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Never Leaving

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The band and Fiona find out what wrong with Mikey! Will it affect their tour and how will Gerard cope!

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Fiona's POV continued

We all sat down in the waiting from, no one dared to speak, silence was enough at this moment in time. I looked down at my coffee; I was so worried something would happen to him, what if he had head trauma, or a brain haemorrhage! My breathing became deeper, Frank put his arm around me, and I leaned my head on his shoulder.

I looked up at Gerard to see him looking at me and Frank but when our gaze met he looked away quickly, I was worried Gerard was going to be like this, I looked back down at my coffee, I was worried he was going to hate me for doing this to them.

At that point we heard a knock at the door; it was the Doctor, at sight we all stood, waiting for some information. Gerard spoke for all of us “How is he going to be Doc?” the Doctor sighed, that wasn’t a good sign.

She looked at us for a moment before speaking “Well Mikey’s got some pretty had bruises and a cut lip, but it’s nothing we can’t sort out, the only problem is that he may be in a coma” He said looking down.

I froze; my whole felt like it had stopped, my blood felt like it was frozen in my veins, cold, standing still, my heart stopped for a minute before I had to carry on. The doctor was looking at me funny, I just stared at her, what was she looking at me funny? Ray started to stare as well and Gerard and finally Frank.

I started to panic, I felt really insecure at the moment, my eyes flickered on each of their faces “Oh my god, Fiona, Breath!” Frank shouted at me causing me to gasp, I doubled over clutching my chest, I breathed in deeply and looked at Frank, he looked at me with crazy worried eyes.

I straightened up and continued to breathe deeply. “I’m sorry, I just…I just forgot to breathe or something.” I said ashamed of my stupidity, how could someone forget to breathe?! “I know it’s a lot to take it.” the doctor confirmed.

Gerard spoke for all of us again “Can we see him now?” he sounded shaky, I felt sorry I had never had a close relative in hospital, I couldn’t imagine what he must be going through. “Of course” she said while nodding and gesturing for us to follow.

We saw Mikey, attached to pipes and a massive machine through the window, I whimpered and Frank put his arms around me again while kissing my forehead. It felt good to have someone with me. The doctor showed us into the room and Gerard couldn't help but go to his brother’s side, seeing Mikey like that must have torn him to pieces, I knew if I saw my brother like that I wouldn’t be able to control myself anymore, I stifled a cry and buried my head into Frank.

“Can I have a minute?” Gerard said, his eyes never leaving Mikey’s face, his voice sounded dead. We all started to leave but I hanged back a little. I went to Gerard side and put my hand on his shoulder. He didn’t look; he simply put his hand on mine.

“I’m so so sorry Gerard, this is all my fault. I’m….I…” I was overcome by emotions, I couldn’t say another word. Gerard turned around and hugged me. He whispered in my ear “I don’t blame you. I don’t blame anyone. It’s going to be okay.” I nodded, doubting his words, only wishing I could believe them.

I walked away, back into Frank’s arms and gave Gerard the time he needed. Me and Frank went to get coffee, Ray said he wanted to stay with Gerard incase he came out; we nodded and left them both. I stopped half way to the coffee machine, Frank stared at me.

I started to walk back but Frank grabbed my arms “What’s wrong?” He said, wondering why we weren’t getting coffee anymore, I looked at him; I really needed him at the moment and especially for what I was going to do next. He understood and nodded, I loved how Frank and I could have this little eye conversation between us.

We walked back to the ward, hand in hand. The doctor had mentioned which room Liam was in before, I needed to see him. He laid there, nurses around him, smiling like the arrogant pig he was. “Ladies, if you’re even thinking about getting involved with him then don’t, been there done that. It’s horrible and he’s been with loads of women, so he’s most likely to have and STI or something” They looked between me and him and then left immediately, their faces disgusted.

I smiled; I loved making his life a little bit worst. “Hey why’d you do that!” he protested “Want me all to yourself?” Frank took a step forward, I put my hand up to signal for him to stop and for Liam to shut up “No, Liam, even though you’re so irresistible, I don’t want you” my words dripping in sarcasm, I heard Frank chuckle, probably due to the irony of the matter.

“Now, Liam, here what you’re going to do, you’re going to leave me alone and you’re going to leave these guys alone” gesturing Frank “Do you know why?” I asked; he shook his head. “You’re going to leave them alone because you don’t deserve to be in the presence of them because you’re a slime and their amazing and you’re a total dick and they’re perfect gentlemen, got that?”

He nodded “And you don’t tell the press about any of this, you tell no one because if you do I will hunt you down with that frying pan again!” I didn’t wait for a reply I just walked out, Frank high fiving as I did. It felt good to finally leave him.

We walked back to Mikey’s room, Gerard came out as we came near, his eyes were red rimmed, he had obviously been crying. I looked at them all “I’m just going to…” I gestured to Mikey’s room and they nodded before I could finish the sentence.

I opened the door and walked inside, the door closed by itself. I ran to Mikey’s side, tears forming again. “Oh Mikey!” I cooed to him. I nuzzled his neck and cooed again “Oh Mikey, Mikey, Mikey, Why? Your such a silly boy” I sobbed into his chest. I pulled up a chair and went back to him; I wasn’t planning on moving until he was awake.


Someone shook my shoulder, “Fiona, we should leave, the doctor says it’s way past visiting hours” It was Frank, I shook my head, I wasn’t leaving, he would have to carry me back before I left. “Fiona, come on, please.” He sighed “Do I have to carry you back?” he said, I stayed still, Frank always knew what was in my head. “Fiona come we have to go, I know it’s hard to leave him, but we have to!” He said crouching down so he was the same height as me. I looked up at him, desperate to stay.

A nurse came in and disrupted us, Frank stood back up. “Madame, we can make a bed for you, if you’d like to stay?” she gave a warm smile to me and Frank, I looked up at Frank like a child begging for something, he rubbed his hand over his face, contemplating.

“Fine.” He sighed, while bending back down to kiss my forehead.

I smiled and him and mouthed him thank you, he nodded. “We’ll all be back in the morning, give any of us a call if you need us.” I nodded and Frank walked off and waved, I waved back.

Mikey asked me not to leave him until the tour was complete and I was doing exactly that, I was staying with him. The nurses made me a bed and left us be. My hand reached for Mikey’s, I clasped it tightly and looked in his eyes for some response, but I got nothing. I sighed, it as early days, I would have my Mikey back soon.

I hope you like the story line so far, Thanks for reading! :D
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