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Fan Girls

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The boys train with Alex down by the Black Lake

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The following morning Alex met the boys, minus Peter who had refused to come with, by the lake and they all looked slightly nervous about going into the cold water.
“Relax, its fine after a couple minutes. Now in you go.”
She shoved all three of them in and they all resurfaced shivering. Alex dove in gracefully after them and had absolutely no trouble adjusting to the freezing temperature.
“Do three laps in this shallow area, swim to that rock and back. That’s one lap.” Alex instructed, demonstrating a lap.
The boys did as she said, although admittedly much slower than she had hoped. After they completed their laps, Alex told them to follow her and swim across the lake. When they reached the other side, James collapsed on the bank and refused to move; Sirius crawled out and instantly fell asleep. Remus was the only one in any condition to move besides Alex. She handed him his shirt, and laughed evilly at the sleeping James and Sirius.
“Alex, what are you thinking?” Remus asked nervously.
“What do you think would happen if we told their fan girls they were sleeping with their shirts off by the Black Lake?” she replied deviously and Remus laughed.
“Something very entertaining. Let’s go get the fan girls.”
James and Sirius started training a lot more after that. Who knew fan girls could run so fast?
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