as it was, it's getting better now'' I said as we sat eating pancakes when we finished I went to the sink to wash the dishes when Benji came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.
''Leave them, I'll do them later'' he said his breath teasing my neck as I turned round to face him
''Thank you'' I said to him
''What for'' he said
''For looking after me last night, it was very nice of you'' and I gave him a peck on the lips as I pull away we both look at each other with lust in our eyes. The next thing I knew he was pulling me into a full on kiss but as he started kissing me my cut lip from where Helen had thumped me hurt and I pulled away.
''Ouch'' I say rubbing my thumb over the cut.
''Oh sorry are you ok? Let me see'' he says bending down for a closer look.
''Fuck it'' I say grabbing him and pulling him into a heated kiss.
We both moaned into the kiss and rubbing are hands all over each others bodies. Then he pulls away.
''Are you sure?'' he questions
''Never been so sure in my life, want go up stairs?'' he just nods as I grab his hand and run up to the bedroom. As we get into the bedroom he pushes me up against the wall kissing my mouth him playing with my tongue piercing and me playing with is lip piercings. Then he moves down my cheek to my neck. We start undressing each other barely breaking the heated kiss as we move to the bed and we fall on it. Benji on top of me both of us still locked into the kiss. As we pause for a breath I flip us over so I am now on top on him he smiles and giggles a little.
''Oh you like the dominant woman then do you'' I say cheekily Benji just moans a pulls me into a kiss. I start kissing down his neck and down his chest slowly knowing how much it's teasing him.
''Mmhh tease'' he says I just give a little laugh enjoying his suffering and carry on kissing down his stomach even slower.
When I get to his throbbing erection I slowly take it into my mouth sucking slowly at first the gradually faster and harder teasing him with me tongue piercing.
''F...feels so...good gonna...c...can't wait'' he moans as I stop then flips me over onto my back as I give out a little scream and he giggles. ''Now it's my turn to do the teasing'' he says as he starts kissing me slowly down my body then sucking on my belly button ring.
''Mmh Benji please''
''What, what do you want'' he say knowing fully what we both want.
''You know what I want" I reply.
''How can I know, if you don't tell me'' he says but I'm not in the mood for playing his games so I reach my hand don't and start rubbing his erection roughly. He moaned his arms supporting him begining to buckle
''That feel good baby'' I say.
''ok I give in, you win, no more games'' he says as I release his erection and rap my legs around his waist as he beginnings pounding into me.
With each thrust Benji gave, I would cry out louder driving him crazy. ''God... Fuck... Oh Fuck....'' Benji groaned, leaning down and sucking my neck.
''Benji... Harder... Faster....'' I screamed, getting what I wanted.
''Benji... Oh my God! That feels... so... good... Oh God...''
''I can't hold it...'' He grunted.
''I can't... Either...'' I cried out, meeting his fast and rough thrusts. ''Benji... Ah....'
He did one final thrust then we both came at the same time.
He collapsed on my hot body, completely tired out. We both panted heavily and he rolled onto his side and cuddled me.
''Whoa...'' He said, grinning.
''Wow...'' I replied, looking up at him. ''That was fucking....''
''amazing'' He finished for me.
After a few minutes I said ''you should probably ring your brother you told him you'd call him to pick you up last night and its like twelve thirty in the afternoon''
''He can wait'' he said not wanting to move
''Well I've got to go down to the stables now, so you have two choices you can either come with me to the stables and I'll drop you off after or you can stay here and wait to get your own lift home cause I'm running really late.'' I say getting up and getting dressed
''What do you mean stables?'' he said still lying on the bed
''Stables where you keep horses. I've got two'' I say throwing he clothes at him ''now hurry up and get dressed''
''Alright, alright I'll take the first choice. Anything to see you in tight riding pants'' he says getting dressed. I give out a laugh remembering that Jenny said about him being shy. Yeah right whatever, I think to myself.

I go down stairs and get my things ready when I'm ready I go and stand at the bottom of the stairs ''come on Benji I've not got all day'' he comes running down the stairs. ''You take longer than a girl to get ready'' I say as we walk to the car.
''Oh sorry about that'' he say sitting in the car.
''It doesn't matter'' its reply driving off.

When we get to the stables Benji comes with me helping me take my horses to the field and muck them out; or should I say I mucked them out and he played with all the tools. Then he started throwing bits of hey at me but looking away innocently when I looked back at him. When I finished mucking them out he through another piece of hey at me.
"Right that's it" I said running at him and tackling him onto a bail of hey then we end up making out in the hey barn. After a while I went and got the horses tacked them up and gave them a quick ride doing some jumps. Benji watched with an amazed look on his face. When I'd finished riding and we got in the car to go.
''You look really good on a horse'' he said looking at me with a huge smile on his face.
''Thank you'' I say driving off.
''And really sexy in the tight riding pants''
''Right, well where do you want me to take you?'' I say blushing slightly at his comment.
''Where are you going?''
''Well I'm supposed to be going seeing Jen, at the bar but I can drop you off where ever you want first''
''Well I call Joel and tell him to meet us at the bar then'' he said getting out his phone.

When we got into the bar Joel was sat at the bar talking to Jenny serving behind it.
''Hay Benji what happened to you last night?'' Joel questioned Benji.
''Taylor you have some hey in your hair'' Jenny said at the same time as Joel then they both looked at each other realising what must have gone on between me and Benji the previous night and this morning. Benji and I just gave a little laugh trying to look away as Benji got the piece of hey out of my hair.
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