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Read le title? -U MAD? face-

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Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't been updating lately. Life has been busy with school, birthdays [why was everyone born in January!?] and shows. Speaking of which; Asking Alexandria (and BlessTheFall) were amazing! :D Cameron Liddell hi5ed me ^^

Right, back to the point. I don't think I'll be updating Vengeance University for a while :'c -sniff-
I just can't write anything worthy of posting lately... I will probably do some one shots, if that's any consolation, but for now; there will be no VU.

While I'm writing this I might aswell just say 'WTF!?', where is the Asking Alexandria category!? Or the Black Veil Brides category!? ... Oh wait, THERE IS NONE! :o ... unless I'm blind, and in that case: my bad. There's just not enough Ben x Danny in internet land... :'C I wanna spam the mystical realm of ficwad with the awesome power of Ben x Danny slash! >:3
...wait, what?... O.e

So yeah, that's what's going on.

Cookies & cream,
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