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Shopping with Lily

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Lovely Lily Evans enters the story

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A week later, Alex was called to Dumbledore’s office. When she arrived she found a petite red-head waiting for her by the fire.
“Lily Evans?”
“Hi! You must be Alex! “Lily nodded.
Bright personality, outgoing, a go with the flow kind of person. Bright green eyes of course, although not as green as Remus’s were. She’s tiny, probably a little spitfire though. She’s beautiful too, gorgeous in fact. I hope she likes me.
“Have fun girls!” Dumbledore called as they stepped into the flames.
The girls stepped out in Diagon Alley and walked down the street to Gringotts. They both got their money and when the pair stepped out into the sun Lily asked a familiar question.
“So I take it you know who I am?”
Alex nodded “Lily Evans, fourth-year Gryffindor, object of James Potter’s affections, sister Petunia, and a muggle-born like me.”
“Yeah. So what should we do first?” Lily asked.
“Umm, how about potion supplies?”
“Okay!” Lily said brightly, “So why are you coming to Hogwarts specifically?”
“Partially to get away from my family, they are very anti-magic. Plus I want something new, and I’ve always wanted to go to England. I could’ve gone to Beauxbatons, because I speak and read French, but I figured there would be less of a cultural difference for me to adjust to.”
Anti-magic is an understatement actually. My family hates even the Wiccan religion, and they’re not really witches.
“Well you’ll love Hogwarts! It’s so beautiful!” Lily sighed.
“I know; I’m living there right now.”
“Yep. My parents wanted me out of the house.”
They reached the apothecary and went inside. They bought the supplies they needed, Alex also buying a cauldron and went back outside. After that they went to the Owl Emporium where Alex got a spectacled owl, the book store, where Lily got her books, the parchment store where they both got quills, parchment, and ink. They sat down at Florean Fortescue’s for ice cream and Alex noticed a small little broom shop hiding behind Madam Malkin’s shop. It wasn’t Quality Quidditch Supplies and Alex decided to go check it out.
“Lily, what’s that store over there?”
“Oh! I don’t know; I never noticed it before.” Lily responded.
The girls stood up and paid before walking into the little shop.
“Good Afternoon! How can I help you lovely ladies?” The man behind the counter asked.
“Can you tell us a little about the shop? We never noticed it before.” Alex smiled politely.
“Well, I make brooms that are a bit safer than the ones at the Quidditch store. They are also more in-tune with their riders thoughts because I make the broom to fit the customer to an extent.”
“That’s amazing! Any chance I could buy a broom?” Alex gasped.
The man smiled at her and nodded.
“I’ll just need to ask you a couple questions.”
“What house are you in?”
The man made a small note. “What kind of wand do you have?”
“Willow and cherry with a unicorn hair core.”
“How good of a flier are you?”
“Decent, I only just started flying.”
“Okay, and what type of flying do you like?”
“Well, I like to fly just for the freedom. I do a lot of tricks, but I like to go for quiet rides too.”
“Okay, I’ll be right back.”
The man went into the back room and Lily turned to Alex.
“You just started flying?”
“My school didn’t offer flying lessons.” Alex responded truthfully.
“Oh, that sucks.”
Alex nodded and smiled as the man came back in with a beautiful broom. It was a swirled cherry and willow with a tail that used both woods as well. Alex touched it and warmth spread through her fingers.
“It's perfect!” She breathed, and the man nodded.
“I make every broom to fit the person who is buying it perfectly. I have my own special combination of spells that I place on them.”
“That’s amazing!” Lily said in awe as she stared at the broom.
“How much?” Alex asked, pulling out her bag of money.
She paid and they left, laughing as they walked down the street. It was clear that Lily and Alex had hit it off. They were already great friends.
“Miss America!”
Alex turned around and saw Gideon and Fabian running towards her. She winced and threw her bags to Lily as they ran into her, knocking her flat to the ground.
“Oops! Sorry ‘bout that!” Gideon apologized, pulling her to her feet.
“Don’t worry about it.” Alex smiled as she took her things back from
“So what house are you in?” Fabian asked.
“Go Go Gryffindor!” Alex cheered and the boys scooped her up into a bone-crushing hug.
“You know the Prewitt boys?” Lily asked.
“Yeah, they took me to Diagon Alley the first time I was here.”
“Right, well we’ll see you at Hogwarts little Yankee! Enjoy your day! Oh, and Little Lily petal, tell Allie-bear we say hi!” the boys laughed, leaving to catch up with some of their friends.
Alex laughed and shook her head, then caught sight of another familiar face. She waved over at Remus who waved back, making the people around him look over curiously.
“Oh no! Potter! Come on! RUN!” Lily shouted, shoving Alex down the alley.
I kind of want to meet them, but I can tell Lily doesn’t. I guess I’ll just have to wait for school to start… I wonder what they’ll be like.
They ran down the street, weaving in between the groups of people while clutching their packages. The girls bolted into the Leaky Cauldron and stepped into the flames, shouting their destination.
Lily and Alex came out of Dumbledore’s fireplace pealing with laughter.
“We barely escaped them!” Lily laughed.
“They looked so annoyed! Their faces were priceless!” Alex giggled.
The girls lay down laughing for a few minutes before Lily stood up.
“I have to get going! I’ll see you in a few days though, kay?”
Alex nodded and Lily left so Alex brought all her stuff to her room in Gryffindor tower.
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