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Training and Procrastinating

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Alex shows the boys her training techniques for quidditch and finishes up some last minute Potions homework

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Soon it was October and Alex was still swimming in the lake as often as possible, despite how cold it was getting. One morning as she headed out for her morning swim, the Marauders noticed her leaving the castle and decided to follow her. They hid under the cloak and made sure they had the map so they could watch her. They also kept a good distance, but Alex still realized they were following her.
“Hey boys! Turn away for a second!” She called, and they did as she said, not understanding why or how she had figured out they were following her.
Alex quickly pulled off her cover up and dove into the lake, making the boys whip around.
“Alex! Are you okay? We’ll come get you out!” James called, rushing over to the lake shore as Alex resurfaced.
Alex laughed and shook her head at him.
“I’m going for a swim you idiot! I do this most every morning.” She smiled, swimming further out into the lake.
“Why? It’s freezing!” Peter complained as he touched the water.
“It’s refreshing!” Alex replied, starting her laps.
After she did about ten she waved good bye to the boys and started swimming across the lake, but the boys jogged alongside her at the shore.
“I’ll be fine! I’ve done this a million times!” She called to them, yet they kept following her.
Finally they reached the far shore, and Alex used her wand to summon her clothes.
“Accio Cover-up!” She breathed, nimbly catching her clothes before they hit the water.
Alex stood up, threw them on and got out of the water, ringing out her hair and jogging around the lake’s edge.
“Why do you do this?” James panted.
“It keeps me in shape.” Alex responded, speeding up until Remus was the only one who could keep up with her.
“Why do you really do this?” He asked.
“I want to be an auror when I’m out of school, this is good training. Sometimes I set up obstacles in the lake that I need to get through.”
“That makes more sense.”
She smiled at him and they walked back into the castle, waiting a few minutes for Sirius, Peter and James.
“How do you do that?” James gasped.
“I’ve worked up to it since late July.”
“Teach me!” Sirius begged, falling to his knees at Alex’s feet.
“Yes, it would be great for Quidditch.”
Peter finally caught up and fell over.
“Waffles!” He moaned.
Alex patted him on the head before turning back to the boys.
“Fine. Tomorrow morning at five I want you to meet me by the lake in your swimsuits. Then I will help you train.” Alex instructed, heading up to Gryffindor tower to dry off before Quidditch Practice started.
After a long and gruelling Quidditch practice, Alex showered and went to the library to finish her potions essay for Slughorn. It took her a few hours, but she eventually finished it, making her sigh in relief.
“Alex my girl! What are you doing in this dusty library?” a voice boomed from behind her, and when Alex turned around she saw Professor Slughorn waddling towards her.
“I was just finishing your essay, sir.” Alex replied.
“But that’s not due for another week, my dear! Such a hard worker!” he chortled, and Alex smiled back.
“I wanted to get it out of the way so that I could be confident my grade wouldn’t suffer. I have been awfully busy with Quidditch and the work I’m doing for Dumbledore after all.”
“True, true. Well I think you deserve a bit of a break. Occasionally I like to get a few of my more choice students together for little dinner parties, and I would be honoured if you would come join us.”
“Why the honour is all mine, sir. I would be overjoyed to come. Just tell me the times and I’ll work my schedule around it.” Alex responded graciously, flattering Slughorn.
“Wonderful, I will send you an owl when I’ve decided on the times.”
Slughorn left and Alex packed up her books, heading back to Gryffindor Common Room for a nap.
“Wonder when he’ll realize the essay’s due Monday?” Alex mused.
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