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Present Time

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Christmas Morning

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The next morning James and Sirius woke up early and ran into Remus’s and Peter’s room to wake them up.
“Present time! Present time! Open the present and see what’s inside!”
The boys went into the common area and found Alex curled up on the couch sound asleep. Of course Sirius didn’t like that and jumped on her, shouting his little chant as he bounced up and down.
“Get off me! It’s too early to be up!” Alex moaned as she stretched out.
“Alex it’s Christmas! Wake up!” James yelled.
“Fine!” Alex huffed, standing up and glaring at James and Sirius.
“Come on!” Sirius cried, pulling Alex downstairs.
Alex allowed herself to be dragged downstairs to the Christmas tree where they found Mr. and Mrs. Potter waiting.
“Happy Christmas!” They called in greeting.
“Merry Christmas!” Alex smiled, and they all looked at her.
“What?” James asked.
“It’s what we say in America.” Alex replied.
“Oh!” Sirius said in realization.
Alex laughed and sat down on the floor near James and Remus.
“Present time?” Sirius asked hopefully as he sat near everyone else.
Mrs. Potter laughed and nodded so Sirius dove towards the tree and started grabbing his presents. James passed out the other presents and soon everyone had a small stack in front of them.
Sirius started opening his gifts so everyone else did the same. The first gift Peter opened was from Alex and he was overjoyed when he saw that she had gotten him a pair of shoes that had a waffle printed on them.
“Thank you!” he cried excitedly, hugging Alex.
“I thought you would like them.”
Remus was the next to open a gift from Alex and found a giant box of Honeydukes’s sweets and muggle sweets.
They went through the rest of their gifts, including a studded dog collar for Sirius, along with a pair of tickets for James and Sirius to go see their favourite Quidditch team, and Alex smiled as she put her things away and headed downstairs to relax for the rest of the day.
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