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Facing the Full Moon

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Alex becomes and animagus and sneaks out to help Remus on the full moon

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ovember came around and the animagus potion was finally ready, three days before the full moon. Alex drank it and passed out, visions filling her head.
A wolf walked towards her and sat in front of her, its eyes seeing through to her soul. She reached out to it and it stepped closer to her, allowing her to grab its fur. The second she touched it, warmth spread through her body and she became the wolf, staring into a lake and seeing her reflection.
Alex woke up and smiled at Minnie.
“I’m an animagus.”
With that she turned into a wolf, prowling around McGonagall’s office, as McGonagall smiled at her.
When she turned back, Alex stretched a little; the change had felt very strange. It wasn’t painful exactly, it was just uncomfortable.
“What were your other options?” McGonagall asked.
“What do you mean?” Alex asked.
“What other animals did you see?”
“I only saw the wolf walking towards me, I touched its fur and then I saw my reflection in a lake and I was the wolf. Then I woke up.” Alex explained.
“I’ve never met an animagus who didn’t get to choose what animal they turned into.”
Alex contemplated that for a second and then shrugged.
“Thank you for your help Minnie.” Alex called as she left the office, heading back to her dorm to sleep before classes the next morning.
he night of the full moon came and Alex couldn’t stop smiling, after all, she would be helping the marauders that night, and they didn’t know it. Alex watched as the Marauders headed out and followed them as a wolf, taking care not to let them see her. She waited a couple minutes before following them into the Womping Willow, and crawled through the trap door in time to see the Marauders transform. They all turned to look at her in shock and she smirked wolfishly, but they still couldn’t figure out who she was.
A cry of pain rang out through the shack as Remus transformed, and Alex wished she knew how to make Wolfsbane potion to help ease his pain. Remus lunged towards Sirius who dodged the werewolf, turning around and jumping on to its back. Alex approached cautiously, and Remus pounced on her but she flipped him off of her, pinning him to the ground before being thrown off herself.
The night continued with them trying to subdue the werewolf in Remus and eventually they all collapsed into sleep as the sun’s rays began to shine through the boarded up windows. Alex stayed in wolf form as she slept, a gash running down her cheek from where Remus had clawed her.
The boys woke up before Alex did and they tried to figure out who she was as she slept.
“Just a normal wolf?” Peter asked hopefully, but James shook his head.
“It got into the shack and was careful to make sure we didn’t notice it following us.”
Remus stared at the wolf and noticed the gash on its cheek.
“Well whoever it is has been injured.” He sighed, disgusted with himself.
At that moment Alex woke up, and instead of turning into a human she bolted out of the shack, the Marauders chasing after her. She ran into the castle and changed into a human, bolting up to Madam Pomphrey to get treated.
“What did you do to yourself Alex?” the nurse asked.
Then comprehension dawned on the woman’s face and she sighed.
“You’re an animagus now too? You need to be careful.”
“I know, I wasn’t paying attention, but don’t let the boys know, I haven’t told them yet. I just showed up as a wolf and I left when I woke up. They’ll be following me though.” Alex pleaded, speaking quietly.
“Well you’ve let this cut set for too long, it’s going to leave a scar, and it’s pretty deep. I’ll heal it as best as I can but you’re going to have a nasty mark left for awhile. Unless of course you let me use scar potion.” The nurse sighed.
“Thanks Poppy but no scar potion.”
The nurse healed her wound and Alex bolted, barely avoiding the marauders.
Alex sat down and ate a hurried lunch before running up to the common room to change. Unfortunately she ran into Remus at that point.
“Alex! Why are you in such a rush?” he asked as she literally ran into him.
Her blue eyes met his green ones and he remembered that the wolf had blue eyes. He grabbed her chin and moved her face to the side, showing him the large gash.
“You’re the wolf! Why didn’t you tell us?” Remus questioned.
“Because James would never let me come help you guys! If I told you he would’ve found a way to keep me at the school! I had to hide it! I wanted to help you! I know how much it hurts you, I just want to help! James is too darn protective of me to ever let me help.” Alex explained at high speed, pulling out of his grasp.
“I understand. And thank you. I’m sorry that I hurt you.”
“Don’t worry about it, I’ve had far worse.” Alex cringed, and touched the back of her head gingerly as she walked away, making Remus suspicious.
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