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Alex begins to learn magic and takes her exams

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Alex began her lessons the next day and began with Charms, quickly flying through everything from levitating to light casting. Then came transfiguration, and McGonagall was pleasantly surprised by how quickly Alex managed to turn her button to a needle and back again, and then move onto more advanced transfiguration. Then came defence against the dark arts with Jane Ackerman, who was very kind and patient with Alex.
“Here, Alex, you need to wave your wand like this, see? It makes it easier.”
Alex watched and then performed the spell perfectly, making Jane nod. “Good. Now we’re moving onto boggarts.”
After defence Alex learned Herbology and Astronomy simultaneously, studying the latter at night and Herbology during the day.
Finally Alex went over Potions, History of Magic, Care of Magical creatures, and prepared to take her exams. After three days of non-stop exams Alex was exhausted, but McGonagall let her take one last lesson, flying.
Alex sped through that and loved flying so she spent most of her spare time at the Quidditch pitch when she wasn’t hanging out with the staff or swimming in the lake that is.
Alex’s exam results came back and she had passed with flying colours. She decided she would tell the Prewitts so she pulled out a sheet of parchment and started writing to Molly, and then to the boys.
Hey Molly! It’s Alex. I passed all my exams with Es and Os, with the exception of an A on my third year History of Magic. I hope you’re having a good summer; I can’t wait to see you again. I just wanted to say thank you for treating me so kindly, I know it must’ve been strange. See you soon, Alex.
Hey boys! It’s Alex. I passed all my exams and I’ve been spending my free time flying. I love it! I hope to learn Quidditch soon, maybe you can teach me. I’ll see you when the school year starts, Miss America.
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