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Damn you

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Damn him. Damn that smirk and those eyes. Damn his I know I’m fucking gorgeous attitude. Damn his ability to make my knees weak, and wobble as if the bone has vanished. Damn his smile, so bright it lights up a room and even a few of the dark corners in my heart. Damn his laugh that’s pure music to my ears. Damn his calming voice that soothes my panic attacks. Damn his tight jeans and all of the places they hug, making it impossible to look away. Damn his natural charm that draws in all the girls as I stand aside and watch. Damn his gorgeous chocolate pools for eyes that make every lie I try to pass evaporate. Damn his soft hands that refuse to hold my own. Damn his lips that tease me with quick kisses to the cheek or forehead, never where I really want them. Damn his adorable snoring that keeps me awake at night while we’re sleeping on the bus. Damn his optimism that rubs off on me, when I’d much rather be angry. Damn his hugs that are so warm, they melt my ice coated heart. Damn Pete Wentz and his stunning perfection that sends a glare to the lenses of my glasses.

I check around the bus quickly to make sure I’m in the clear before walking over and tossing all but a bite of my sandwich into the trash can. I quietly hop up into my bunk and eavesdrop on Andy and Joe mumbling to Pete.

“I think he just threw it away.” Andy sighs.

“I think you’re over reacting.” Joe says in a bored voice, “So the boy didn’t eat the sandwich. So what?”

“Because it’s not just the sandwich!” Pete sighs “I don’t know what all it’s been or how long but I’ve noticed it a lot lately. He’ll take a bit or two then trash it when we’re not paying attention.”

“How do we fix that?” Andy says quietly “We could watch him eat but...”

“He’d find away around it and he’s listening.” Pete walks to my bunk and opens the curtain, “Are you?”

I look down and hide my face in my pillow.

“Patrick....” he says in a soft voice before climbing up.

“I-I don’t know what you gu-guys are talking about. Th-That sandwich... I just d-didn’t like it.”

“Patrick” he pulls me into his arms “You don’t have to lie to me. I won’t judge you and all I want is to help. You’ve got to know that.”

I look up into his eyes and give in to their heart melting power. I tell him everything. How I’ve been skipping out on meals for months. Only taking a bite here or there. Only eating when I had no escape. I tell him why too. I tell him I hate myself. Everyone else, him, Andy and Joe, are so skinny, but I’m fat. I’ve always hated it but being it used to be possible to ignore. Not anymore. I tell him that for a while, before tour, I wasn’t eating at all. But my fatass couldn’t handle it. I kept passing out. Plus, it would be too hard to hide if I wasn’t eating at all. As I spill my guts out to him, he holds me close and the scent of his cologne is probably spread throughout the bunk. Not that I’m complaining. If I can’t have him to cuddle at night...well, at least I’ll be able to smell him. That should be enough to fool myself as I hug a pillow. He kisses my forehead, telling me that I’m perfect the way that I am and other nonsense. But I allow myself to believe the lies, if only for a moment. The tone in his voice is completely honest, like he really thinks so. Surely he isn’t blind. Surely he sees that what I see is reality. I’m not skinny like Andy. I’m not funny like Joe. And I’m certainly not beautiful like Pete. I’m just boring fat ugly Patrick. I’m the guy no one notices. Despite the fact that I sing, many people think Pete do. Although, he has got a nice voice. I close my eyes and fall asleep somewhere during my rambling about how much I hate myself.

I expect to wake up alone, and am quite shocked when I feel Pete’s arms around me tight. Shocked, but not complaining a single bit. I snuggle closer and bury my face in his chest, taking in his scent. He giggles softly and hugs tighter. I hug back and look up at him.



“You do understand that we’re eating together now, right?”

I sigh and nod.

“I’m sorry, Pat but you’ve worried me. So, until it gets better, we’re eating together.” he stretches “Your bunk is comfy.”

I nod and smile. It was really comfy last night. Really, Really comfy.

“So,” Pete kisses my cheek “Breakfast time.”

I groan “Can we start at lunch?”

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Pete nods before grabbing my arm “TO THE KITCHEN, ROBIN!” and pulls me to the kitchen.

I scrunch my nods, “What makes me Robin?”

“You’re youngest.” And shrugs.

“Not badass enough to be Batman.” Pete grins.

“Totally Pete’s bitch. Like Robin is to Batman.”

I blush and shake my head, taking the seat closest to the trashcan.

Pete grabs two bowls and the cereal and pours some into each bowl.

He sets mine down and says sweetly “Can’t throw that away.”

I sigh, defeated, and take a bite.

I hope this was alright, I'm half asleep XD
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