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Alex shows the Marauders that she can get up to just as much mischief as they can

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The next morning they all got ready in regular clothes, not needing to dress in uniform until the coming Monday, when classes would start. Alex chose a brightly coloured tank top that she threw a thin t-shirt over. The t-shirt had slashes going down the back, and had writing all over the front. Alex then threw on a pair of shorts and some high-top converse. She left her hair down and put on no make-up.
As they walked down the stairs to the common room, Remus, James, and Sirius walked down the stairs from the boys’ dorms.
“Good Morning Girls! Well, aren’t you dressed, different?” James said, looking specifically at Alex’s unique style.
“I like to be unique.” Alex smirked, smiling secretly at the fact that, although no one knew, it was her birthday.
James nodded in response and turned to Lily to try and get her attention.
“Oi! Evans! Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?”
“Shut up Potter!”
Alex shook her head at James’s choice of a pickup line but let it slide.
The group walked down to the great hall together for breakfast and sat down towards the back of the hall. As they were filling their plates, McGonagall came around handing out schedules. She handed the marauders, Alex, and the girls their schedules and walked on, smiling briefly at Alex before going.
“Let’s see, on Monday I’ve got Defence against the Dark Arts, Charms, Potions, Lunch, Care of Magical creatures, Transfiguration, and a Free Period. What about you guys?” Alex asked when she finished reading off her schedule.
“Same.” They all replied.
“Woo! We all get to go to classes together!” Alex cheered, smiling brightly.
Eventually, Alex was abandoned to her own devices, having been left behind by the dear marauders, Lily, Alice, and Frank.
“If you were to fill a conveniently placed bucket with a substance of sorts, what would it be?” Alex asked herself, trying to figure out a prank.
“Maple syrup.” Alex responded to herself, having been thinking of waffles.
Alex smirked and headed up stairs to place her bucket.
Twenty minutes, a bucket full of maple syrup, a trip wire, and a conveniently placed pile of feathers complete with note later, Alex had grabbed her broom and was off to the Quidditch pitch.
As Alex soared across the pitch, the Marauders, now reunited with a not so rat-like Peter, stormed down to the pitch covered in feathers and maple syrup. Sirius was clutching the note they had found in the feathers that read:
Enjoy your new look! With love, Alex.
Just as they were about to yell up at her, Sirius noticed how well she was flying.
“Wow! Look at her flying! We should get her on the team; Alex would be a really good seeker. Remus, Peter, you guys go get Ben and bring him down here to watch them fly.”
Remus and Peter headed off while James and Sirius called up to Alex.
“Oh Alex! Mind coming down to talk with us about your little gift to us?” James shouted up.
“Mmm, not particularly, but you’re welcome to join me up here if you like!” Alex responded, teasingly looping around the boys’ heads as she hung upside down off her broom.
“By the way, I love the new look, it really suits you.”
“You want to fight girly, ‘cause my bet is we could take you at Quidditch any day.” Sirius growled, swatting out at Alex who was hovering right behind James’s head.
“That I doubt.” She laughed, soaring just out of reach of the hands that were trying to swat her away.
“You’re on! Me and Sirius as seeker and beater versus you as seeker and beater.” James shouted, running towards the broom shed and grabbing his and Sirius’s brooms and the box of Quidditch balls.
“Prepare to lose boys.” Alex smirked as James released the bludger and snitch into the air.
Shortly after the match had begun, Remus marched down to the Quidditch pitch, accompanied by a tall, muscular boy. They walked down onto the pitch and watched as Alex, followed closely by James, dove straight downward; getting closer and closer to the golden blur that was the snitch. As she dove, Alex sent the bludger careening towards Sirius with surprising force. As they continued to watch, James pulled out of the dive, thinking it suicide to continue, but Alex continued straight downward, increasing in speed as she went. Just as it looked like there was no chance of Alex being able to pull out of the dive, she threw her weight backwards, levelling her broom as she caught the snitch.
“That was brilliant!” James shouted.
“Told you I would win.” Alex smirked as she got off her broom.
“That was pretty good.” The boy who Remus had walked down to the pitch spoke at last, startling Alex who whipped around so fast that she tripped, and Remus just barely managed to keep her from falling.
“I’m Ben Rafe. You are?”
“Alex Louvelle.”
“Nice to meet you, I’ve got a couple questions. One, are you in Gryffindor?”
“Do you like flying?”
“Are you willing to be on the Quidditch team?”
“Oh yeah!” James shouted out for Alex.
“Then welcome to the team. Practice starts next week, see you then.” And with that Ben walked away, leaving a confused Alex behind.
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