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Find them, now.

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Yo yo yiggidy yo.
How ya'll doin'?
I am here, giving you guys a new chapter and I think you guys will like it!

That dream was more like a nightmare. To take my mind off it, I went into Lindsey’s backyard, trying to leave the tension behind me. The Saturday morning breeze brushed my face and I sighed. All of this ‘trying to find these men’ was giving me a headache.

I leaned against a tree at the end of the yard. The sound of the leaves rustling was soothing and I closed my eyes. I turned around and opened my eyes, and in front of me was him. I adjusted my glasses and squinted through the leaves to the see the back of the curly-headed man.

My adventurous feelings kicked in and I tip-toed past the tree towards him. “Christa! Where are you?” A shout coming from the house sent my diving back into the yard. I scrambled to Lindsey, who was the caller, and tried to catch my breath as I explained, “Get Jam and Alicia! I just saw they guy that disappeared! C’mon!”

I pulled her away from the door and ran to the tree, hoping he was still there. When we got to the edge, I looked around, not seeing the walking disappearing act. I rolled my eyes and turned tot the confused Lindsey, “Never mind, he’s gone.” We both sighed and went back into the house.

The next morning I left my house cautiously optimistic that we’d find the men. We decided to meet at our bench in front of our school. I was the first one there and I sat cross-legged on the table. The air rushed past me and I waited for the others to arrive.

Jamia was first, the cigarette always glued between her index and middle fingers, the wind blowing back her black locks and the smoke trailing out of the cancer stick.

“Hey Jam,” I said with a smile. She held the cigarette away from me as she slung an arm around my shoulder, “Chris, do you now why we’re here?”

I shrugged, “To let Alicia indulge in her strange little mind?”

“That, and because… don’t you want to find these people? Because I sure as hell do, that guy I met was kinda hot!!”

I laughed and we watched Alicia and Lindsey stroll up, their attention fixed on the computer screen of the laptop in Alicia’s arms.

“So they aren’t human?” Lindsey asked, a look of fear hidden by her curiosity. Alicia shook her head, “They are, but something happened to them seconds before they died, and now, they live forever.”

Lindsey looked at Jamia and me, “So, where do you think they would hide?”

Jamia shrugged, “Well, we saw them here at the school, so I’d think we’d find them here again.”

So we set off into the school, climbing over the chain-link fence, in search of these mystery men.

We split up, Jamia and Lindsey in the first building, Christa and I in the second. Lucky for them, the first building was much older than the second. Theirs had no locks, and the ones that did could easily break. Unfortunately for us, ours were shut and locked tight.

As I peeked through the windows in the doors, Christa quietly texted Lindsey.

“They haven’t found anyone or anything yet,” she said, putting the phone away in her jeans pocket. I sighed and kicked the door, “Damn… we need to get a better way to get into these rooms.” Christa threw her hands into the air, “Well, when I find a way, I’ll letcha know.”

We looked through a few more windows before Christa’s phone started vibrated wildly. She pulled it out of her pocket and opened the text message and waved her hand at me, “Oh! Oh! They found them! They found them!”

We grinned and ran down the stairs to the open air, then to the next building. While we ran, Christa read more of the message, “So… third floor, second door to the left, old music room.” After jogging up the three flights of stairs, we saw Lindsey and Jamia looking through the door window, Jam on her tip-toes to see what was inside room #28 Music Hall.

The girls moved out of the way to make room for Christa and me to see all four of them. All four of the people who disappeared on us, walking around in the room and talking. One of them was yelling or at least speaking loudly, I could almost hear him through the door. It was the one who almost jumped off the building, the one Lindsey saw.

Mine was sitting in a backwards chair, his hands covering his face. Christa’s and Ray’s were arguing back and it was a little saddening to watch.

I sucked in a deep breath and knocked, hoping that nothing horrible will happen.
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