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Alex develops a distinct place in the Hogwarts community

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few weeks later, Alex had developed a very distinct place in the Gryffindor Community. Being younger than everyone and also being occasionally child-like in her ways, Alex quickly became the little sister to the Marauders, especially James, and they were careful to make sure they protected her. Remus and Alex were best friends within a couple of days, becoming nearly inseparable. They were almost always in the common room reading or doing homework together. Alex and James were also close as could be, and Lily and Alex’s bond got even stronger. Alex was friends with the others as well, but she wasn’t as close to them as she was to Remus, James, and Lily. Although she did take particular joy in tormenting Sirius whenever she possibly could.
Alex’s knowledge of the boys helped her a lot. She knew about the map and the cloak and used it to her advantage. One day the boys were peering at the map and Alex came up behind them.
“What are you up to?”
Sirius quickly made the map vanish and they smiled at her unconvincingly.
“Can I see that?”
Sirius handed it to her cockily and Alex smirked. “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”
The boys stared at her in shock and Alex smiled. “Don’t worry; I won’t tell. Mischief managed.”
She walked away and they stared after her in awe.
Alex had also hung out with Gideon and Fabian multiple times, and they were very useful in the fact that they knew their way around the school as well as the Marauders did. This certainly had it advantages.
“I told you to turn left at the statue of the centaur but no, you turned right!” James whisper shouted at Sirius.
“We are obviously lost, where is the map?” Remus asked calmly, trying to settle the tensions.
“I thought you had it.” Sirius groaned.
“I want waffles!” Peter moaned, looking distraught.
“Oh boys! If you want to get the kitchens I suggest you follow me! You won’t find them anywhere near here!” Alex called softly, dancing around the invisibility cloak teasingly.
There was also the useful perk that she could somehow see through the invisibility cloak, which she found out from Madam Pomphrey was a side effect of the tunnel that was in her house.
She led them down a long hallway to a spiral staircase that led down several floors. Within minutes she had them outside the entrance to the kitchens and stepped inside, the boys right behind her.
Alex sat down and was handed a tray of brownies almost instantly. She thanked the house elf who had brought it to her and dug in.
“I believe you were looking for this earlier, yes?” Alex waved the Map in front of the Marauders and they made a grab for it, but she pulled it out of their reach.
“Now now boys! Where are your manners?” Alex scolded, a smirk flitting across her face.
“Can we please have the map back?” James asked, causing Alex to smile.
“I’ll think about it.”
She shoved the map back into whatever mystical pocket she had pulled it out of and Remus spoke as he sat next to her, stealing one of her brownies.
“Alex, where exactly did that map come from? Your uniform has no pockets and you don’t have a bag…”
“Don’t ask.”
Remus nodded and went back to his brownie and the boys sat down across from them and got their food.
“Waffles!” Peter cried excitedly as a plate was set before him.
Once they had finished their food, Remus and Alex stood up, walking towards the exit. They left, leaving the boys to find their own way home.
“Alex, are we just going to leave them stranded? They’ll get lost, and then Filch will find them.” Remus whispered.
“I left the map on the table. They’ll be fine, now come on!” Alex tugged on Remus’s arm and led/dragged him down corridor after corridor until they were in Gryffindor tower.
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