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Class is in session

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Classes begin for the students at Hogwarts, and Sirius is not happy about it

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The next morning the girls all woke up and got ready in their school uniforms. While Lily and Alice wore their uniforms exactly as they were supposed to, Alex took a couple liberties with hers. Instead of wearing plain black shoes and socks, Alex wore knee high converse, while Alice and Lily stuck to plain black trainers and socks. Alex also decided to ditch the sweater vest they were supposed to wear over their blouses and didn’t tighten her tie. She then rolled her sleeves up and decided she was ready to go.
The girls then headed downstairs and met up with the marauders and Frank.
“What’s with your shoes?” James asked Alex.
“I wanted something out of the ordinary, and these are completely amazing, so voila.” Alex responded airily, as if that was the only logical explanation.
James nodded in a “whatever you say” kind of way and everyone started walking down towards the Great Hall for breakfast.
They sat in the same order they had before, chatting animatedly as they ate.
McGonagall walked down to the group and smiled when she saw Alex’s feet.
“Not going to conform to the school standards?” she asked jokingly, causing the surrounding Gryffindors to stare at Alex in shock.
“Well of course not Minnie darling! I’m a unique person. Plus I want to stick out like a sore thumb!” Alex chimed innocently, flicking her wand to make her shoes flash in rainbow colours.
“Okay then. Oh, and Alex if you really want your shoes to stand out, try making pictures move across them, like this.”
McGonagall flicked her wand and dragons started flying across the rainbow flashing shoes, breathing fire and chasing each other.
“Thanks Minnie!” Alex called after her, admiring her new shoes.
“How do you get away with that?” James asked, staring at her in awe.
“I’m a very lovable person, I worm my way into everyone’s hearts until I can do whatever I want.” Alex smiled up at James and blinked her brilliant blue eyes and he had an overwhelming urge to just hug her.
“I can tell!” he said, so she freed him from her gaze.
“Come on, we should get to class.” Remus said, grabbing James and Alex and pulling them towards the exit.
“Okay then!”
Everyone followed and laughed as Alex started humming to herself happily and accidently walked into a wall as a result.
“Oops! I forgot that people put walls up in buildings!” she laughed as Remus pulled her up off the ground.
“Thanks.” Alex added as the group walked into Defence against the Arts for first period.
Jane gave Alex a quick smile before beginning her lesson, and as Alex had predicted, extra homework was assigned to everyone but Lily, Remus, Alex, and the Ravenclaws for not having the first chapter outlined.
“What kind of a teacher assigns homework on the first day?!” Sirius moaned indignantly.
“Oh calm down. It’s not so bad.”
“You don’t have homework Blondie! You’re one to talk!”
Alex rolled her eyes and ignored Sirius look of indignation as she led the way to charms, managing to get them lost only once along the way.
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