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Dinner and Dessert

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A final desicon is made. One man will have his dream fulfulled, and the other man's dream will be destroyed

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: PG - Genres: Drama - Characters: Joey Wheeler,Seto Kaiba,Yami Yugi - Warnings: [!] - Published: 2012-02-17 - Updated: 2012-02-17 - 634 words - Complete

The time came that evening for the dinner to take place. I got myself dressed and I went downstairs and I haled a cab and headed to Seto's house. While traveling my mind started to think of a way to tell one of two man who are bot in my heart and in my mind just how I truely feel about him, and that I'm ready to give that man my body, mind, heart, and soul completely, but therein lies the problem will it be Seto, the rich man with the big house, and all the money. Enough money to keep me sastained for the rest of my natural life, or will it be Yami, the beautiful King of Games who has in his possession both the Millenium Puzzle and all the magic, strength, and power that could save entire worlds. I either cause one man to have his heart broken and I don't know which one that would be. The cab finally reached the house, I stepped out, went up to the door and rang the doorbell. One of Seto's maids answered it and she let me in. "Mr. Kaiba and Yami Yugi are both waiting for you in the dinning room, wait here and I'll let them know you're here." she said.

With a lump in my throat I took a seat and I waited. "Miss Renee, Mr. Kaiba is ready to see you now. Please go in" the maid said. I then entered the great dinning room I saw both Seto and Yami sitting in their respectful places. Seto was sitting on the right and Yami was sitting on the left and the place in the middle of the table was set for me to sit. I went to the table, Seto then got up from the table and he pulled the chair out for me, and Seto then called Joey. "Joey" I asked "just what the heck are you doing here?" Joey then looked at me and said that Seto had asked him if he would serve as wait staff for the night. I then didn't have the heart to ask anymore humilitating questions for the rest of that night.

After dinner was finished, the three of us went into the living room. "So, what are we doing for entertainment?" Seto asked. For one minute there was complete and utter silence nodody could bring themselves to say anything at all. Finally I spoke up and said "Why don't we play a game together?" "That's a wonderful idea." Joey said. "I figured that you would say something like that puppy." Seto said. The four of us just burst out into uncontrolable laughter, I then told Joey that he had two choices, he could either stay and watch us play our "game" or he could leave and let me, Seto, and Yami play all by ourselves. "It all depends on what game that the three of you are going to play." Joey exclamed. I just gave Joey a dirty look and that was all it took to get Joey to leave. "I'll see you later puppy for a little "one on one" game of our own." Seto said Joey blushed at that and left the room. This finally left the three of us all alone to "play" our game.

"Seto, Yami" I called. "Come here the both of you." as Seto and Yami both got closer, they saw me on all fours. I then told them that this "game" would be a little test of endurce, strengh, power, and sheer will and the one that stays on my back the longest shall be declared the winner and will have my body, mind, heart, and soul for all time.

"That's fine with me Yami said. I'll be the first to start." he said.
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