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chapter 2

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Soon after we had arrived at the bar Benji and Joel left because Joel needed Benji to help him with something. When Jenny took her break we talked in a café having a cup of coffee.

''So are you gonna tell me what happened between you and Benji or not?'' Jenny asked excitedly
''Nothing happened between us.'' I tried to say seriously but couldn't help blushing and giggling.
''yes there did now tell me please'' she whined like a little child.
''Jennifer I'm a lady I don't kiss and tell''
''oh so you kissed then, and what are you talking about your no lady'' she joked.
''hey less of the insults or I'm not telling you anything''
''ok, ok I'm sorry so what happened. You kissed anything else? What did you talk about? Start from when Joel and Benji helped you to the car''
''right well Benji drove me home, made me a cup of coffee and gave me some pain killers for my headache...''
''oh yeah how are you feeling? Are you ok?'' Jenny asked suddenly sounding worried .
''yeah I'm fine now still got a little headache though''
''anyway carry on'' she pushed.
''well we stayed up all night just talking about anything and everything, then when I woke up this morning I made breakfast, after we'd eaten he came up behind me and offered to do the washing up which still is not washed up...''
''Ok I have an idea what happened next so you can spare me the gory details. Did you kiss him first?''
''No, well yes, kind of''
''make up your mind either you kissed him or he kissed you'' she said a little too eager.
''Well I pecked him on the lips just to say thank you for looking after me but after that he took over. Why you are so bothered who kissed who first anyway?''
''Yes, I knew it. Joel owes me $20'' Jenny said doing a celebratory dance
''what why does he owe you $20?''
''oh we had a bet on who would kiss who first and I said you'd probably make the first move but not full on and then he would take over after the hint'' she said proudly.
''You had a bet on us! Jennifer Smith I do not believe you! I want half''
''What? Why?'' she said not looking a smug.
''It involved me so I want some of your winnings or else''
''or else what?''
''or else I'm gonna kick your ass now pay up'' I said laughing as Jenny got her money out.

The next day it was Billy's birthday party. Jenny had an invite and she was dragging me along with her. We where in her bedroom getting ready.
''what do you think of this?'' she questioned it was the 7th outfit she had tried on.
''Just the same as the rest, you look great now just pick one then we can go. I don't know why you're dragging me along anyway, I don't even know him'' I was in one of my less co-operative moods after struggling all day at the stables trying to do my horses and another three as well. All I felt like doing was going to bed and sleeping.
''of course you know him...''
''oh yeah I met him once. He probably doesn't even know my name''
''yes he does and he even asked if you where going to come along with me, so don't think that your leaving me to go to this on my own, besides your coming as my date seen as I can't get a real one''
''oh thanks glad to know I was your fist choice then.''
''Taylor Ann Marie Copeland snap out of that mood now and have some fun. We might see Benji''
''I can't I'm too tired I need sleep. I've been up since 5am unlike you''

After about another hour of trying on clothes Jenny was finally ready I was sat in to car waiting for her as usual. Time keeping was never Jenny's specialty.
''ok will I do?'' she said getting into the car
''yes you look fine. It took you long enough.''
''well sorry it take's me time to look decent because unlike you who looks sexy and beautiful in anything I have to work at it.''
''no you don't look gorgeous what ever you wear and how ever long you take to get ready.'' I say, suddenly I feel more awake and almost looking forward to the party.

When we arrive at the party Jenny doesn't waste any time in ditching me for some hot guy she likes. I sat at the bar.
"Can I buy to a drink?" Someone asked from behind me.
"No thanks I ..." I turned and seen Benji. He smiled at me and I smiled back.
"Ok well if you..." Benji started.
"No, no don't go a drink sounds good." I say grabbing his hand.
"But I thought you said you didn't want one?" Benji smiled.
"Well that's when I thought you where a stranger."
"So you don't consider me a stranger?"
"No well not a complete stranger." She said laughing.
"So where's Jenny?"
"Off flirting with some guy."
"So you're all alone?"
"Yeah looks like it."
"Want me to keep you company?"
"If you want."
"Yeah I do."
"Well then you'd better have a seat." Taylor said patting the seat next to her.
They chatted for a while then they went quite for a minute.
"So... what's going on with us?" Benji asked. Taylor looked around.
"Where sat at your friend's birthday party talking."
"No I mean about yesterday?"
"I don't know. What do you want to go on?"
"I like you I really do but I understand if it's too soon after Drew." Benji said.
"I really like you but..." Taylor said looking down sad. Benji looked disappointed.
"It's ok. It's fine. I just wanted to be clear." Benji said standing up about to leave
"Will you shut up and let me finish." Taylor said looking him in the eye smiling. "I really like you and I'm not going to let some idiot like Drew ruin something good. If you like me the way that I like you something can defiantly go on."
"You mean it?"
"Yeah I do." She said giving him a hug. "But just know one thing mess me around and I will kick your ass. I take no shit."
"You have nothing to worry about. You're safe with me." Benji said smiling at her.
"Good." She said. They kissed.

Across the room Joel and Jenny where sat watching Benji and Taylor.
"Looks like them two have hit it off." Jenny said.
"Yeah it does."
"Joel promise me one thing Benji won't mess her around. I don't think she'll be able to take it with all the other dickheads she's been mixed up with."
"Don't worry she's safe with Benj. He will look after her." Joel said.
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