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Miss America

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Gideon, Fabian and Alex get to know each other as Alex explores Diagon Alley

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Meanwhile Alex and the Prewitt twins were enjoying their time at Diagon Alley. They had already set up her account at Gringotts and gotten her robes. They walked into Ollivander’s next and Alex found her wand quickly. It was made of willow and cherry with a unicorn hair core.
Then they got her books and trunk and they headed towards the Leaky Cauldron for dinner while Alex listened to the boys’ commentary of their surroundings.
“There’s Florean Fortescue’s, they’ve got right good ice cream there.”
“Oh, and over there is Eeylop’s owl emporium, if you want a pet, there’s the place to go.”
“There’s Quality Quidditch Supplies, best shop in Diagon alley if you ask me. Have you ever played Quidditch? It’s a real riot.”
They finally reached the Leaky Cauldron and the boys quickly waved to someone inside.
“Molly! Come meet the newest Hogwarts resident!” Gideon called to a short red-head who hurried over and greeted them kindly.
“Hello! I’m Molly Prewitt. You must be Alex. I’m sure you’ll be wanting food, I’ve already ordered a Butterbeer for you.”
“Thank you.” Alex replied as they sat down to eat their dinner.
“You know dear, you are quite tall!”
Alex blushed and looked down. The fact was she was very tall indeed, nearly six feet tall. Molly patted her hand soothingly and Alex continued to eat as the Prewitts all discussed how their days had gone while Alex smiled quietly to herself.
This is all so amazing, and it feels so real! Maybe, just maybe it is. I certainly hope so. So far everyone has been so nice, the Prewitts certainly are! They’re all so loving. And Dumbledore and McGonagall were amiable enough. I think I’m going to love it here.
“Dear, do you need more food? You look a bit peaky!”
“Yes, thank you.” Alex gladly took the second helping she was offered.
“So what year are you at in Hogwarts Molly?”
“I’m going into my sixth.”
Alex nodded and Gideon smiled at her. “You’ve been pretty quiet. Why don’t you tell us about what teens do in America?”
Alex swallowed then nodded. “Okay. Well we watch a lot of TV. TV is this box that sends moving pictures to it, like plays kind of. There are different kinds of shows too. Right now reality shows are big, like the Miss America beauty pageant and American Idol.”
“Miss America?” Fabian interrupted.
Alex nodded, and Gideon smiled. “I think I like the ring of that. What do you think bro?”
Fabian nodded and turned back to Alex, “Well continue Miss America.”
Alex laughed, “Okay. Well we also listen to music constantly. We all love it.”
“That’s like us.”
“That’s kind of it, I mean I read a lot, but most teens don’t. I also like to write, but again, most teens don’t. Oh, and we play sports.”
“What sports?”
“Football, soccer, tennis, volleyball, baseball, lacrosse, track, wrestling, swimming, and basketball are pretty common ones.”
“We’ve just got Quidditch.”
“Quidditch seems amazing though. I want to learn how to play.”
Gideon and Fabian both launched into a joint explanation of Quidditch, while Molly smiled at her brothers’ enthusiasm.
When they finished Alex was dropped back off at Hogwarts, left with a warning that she better make sure to write, she then went home and quickly started packing, folding her robes in neatly at the bottom, placing her school books and personal books on top to protect them and then gathering her shoes. She found all her tops and folded them somewhat neatly and then she gathered her bottoms and stuffed them in on top of everything else. Alex then gathered all her Harry Potter things and shoved as much of it into the trunk as she could and carried the rest downstairs in a few trips.
Alex hugged her mom goodbye, put her cat Isis in her basket, and pushed everything through the tunnel ahead of her. It was working fine until she tried to shove her trunk through. The tunnel seemed to have gotten smaller and her trunk wouldn’t fit through the opening. Alex threw her weight at the trunk and she and her trunk went flying out, her landing on top of it in a crumpled heap, causing the surrounding portraits to snicker. Alex stood up and gave the pictures the dirtiest look she could before grabbing all of her things and pulling them down the hall.
She was about to turn the corner when Alex ran into Dumbledore who led her to her workspace. After she had put her stuff away, Dumbledore took Alex down to the Great Hall where McGonagall was waiting with the sorting hat. Alex put it on her head and was sorted into Gryffindor, making McGonagall smile.
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