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September 1st

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Alex prepares for her first official day as a Hogwarts students and meets the remaining Marauders

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Suddenly it was September 1st and Alex was excited beyond compare. She woke up and went downstairs for breakfast in the kitchens. When she got there, the little house elf that had adopted her in a sense ran up.
“Good morning Miss Alex! What can Nilla get for you?”
“Some pumpkin juice and a chocolate waffle. Thanks.”
Alex sat down and almost instantly her meal appeared. She ate quickly, wanting to go for a swim in the black lake and fly a bit before lunch. When she finished the house elves ran up and grabbed her dishes.
“Thanks guys!”
Alex left and ran up to Gryffindor tower to get changed into her swimsuit. She threw a tank-top and some shorts on over it then jogged down to the lake. When she got there she threw her cover up over the branches of a tree and dove headfirst into the freezing waters, allowing the chill to permeate her over-heated skin. She swam a few laps before beginning to swim across the lake. When she reached the other shore she got out and jogged back to where she started, throwing her clothes on over her soaking swimsuit and ringing out her hair before walking back up to the castle.
Alex went to Gryffindor Tower and dried off, changing into shorts, a t-shirt, and leaving her feet bare before grabbing her broom and heading out to the Quidditch pitch. The second she got there Alex swung her leg over the broom and shot up into the air. She flew a few laps before diving straight down and pulling up seconds before she would have crashed into the ground. She shot back up into the air and dropped off her broom, landing on it about twenty feet below. She did various other tricks, taking care to time them perfectly and then she headed back to the castle with her hair considerably more messy.
At 5:30 Alex changed into her Hogwarts Uniform and made herself presentable. She combed through her hair and gently slipped her necklace around her neck. Then she washed her face and went downstairs to wait in the Great Hall.
At a quarter after six a group of people walked into the Great Hall. Lily was at the head of the group and she ran over to Alex and sat down across from her. Remus also hurried over and sat down on Alex’s right side, smiling at her as he did so. The rest of their friends rushed over, gawking at Alex.
“Who’s this Moony?” a boy with longish black hair asked, and Alex figured it was Sirius Black.
“I can speak for myself, thanks.” Alex smirked, catching Sirius off-guard with her accent.
“You’re American!”
“Well spotted. I’m Alex Louvelle. You must be Sirius Black.”
Sirius nodded and glanced at Alex suspiciously.
“Which makes you James Potter.” Alex continued pointing to the boy who had moved around to her left side. He had wind-blown black hair and glasses which were lopsided.
“And that makes you Alice Prewitt, and you Frank Longbottom.” Alex finished, gesturing towards the couple holding hands next to Lily.
“Very good.” James said, sitting down on Alex’s left side. Sirius sat next to Lily and Alice sat on Lily’s other side.
“I’m good at figuring people out.” Alex responded, smiling at him sweetly.
The rest of the school had filed in by that point and Alex glanced down the table and saw Gideon, Fabian, and Molly all waving at her brightly. She waved back and Dumbledore stood up to address the school.
“Welcome, before the sorting begins and we get to the feast, I would like to introduce a special new student, Alex if you would stand up.”
Alex did so smiling as everyone stared at her; she didn’t want to betray how awkward she felt.
“Now Alex is a fourth year Gryffindor, who has come here from America. Alex you may sit.”
Alex sat back down and did the best she could to hide her face from the people still staring at her. Remus put his hand on her arm comfortingly and she looked up enough to smile at him, but kept her head down.
“What’s wrong?” James whispered as the first years were sorted.
“I’m just really shy around people I don’t know. I do not like getting stared at.” Alex whispered in response, her cheeks flaming cherry red.
James nodded in understanding and the sorting ended, making food appear in front of them. As he grabbed food, he couldn’t help but assess Alex, just as she had assessed everyone else.
Tall, stunning blue eyes. Acts confident, but I don’t think she actually is. Looks athletic, but fragile at the same time. She also seems to be analyzing everyone… I wonder why?
Meanwhile Alex grabbed a little of everything, making Sirius stare at her in confusion.
“You actually like all this food?”
“Yeah, I’ve been eating it for a few weeks now.” Alex laughed, taking a large bite of food.
“Are you really going to eat all of that?” Sirius asked, surprised by how much food Alex had piled on to her plate.
“Yeah, I can eat more food than anyone expects.” Alex responded, taking another large bite.
“But you’re so thin! I mean, you’re like a twig!”
“Sirius, give her a break!” Lily scolded, smacking the back of his head.
So she dislikes James, but she gets along with the rest of the marauders, okay. I can work with that when it comes time to set Lily and James up.
They ate the rest of their meal in silence, and Alex finished her plate and then got seconds of nearly everything. As they walked up to Gryffindor Common Room, Lily and James started fighting, until Alex intervened.
“Hey! Stop your bickering! If you don’t I will personally glue you both to the ceiling!”
Lily looked surprised for a second but shut up, making Alex smile.
“That’s better.”
Alex gave the password and the group walked in as Sirius turned to James.
“Hey! Where’s Peter?”
“Was he with us at the feast?” Remus asked.
James smacked a forehead to his head. “I knew we were forgetting something! You know how he curls up under the seats as a rat, I mean like a rat and we forget he’s there.”
Alex smirked at his slip-up and when the boys sat down by the fireplace a minute later, she sat on the arm of Remus’s chair.
“I know your secret.” She chanted in a sing-song voice.
“Oh really?” James asked, the fear barely concealed in his voice.
“Mhmm. You, Sirius, and Peter are illegal animagi. James is a stag, Sirius is a black dog, and Peter is a rat.”
“You’re forgetting Remus.” Sirius smirked and Remus laughed.
“She already knows. She knew before I had spoken a single word to her.”
“As I said before, I’m good at figuring people out.”
“You’re not going to tell on us are you?” Sirius asked.
“Of course not! Besides, Dumbledore already knows, he just doesn’t care.” Alex told them brightly.
Remus shook his head at her and headed up to bed, Sirius following suit after dragging James away from Lily. The three girls then headed up to bed as well.
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