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Dream tonight

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Alicia and her crazy ideas. Of course, even though we never wanted to, we’d go along with it. This time was no exception. It didn’t surpise me when she came to school, bursting with excitement.

“Guys, guys, guys!!” she said, throwing her bag across the bench we gathered at. Lindsey sighed, “What did you find out now, Alicia?” Alicia’s face turned grim and she crossed her arms, “Jeez, don’t sound so excited Linds.”

Uh oh, I sensed a spat coming on. Lindsey and Alicia were the best of friends, but when they got into an argument, it was a war you did not want to get into.

I’m writing this in class and my AVID teacher just called a really annoying junior a dickhead… HA! XD
Inappropriate timing, Amber. Nice one…

Apparently, Christa saw it coming too, because she quickly changed the subject, “So Alicia! What did you find?” This took the irritated seventeen-year-old out of the angry mood and she grinned at Christa, “Well, I asked around and a few people, mostly some of the older citizens, said they too have seen these disappearing men.”

She flipped out a pocket-sized notebook and read from it, “And, the old couple who live at the end of town said they’ve heard people’s voices coming from the abandoned house next to theirs.”

Satisfied that she made her point, Alicia tossed to notebook aside and smiled smugly, “I think we should check the house out, see what’s what.” I was unsure at first, pulling out a cigarette and lighting up just to pass the time.

After the silence lasted five unbearable minutes, Christa finally spoke up, “I’ll go, I guess.” Alicia beamed. I sighed, “I can’t leave you guys hanging, I’ll go too.” Again, Alicia grinned with happiness and now she turned to Lindsey, “Please?”

Lindsey look to Christa and I. Christa pleaded with her eyes and I just shrugged. Finally, she put her head in her hand, “Alright, I’ll do it. But I won’t like it.”

That night, Alicia dragged us to the house. “People, we’ll chill here for the night and see if anyone comes,” she said, dropping her sleeping bag onto the cold, hardwood floor. Lindsey put her hands on her hips, “And what do you plan on doing if we do find them?”

Alicia shrugged and sat down, pulling out her laptop and lifting the top. The three of us left standing glanced at each other, sighed, and sat with her. While she clicked away on the computer, I looked around the room. We were in the living room, a Victorian age style with a few modern changes. No one had ever lived here, at least not in the time that I’d lived in Trenton.

Something snapped, and I swung my head around to Alicia. Her laptop was turned around so we could see it and the screen showed a definition. I peered at it while Alicia explained, “For a long time, there have been these people who can… travel. But not around the world, like we normal people. Through time. And they’re supposed to help people, like us. They come into a person’s life to stop something that will make the future world bad. They fix something that screwed up.”

“So,” Christa asked, “We’re seen them, which mean they’re here to stop something that’ll happen to us?” Alicia nodded and I whistled, “Wow Alicia, out of all the crazy things I’ve heard you come up, this has to be the most creative.”

She gave me an exasperated sigh, “This isn’t some crazy thing I came up with, it’s true! I’ve asked some people and they’ve said they have seen these guys too! Exact same description, tall guy with black hair, short guy with blond and black hair, curly afro, white glasses, everything I could have portrayed about them, they’ve seen the people before!”

No one said anything and Alicia just shook her head, “Fine then, don’t believe me,” and put away her laptop, shoving herself into the sleeping bag. I heaved a sigh and got into my own bag, “Someone’s gonna have to talk to her in the morning.”

Lindsey agreed and I fell asleep without another word, trying to avoid any more fighting.

Next thing I saw was dark. The dark inside of a VW bus straight out of the ‘70s, peace posters, beads, waterbed, and everything. I was in the passenger seat of said car and I looked over to the driver. It was him! The blond-and-black-haired guy! He wore a Led Zepplin shirt and was head banging to the same group, cigarette dangling from his lips.

I was about to ask what the hell I was doing there when a blinding white light came into view from the front of the bus. I shielded my eyes and the guy did the same, “What the fuck?” Before we could figure out what it was, it swallowed us and I heard a scream. More than one scream, actually.

I shot up out of the dream and into reality. It was still dark outside and it looked at three in the morning. Turning around, I saw the source of the second scream. It was Christa, and she writhed around in her own sleeping bag. I scrambled over to her, putting my hand on hers, “Christa! Sweetie, wake up!”

She snapped her mouth shut and her eyes few open, “Holy fuck! Shit…” I was shocked; this dream must have been really bad. Christa never swore, she hated it. She wiped the sweat of her forehead and I asked her, “What happened? What did you dream?”

“Well, I was walking down a road. An asphalt road, up to some house I’d never seen before. It look really old, like… 1920s or somewhere around there. Anyways, I went into the house and saw the man! The one who disappeared and he was wearing a suit and was holding someone up in the, a gun to his head. I think he said, ‘This is the last time we should,’ and then a white light came from behind us and I heard a gunfire and I felt a really bad pain in the pit of my stomach and I started screaming. Then I woke up.”

Christa pulled up her knees and set her head down, “It was so real, I felt like I was actually there.” I sucked in a breath and decided against telling her my dream. She seemed too frightened about her own to worry about anything else.

In the morning, we packed up or things and went home. Alicia, disappointed from not seeing anything that could help her, stared distractedly out the window while Lindsey drove and complained on how she was right, that was a stupid plan and she knew that there wasn’t going to be anything.

I hadn’t told anyone about my dream and so had Christa. We kept them quietly to ourselves and fidgeted awkwardly in the back. Neither or us spoke on our way back to Lindsey’s house and continued our silence when we got there. I sat straight up on the couch and didn’t look up when Alicia poked at me, “Jamia, what’s up? You and Chris haven’t talked all day.”

My response was a shrug, Christa sighed. Alicia eyed us suspiciously and sat on the coffee table in front of us, “What? You’re not getting out of this. Tell me what’s up.” Again, I shrugged, but Christa let it out. She told Alicia the whole story, her dream and how she screamed when she got hurt.

When she finished, Alicia turned her head to me, her face a bit paler than before, “And you?” I sighed, and relayed my dream to her. About the guy in the bus, the white light like in Christa’s dream and how I heard two screams.

Now Alicia was very lifeless. The color seemed to drain out of her face and I started to worry, “What?” She crossed her arms, “Well, My dream started out like any of my other dreams, I was walking down to Candy Mountain when everything shifted. I found myself on some dirt road in the middle of the county and I looked over and we were next to a cliff. I was walking behind the guy. He was wearing, I think I was a school uniform, when I ran around in front of him, he had a school pin on his tie and these old glasses, complete circle. So, I walked net to him and just as I was about to ask him what the feck I was doing there, a car, old, old car, came around the bend quickly and knocked us off the edge of the road. And it was a steep cliff too! And while we were falling, a bright light came and caught us and then I woke up. It was so weird.”

Lindsey came from the kitchen, “So you all had dreams too?” We nodded and Alicia turned around, “What was yours about, Linds?”

She sat between us, “It looked like a busy street, full of people. And I was following the black-haired man. He led me to a house of people and we went to then top of the stairs. He turned away from the stairs and straightened his suspenders, then just… fell. Well, almost. He started to fall, then the light came and ate us.”

I put my hands together, “So… what does it mean. All our dreams?” Alicia bit her lip, “I guess that’s how the people who we saw… became whatever they are now.”
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