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A group of girls run into a group of guys who just... disappear.

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When I first saw them, I was trying not to kill someone. School, what would you expect?

Anyways, I was walking into Harvey High School here in lovely Trenton, New Jersey, I saw tem. Or, at least one of them. He was tall, black hair whipping around in the wind. He was standing at the top of one of the two five-story school buildings. His feet were perched on the edge and everybody crowded the side of the building to get a good seat.

“Holy shit,” I mumbled, pushing past the bundle of people into the building and up the many stairs to the roof. I dropped my bag at the door and walked slowly behind him, “You now, you don’t have to do this.”

He turned around, a small smile on his face, “Oh yeah? What do you know what I have to do?”

“Well I know that jumping off a five-story building isn’t gonna solve anything. It’s much better to just work it out, with someone. I could help you,” I said, stepping forward and holding out my hand, “C’mon, let’s go.”

He grinned now and stuck his foot out, losing his balance and falling off the edge, sending everyone into a panic attack and to start screaming. I ran over to the edge to see if he splattered, but there was nothing. No body, no person to be found. It startled me and I faltered a bit. Shaking my head, I walked back to the door, picked up my bag, and walked to my first block class in a daze.

“Oh my fucking gosh, I heard a guy jumped off the building and disappear. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??” my best friend Alicia Simmons said when she ran to our usual lunch table. Jamia Nestor and Christa Moreno, our two other best friends, were shocked, “What the hell Linds?! Why didn’t you tell us?”

I don’t now Christa’s maiden name, so I made one up. DON’T JUDGE!

I shrugged, “Didn’t think it mattered.” They sighed and put their heads in their hands, but this wasn’t new. We did this a lot to each other, especially to Alicia. She tended to do many stupid things that we had to help her out with.

“ANYWAYS, what happened? Heard you tried to help,” Alicia said, pulling a box of Chinese food out of her messenger bag. I shrugged again, “Nothing much. I went up there and we talked for a moment and then he kind of, walked of the top of the building, I ran over, and POOF, he was gone.”

“Ohhhhh,” the girls said in unison. I didn’t see what all the hoopla was about.

Sounds like a lot of- HOOPLA! Sounds like a lot of- HOOPLA! HOOPLA! Sorry……….

Maybe we all imagined him. But whatever happened, it was weird and I didn’t really feel like talking about it. It was still too early for my mind to process anything.

And of course, she didn’t want to say anything. I don’t understand what she’d want to keep so secret. Either way, we apparently weren’t getting anything out of her, so we dropped it and ate our lunch. Even though I could tell Alicia was trying not to burst with questions.

After lunch was over, Alicia and I walked to our Pre-Calc. class and spoke over the noise of annoying popular kids. We weren’t the coolest of kids, us four friends, but we ruled over the “weird kids”. Many of them liked us, for some reason.

As we filed into the classroom, I bumped into a guy. “Sorry,” I said to the kid, “Totally my fault, didn’t see you there.”

He waved his hand, “No worries,” and brushed his hand through his hair, a mixture of blond and black, before walking away. I turned around and instantly turned back, “Um hey.”

But he was gone. No sign of him in the hallway. Strange…, I though before going back into the class room.

My last class, Calculus, was long and boring. Being the smart kid sucked. Beside the point, though. As I ran out into the hallway in fear of someone trying to bully me into giving them the answers, I pulled someone to the outside with me on accident. Give me a break, I thought it as someone I knew!

When I got outside and sighed, “Thank God I’m out- Oh my gosh, you are not Lindsey.”

The guy I ended up running out with laughed, “No, I’m afraid not!” I shook my head, “I am so sorry!” He waved, “It’s no problem, really!” He waved again and walked down the school steps. I turned to the school to look for Lindsey and then back, “Hey, do you-“ but he was gone, without a trace. No head of curly brown hair to be found.

Shit. People, ganging up on me, that means they wanted to kick my ass. And there was no Lindsey, Jamia, or Christa to call for help. Guess my ass was getting kicked because I couldn’t take on more then three people at a time. There was seven today.

“Hey bitch, remember when you thought it’d be funny to kick the shit out of my crotch?” one of the beefy idiots called to me. I tossed back my hair like the bitch I was, “Yeah, it was great.” He cracked his knuckles, “Well your about to get your crotch get… kicked… this… anyway! You’re about to get your ass kicked!”

I braced myself as they came closer and just before I felt the first punch, something stepped in front of me, “Hey, stop guys. This is not cool.”

I opened my eyes and saw a tall boy standing in between myself in a hospital and the beefy idiot’s fist. He turned his head slightly so he could see me and his glasses were covered mostly by bangs of light brown hair. The idiot cocked his head, “Who the fuck are you?”

The guy shrugged, “No one you know, now get the fuck outta here. Seriously.” I didn’t see what the hell he did, but something scared the idiots off, “Well, I better not catch you ‘round me ‘gain, Simmons.”

They ran off, shouting behind them, “Nest time, you’re dead!” I flipped them off and turned to the guy who saved me, “Thanks, I guess. You stopped me from getting kill, you’re my hero.”

The guy lowered his head sheepishly, “Eh, it was nothing. Just, trying to help someone out.” I nodded and looked behind me, hoping the idiots wouldn’t come back for a second round, then back at the guy, “Hey, you wann-“

And, gone. No one around, not even a trace of the guy in glasses.

I was startled for a moment, then brushed the feeling off, “Guess he needed somewhere to be,” and walked to the other building to find Jamia, Christa, and Lindsey waiting for me. Jamia held a cigarette between her index and middle finger, waving it around and she spoke, “Seriously! He was there, then, BAM! gone. It was so freaky.”

“Hello all,” I said, sitting at the bench and kicking my feet onto the table, “What’s today’s story?”

Jamia put the cigarette between her lips and sucked for a second, then took it out and blew a stream of smoke. She started talking quickly, hard for me to understand, “So when we were going to Pre-Calc., I bumped into this kid and I said, ‘Sorry,” and he was like, ‘No worries’ and then he walked away and I turned around to talk to him before he left BUT HE MAGICALLY DISSAPPEARED!! It was so weird!!!”

I thought about my experience with the disappearing guy, “Hey, there was this guy who totally vanished too. Yeah, he stopped some people for beating the shit out of me. It was awesome.”

Christa clapped her hands, “Oh! And I accidentally pulled some guy outside and he was gone too! And Linds’s encounter with the falling magic guy!”

Lindsey’s eyes widened, “You guys saw some people like that too?” We all nodded and I started to smile, “I wanna know who these people are. We need to find out about them, people!” I clapped my hands, because we were going to find these mystery men.
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