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Alex ends up transported to Hogwarts and discovers a side of herself she never knew

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In a small town in Illinois, a girl was cleaning out her rather messy garage. Her name was Alexandra Louvelle, a thirteen year old who would soon be turning fourteen and entering high school. She was a bit crazy, but had a good head on her shoulders. Her heart went out to anyone in need, no matter what their problem was and she had learned to comfort people expertly, so that they would forget their worries when they spoke to her. Plus she absolutely loved the Harry Potter series.
After she finished sorting a box of old pictures, Alex pulled yet another box off the wall and nearly dropped it in surprise. There in front of her was a doorway that came to a little above her waist. She knew there was no where it could go so she decided to crawl through and find out where it went. After all, she was very curious and wasn’t about to give up an opportunity to crawl through a rabbit hole. She moved the remaining box out of the way and started crawling through the tunnel behind the little door.
When she came out of the small door at the other end of the tunnel she was crawling through, she realized she wasn’t in Illinois anymore. For starters, she was in a dimly lit stone corridor that was filled with moving paintings and ornate tapestries. Plus it was dark outside, the waning moon was beginning to rise above the sloping lawns, dark forest, and large lake that were visible outside the window. It was about noon in Illinois.
“I’ve got a feeling I’m not in Kansas anymore!” Alex gasped, turning around and coming face to face with a rather stern looking woman, who Alex had a feeling she knew.
“Who are you?” The woman asked as Alex stared at her in awe. The woman was returning the look.
“I’m, I’m Alex Louvelle. Am I at Hogwarts?”
The woman looked shocked and then nodded.
“I’m Professor McGonagall. Let’s get you to Dumbledore, shall we?”
“Albus Dumbledore? And you’re Minerva McGonagall?”Alex asked in complete awe.
“Yes. Come on, follow me.”
Alex followed the women silently, holding back the millions of questions that were racing through her head.
Oh my goodness! I can’t believe this! Please let it be real! I wonder if the war is real. Will I get to become a witch? Were the books correct about their personalities? If I get to stay, can I help them?
As they walked through various hallways, Alex kept staring at her surroundings in awe, it seemed so real! Maybe it actually was…
They entered the Headmaster’s office and Alex sat down in front of the large desk that sat in the centre of the room. A tall, thin, wizened old man sat down behind the desk and stared at Alex through his half-moon spectacles as if he could see through her, leaving no doubt in Alex’s mind that this man was the great Albus Dumbledore.
“Well who do we have here?” Dumbledore inquired, smiling warmly at Alex.
“My name is Alex Louvelle, sir. I’m from America, Illinois specifically.”Alex replied respectfully, her voice shaking slightly.
“What wizarding school do you go to there? I don’t remember there being one near Illinois.”
“Well, I’m not a witch. I’m just a muggle. I was cleaning out my garage when I found a doorway where there wasn’t supposed to be a doorway. I crawled through and ended up here at Hogwarts.”
“You’re a muggle?” McGonagall asked in surprise and Alex nodded.
“Since I know this is Hogwarts, and I know you’re Dumbledore and McGonagall, I’m going to make some assumptions. There’s a dark wizard named Voldemort,” Dumbledore nodded so Alex continued; “You’re fighting against him, you and the Order of the Phoenix. You’re the good guys, but people are still dying. You have no idea how the war will end, but you are doing your best to win. You’re going through Tom Riddle’s past to try and figure out his future.”
“How do you know all this? The war hasn’t spread to America yet and you’re a muggle.”
“I love to read, and my favourite series of books is the Harry Potter series. This war is chronicled in them to some extent.”
“Harry Potter? Well I don’t know any Harrys, but I do know a James Potter.” McGonagall mused.
“As in the Marauders?!”Alex asked excitedly.
“You know them?”
“Well, I know of them, sir. They happen to be my favourite characters.”
“Right well let’s discuss some more important things.” Dumbledore told Alex, making her fidget more nervously.
“In order for you to have gotten here, you must possess some magical abilities, meaning you are not a muggle, but a muggle-born witch.”
“Does that mean I get to go to Hogwarts?”
“Yes, now how old are you?” McGonagall questioned.
Alex’s mouth dropped open and she took a few moments to compose herself before responding. “I’ll be fourteen in September.”
“Then you shall start Hogwarts in your fourth year. We will call in as many teachers as we can to give you the education you have missed over the last three years. How quickly do you think you can move in to the castle?”
“I can be ready by the end of the day.”
“Perfect, I will give you your Hogwarts letter and send you home to tell your parents of this. Come back here as soon as you can and I will have some of our younger Order members take you to Diagon Alley to buy your supplies.”Dumbledore explained.
“Okay, thank you!”
“One more question, do you know the ending of the war?”
Alex expression fell slightly and she nodded.
“Yes, and I want to help the Order by finding ways to prevent deaths that are to come. I can research until I’m old enough to actually join the Order.”
“We will gladly take your help. Too many good people are dying.” McGonagall sighed.
Dumbledore handed Alex an envelope and McGonagall led her back out of the ornate office.
“Do you think I’ll be able to learn everything?”
McGonagall put her hand on Alex’s shoulder and nodded.
“As long as you believe in yourself and really try, I’m sure you will do fine, dear.” McGonagall smiled, softening her hard expression at the girl’s concern.
“Thank you.” Alex smiled in return.
“Right, well here we are! Come back as quickly as you can.”
Alex nodded and crawled through the tunnel back to her house, where she started convincing her mom that she was a witch and her father to give her money.
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