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Chapter 7

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Could this possibly be an update!? HELLZYEAH!

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/Okay guys, I'm back!! :D
This is a realy realy REALY short chapter, I apologize, but the next chapter will be up soon and it'll be much longer. :3
This isn't even a real chapter, its kind of a filler for the next one. Oh well, here you go. C:/

*Chapter 7
Ellie's POV*

I could tell that Gee liked Mr.Iero, it was blatantly obvious. I know I didn't know Gerard for long, but I'm pretty sure I have him figured out. I know that teachers and students shouldn't hook up, but come on! Gerard and Frank would look sooooo cute together! The thought of them two being together made me grin. Something has to be done about this! I turned down the music on my laptop (She by Green Day was playing at the moment) and looked for my phone to call Gerard.

"Hey what's up?" Gerard greeted me from the other end of the line.
"Hey Gee. I was just wondering if you had plans this weekend?" I bit my lip and waited for a reply. I heard Gerard whispering to someone.
"Well actually, I was gonna ask you guys to stay over this weekend." He said, sounding unsure.
"Oh awesome!" I grinned. That would be the perfect chance for me to get Gerard to confess his 'little crush' on Mr.Iero.
"Could you invite the others for me? I don't have their numbers." he laughed.
"Yeah sure. I'll text you their numbers later, for future reference. I gotta go for dinner now, bye Gee!" I said.
"Cool, thanks Ellie. See ya tomorrow." Gerard said as his farewell before the line went dead. I grinned mischeviously, before putting down the phone, and skipping downstairs to the diningroom.

Gerard's POV

"So, they're coming over?" Mikey asked hopefully.
"Well Ellie is, I don't know about the others yet. Ellie is gonna ask them." I couldn't wait, it was going to be awesome.
"Woop woop! I think mom and dad are going away for the weekend, so its gonna be a free house." Mikey smirked.

I walked to the kitchen to ask mom if she's alright with me having people over. She was standing over the counter making cookies. Yay! I love my mom's baking! "Hey mom, can I have some friends over for the weekend?" I asked. She gasped and jumped, I must have startled her. "Oh honey, don't sneak up on me like that!" She said, turning around and wiping flour off her hands. "Sorry mom." I apologized, awaiting her answer. "So you want friends over?" She asked and I nodded in reply. "For the whole weekend?" She enquired. "Yep, if you and dad don't mind." "Alright. Just make sure you don't get into any trouble, and you have to take care of Mikey too. I expect him to be alive when your dad and I get home on Sunday night." She warned, with her hands on her hips. I smiled at her motherly pose. "Don't worry, I'll make sure Mikey survives the weekend." I giggled. She pulled me in for a hug. "That's my boy." she said, before returning her attention to the cookies.
This weekend is gonna kick ass.
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