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Back to Hogwarts

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Break ends and the group heads back to Hogwarts

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A few days later they were back on the train for Hogwarts. Alex curled up on the seat between James and Remus and challenged Sirius to a game of exploding snap.
“Do you really think you can beat me?” he laughed, and Alex shook her head.
“No, but I can still have fun.”
“Fine, get over here.”
Alex sat down on the floor in front of Sirius and they played for the entire train ride, excluding the short break they took to eat. Eventually James and Remus joined the game and Peter fell asleep on the seats. When they got to the castle Lily was waiting for Alex and instantly hugged her, ignoring James’s attempts to talk to her.
“Are you okay? Potter didn’t attack you did he? Never mind, Remus would never let them. And I loved the gift you gave me! It was perfect!” Lily screamed, spinning Alex around and jumping up and down.
“Good to see you too Lils!” Alex laughed, jumping up and down with the red head.
“I will never understand girls.” Sirius sighed.
“No you won’t, and if you do it means you are one.” Alex replied, ruffling his hair as she walked by to grab her pets.
“That’s very possible.” James joked.
“Who are you calling a girl?” Sirius growled, tackling James.
Alex laughed as she walked with Lily up towards the castle while the boys continued to fight behind them. Remus caught up to them and he and Lily were quickly discussing the essay Flitwick had assigned.
“Are you sure that’s the proper use for the charm?” Lily was asking, but Alex was oblivious to their conversation, thinking of how angry her father had sounded in his letter when he found out she would not be coming to his house for Christmas.
Alex sighed deeply which made Remus and Lily look at her with concern, their conversation halting.
“Oh, sorry! I didn’t mean to make you worry! I’m fine!” she told them, lying about being fine.
The truth was her father being angry at her made her worry. Things were never good for her when he was angry. But Alex didn’t want her friends to worry, so she pushed those thoughts out of her mind.
“Did you have a good break Lils?” Alex asked.
Lily smiled and nodded, “Yeah, it was great! Alice and I hung out and went shopping, Frank carried our bags, and it was very peaceful. What about you guys?”
“Well, it wasn’t very peaceful, but it was fun. We took the knight bus to James’s house, we had a giant snowball fight, we went swimming in a lake and played Marco Polo, Sirius and I had a play fight, we made cookies, went ice skating, and then it was present time.” Alex smiled.
“That’s good, so who won your little fight?”
“Alex did.” Remus laughed, making Lily look shocked.
“You won?”
Alex nodded and laughed along with Remus at Lily’s expression.
“Oh, come now Lily, surely you realized I’m a little spit fire. I know how to kick butt and I’m proud of it!”
Lily smiled and laughed with them as they headed first to Gryffindor Tower to put their things away, and then to the Great Hall for dinner.
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