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Lucius Malfoy crosses a line, and ALex puts him back in his place

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After Halloween Alex realized that she had quite the enemy: Lucius Malfoy. For some reason he couldn’t stand her, and wanted to make her life a living hell. And one day that all came to a boiling point.
“Oi! Stupid little mudblood! Come over here!” he called tauntingly after her and the Marauders.
“Do nothing, don’t let him get to you.” She soothed the boys, keeping them from attacking Malfoy.
“Oh? Controlling your stupid little flunkies? Like they could do anything to me!”
“Ignore him.” Alex ground out, her hand flexing threateningly.
“What, going to run away? Is that why your family doesn’t want you in America anymore? Because you’re a coward? Or is it because you’re a freak and a monster? It wouldn’t surprise me if you were a filthy werewolf!”
That was the last straw. Alex whirled around and stormed over to Malfoy, grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up against the wall.
“I want you to listen carefully to what I’m about to say. I could easily kill you. I don’t care if you are a pureblood. In fact, that explains why you act the way you do. You probably have some mental disease caused by incest. You can insult me all you want about my blood, I don’t care, because it’s a heck of a lot cleaner than yours is; but do not bring my family into this, and do not talk about werewolves like they are lower than you.” Alex seethed, her eyes flaring with anger.
“Hit a sore spot, have I?”
Alex slammed him into the wall again.
“No, I just think it’s time you learned the truth. You are lower than werewolves, you are the filthy scum. I don’t care what lies your precious mummy and daddy have been feeding you about you being smarter and better than everyone else, they’re just lies. You’re an idiot, a filthy, dirty, idiot.”
Alex dropped Lucius to the ground and walked away, whirling around when he started to pull his wand out. Alex didn’t even think to reach for her own wand she just pulled her arm back and punched him in the face, sending him flying backwards with a broken nose.
“Don’t mess with me Malfoy. I will take you out, and I will cause you excruciating pain. I will humiliate you more than I already have. Remember that.”
Alex turned around and walked back to the Marauders, who were all staring at her with a mix of shock, fear, and awe.
“Come on, let’s get to class.” Alex said calmly, pulling James and Remus behind her.
Malfoy didn’t mess with her for awhile after that.
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