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Figuring out the details

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Dumbledore works to sort out the details of Alex's upcoming enrollment at Hogwarts

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McGonagall went back to Dumbledore’s office and sat down where Alex had been minutes earlier.
“As we talked, I was reading Alex. She was reading me as well, without really meaning to. She was feeling my emotions and studying my movements in order to better judge my character. I picked through her mind a little before she somehow managed to block me out and I saw that she knows a lot about this world, and the people she’ll be going to classes with. She will be a powerful witch; there is no doubt of that. She already has powers that she doesn’t realize.” Dumbledore told McGonagall, confirming what she had already suspected.
“I thought so too. She had a very strong aura around her. She seemed to radiate power, but she doesn’t realize it. She will have no problems learning all her lessons.”
“I agree. Now I’ve contacted the Prewitt boys and asked them to show her around Diagon Alley. I’ve told them she only needs to buy a wand, her robes, a trunk, and her school books for the time being. She can go back later to get the rest of her supplies. They should be here any minute. I am going to call on Lily Evans and Remus Lupin later this evening and ask them to be her guides and help her adjust. Once Alex has finished her lessons they can also take her out to Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade occasionally so that Alex can get more comfortable with her surroundings and so that she can have friends by the time classes start up.”
“Sounds like a great idea to me.” McGonagall replied as the fire in Dumbledore’s office glowed green and two young men stepped out.
“Good Evening!” One of them laughed loudly.
“Hello Gideon, Fabian.”
“Hello Professors!” Gideon responded.
“Alex should be here shortly. Please try not to scare her away.” McGonagall requested.
“We’ll try.”
McGonagall sighed and Alex walked into the room, freezing as she saw the two boys. She turned to Dumbledore in surprise.
“Gideon and Fabian Prewitt?”
“Yes.” Dumbledore replied, so Alex turned to them.
“Pleasure to meet you.”
Both very tall, obviously pranksters. I wouldn’t be surprised if they played Quidditch, they seem nice enough, and they’ve both got kind smiles. And of course the famous Weasley hair, although technically they’re not Weasleys, oh well that’s a small technicality.
She held out her hand which the boys both shook before pulling her towards the fire.
“Come on! Time to take you to Diagon Alley!”
With that the trio disappeared and Dumbledore turned back to McGonagall.
“Would you please set up the classroom that’s hidden behind the portrait of the three witches on fire as Alex’s workspace Minerva?”McGonagall nodded and Dumbledore added one last instruction, “Then visit the other teachers and try to get them to help teach Alex.”
McGonagall nodded and left the office and Dumbledore apparated to the Evans’ doorstep. He rang the doorbell and a short, thin girl with long red hair opened the door, freezing in shock when she saw Dumbledore standing in front of her.
“Professor Dumbledore! Please, come in!”
“Thank you Lily.”Dumbledore replied, stepping inside and sitting down on the couch Lily offered.
“Lily! Don’t tell me you’ve let another freak in my house!” Petunia screamed, making Lily sigh.
“This year we have a special new student at Hogwarts, Alex Louvelle. She is going to be an exchange student to Hogwarts from America and is in your year. I would like you and Mr. Lupin to help her adjust, and later this summer to take her to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley so that she knows some people in her classes and so that she is more comfortable with her surroundings.”
“Of course, sir.” Lily responded, curious about the new student.
“Thank you. Now Ms. Louvelle is a little odd. She knows many things, and is a very good judge of character. She can also read emotions to an extent. Don’t be alarmed by Alex’s behaviour.”
“Thank you Ms. Evans and now I shall go and talk to Mr. Lupin. Enjoy the rest of your day.”
Dumbledore apparated to the small cottage where Remus lived and knocked on the door gently. Remus opened the door and his heart dropped when he saw that Dumbledore was standing there.
“Good Evening Mr. Lupin. I need to speak with you, and no, this has nothing to do with your condition.”
Remus’s face lifted on hearing that and he let Dumbledore in happily. They sat down at his small kitchen table and Remus handed Dumbledore a cup of hot chocolate.
“Thank you. Now this year we are getting an exchange student from America named Alex Louvelle. Alex will be in your year and I would like you and Ms. Evans to help get her adjusted. I would also like you two to take her out to Hogsmeade or Diagon Alley at some point to help her get used to her surroundings and to help her get more comfortable with the people she’ll be around for the next year. Alex is a bit odd though. She can read emotions, is very good judge of character, and she knows a lot of things that it may seem like she shouldn’t. Don’t expect your furry-little-problem to stay secret from her for long. It wouldn’t surprise me if she knew within moments of meeting you.”
“Of course I’ll help, sir. What house is she in?”Remus said at once, slightly worried about what Alex would think of him.
“We will be sorting her later today, but I have a feeling she will be in Gryffindor. Enjoy the rest of your day, and thank you.”
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