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Rider's Challenge

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Which man will be the "rider" and the victor in the Rider's Challenge?

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"Okay" I said to Yami. Yami then came over to me, he mounted me he then took hold with both of his hands and placed them on my shoulders so that he could hold on just in case I'd try to "buck up" and throw him off. Yami then gently kneed me im my ribs and that was it took, I arched my back up in the air, and bucked up and that was it for Yami who went directly up into the air, and he landed not so gracefully on his ass. "Why did you do that Renee? I was just about to rub those shoulders of yours". Yami said getting up from the floor and rubbing his soar bottom. "I'm very sorry that I threw you Yami I just wanted to see the expression on your face when it happened." I said laughingly.

Seto looked at the two of us and he started to laugh which was something that Seto was not known for doing at any given time in his life. "You both look so silly sitting there on the floor." he said. "But, now it's my turn to "mount" and "ride". Seto said. "However, I should warn you, I can really ride so I hope you're ready Renee to be ridden like you never been ridden before." Seto told me. "Oh yeah, we'll just see about that Seto" I replied. "Bring it on".

Seto mounted and held my shoulders gently. He then proceeded to dig his legs in to see if I'd "buck up" throw him off my back. For the first few tries, I let Seto stay ou my back and "ride" however, he hit a very sentitive spot on my back that caused me to really try to "buck up" and throw him off but Seto proved true to what he told me eariler. He sure could "ride" better then Yami. "You know Renee, payback's a mare, and I'm ridding her." Seto said. I then arched my back for one last try. I then successfully threw Seto off. Seto too ended up in a heap (a beautiful heap) but a heap none the less. "Have you come to a descion Renee on which one of us is going to be you eternel lover and "rider"? Yani asked me. "Yes Yami, I have" I replied. "The man that I feel wins the challenge is ." A long period of slience covered the room like a veil over bride's beaming face. "Well" came two voices. "Which one of us did you choose?" they asked together. I then looked up and said in a clear and real gentle manner. "The man that's the winner is ---Seto." Yami was truely and rightly disappointed, but he took his defeat with grace and dignity. "Both the best man and the best "rider" won, congradulations Seto, I hope that you and Renee will be very happy together" Yami said to Seto. "Don't go just yet Yami. You won also." "How?" Yami asked. Seto was clearly the best of the two of us at the "game" and I was not." Yami told me I then went over to him and I took his face in my hands and I let him know that although Seto won the "Rider's Challenge" fair and square, I still felt that both men would have my heart, mind, body, and soul for all time.

The next morning I got up a little soar after the "game" that was played the previous evening. "That's the very last time that I let Seto or Yami ride me that hard." I thought to myself. Just as I was getting up out of bed, I heard a knock at the door. "Who is it?" I asked. "It's me Joey can I come in Renee?" "Yes you can Joey the door's not locked and I'm dressed." I replied back. "Hey, how was the "game" that you, Kaiba, and Yami played last night?" Joey asked. "Well let's say Joey that I have a greater respect for what horses have to go through when we as humans ride them." I told him. "Oh, I see" Joey replied.

"By the way Renee, just which one of them won?" Joey wanted to know.

"Seto of course. He was the best out of the two of them." I said.

"OMG, Renee. How could you let Seto win over Yami. Don't you like Yami anymore?" he asked.

"Now you know better than to ask me that Joey. I have always held Yami in the very treasured place in my heart and I wouldn't take it upon myself to do or say anything that would put our close friendship in and danger of being torn apart, and I'm surely not going to let a simple game come between us." I told him. "And FYI Joey, I will always have a genuine deep love for both Yami and Seto reguardless of whatever goes down between us." I said strongly.
The afternoon came and I got dressed to go to Seto's and complete the "project" that he, I, and Joey were working on before this "lovegame" situation even got started. We completed the "project", and I am currently the "horse" that Seto is "riding" and to tell you the honest truth, I'm happy that I am Seto's "mare" for ridding because I really enjoy Seto sitting on my back, and "riding" me. It's awsome!!"

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