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Pygmy Puffs

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Sirius and Alex stir up some trouble

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A couple weeks later it was Valentine’s Day and James was getting nervous as he noticed Alex and Sirius glancing at each other and smiling evilly. As they were sitting in the great hall for lunch someone started screaming and an army of pygmy puffs rolled into the hall and started cuddling every person they came into contact with, covering people as the army moved across the hall. Alex was clapping loudly and high-fiving Sirius as the Pygmy Puffs latched onto people and Dumbledore was smiling at them from the teachers’ table. James looked over at Alex and gaped at her, opening and closing his mouth like a fish.
“You did this?”
“Sirius helped.”
Lily started laughing and everyone else joined in as they jumped on top of the table to avoid the Pygmy Puffs.
“Come on! Come this way!” Alex laughed, running across Gryffindor Table towards the teachers.
When she and her friends reached the teachers they stopped.
“Hey Minnie! I suggest y’all hide in the teachers’ lounge with us.” Alex smiled, climbing over the table towards the room behind the teachers.
The teachers laughed and followed her so the other Gryffindors climbed over the table and followed Alex into the teachers’ lounge. Alex muttered the password and walked in as if this was an everyday occurrence.
“You know the password to the teachers’ lounge?” Frank asked and Alex nodded.
“Of course, I come here on a weekly basis.”
Frank shook his head at her as Alex turned to McGonagall and Dumbledore.
“So, what do you think Minnie? Was it good? I want your opinion. You too Albus.”
Lily looked horrified at the fact that Alex was addressing Dumbledore by his first name but both teachers smiled.
“Pretty good.”
“However did you get them to latch on to the students?” Dumbledore questioned with interest.
“Well it wasn’t as hard as I had thought. In fact, it was kind of easy…”
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