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Alex is pushing herself too hard, and the rest of them start to notice

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Classes started back up again and Alex spent most of her time focusing on school work and Quidditch practices, seeing as games would soon be starting again. Gryffindor and Slytherin were tied for the lead, but only because Slytherin was cheating at every turn.
School work was also getting harder, as spells became more advanced and finals drew closer. Alex was also trying to do research for the Order whenever possible. Soon she was exhausted, and her friends started to worry about her.
“Do you think she’s okay?” Peter asked.
“Maybe she’s coming down with a cold?” Sirius suggested.
“It’s like she’s overworking herself.” Remus added.
“We’ve got to help her!”
“And how do you suggest we do that Potter?” Lily asked, trying to stay as far away from him as possible.
James sighed and Alex smiled as she watched her friends’ concern. She decided to cut back on the research in order to keep herself healthy.
“Hey guys!” Alex greeted.
“Hey Alex!” James replied, grabbing her in a headlock and ruffling her hair.
Alex twisted out of it and shook her head at him so he pouted and stopped.
“We should probably head down for dinner, come on!” Alex told them, adding in an undertone to Sirius, “I’ve got a prank I want your help with.”
Sirius nodded and smirked at the blonde, who returned his mischievous look.
“What are you thinking?”
“I was thinking a school wide Valentine’s day prank.”
“I’m in!”
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