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Gryffindor vs. Slytherin match

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A few days later was the big Slytherin vs. Gryffindor game and Alex had been receiving various death threats from Slytherins, making her friends worry.
“Relax Rem; the worst thing that can happen is that I get killed.” Alex murmured in an attempt to soothe him.
“That makes me feel so much better.”
Alex laughed at him and ruffled his hair before standing up with James, Sirius, Alice, and Frank, all of whom were also on the team.
“Ready?” James asked.
“Let’s go kick some Slytherin arse!”
The group headed down to the locker rooms to get ready. Ben gave a quick pep talk and the team headed out onto the pitch, as Remus announced them.
“And it’s the Gryffindors! Rafe, Bell, Black, Potter, Longbottom, Prewitt, and Louvelle!”
The Slytherins were already on the pitch waiting for them and the Slytherin team all smirked at Alex threateningly so she smirked back. The quaffle was thrown and Alex shot up into the air, she had only moved a few feet forward before she was surrounded by Slytherins.
“Stupid Mudblood!”
Alex laughed and dropped off her broom to get away from the hostile players, landing back on her broom twenty some feet below. She sped forward and realized she had a group a Slytherins tailing her.
While the Slytherins focused all their attentions on taking out Alex, James, Alice, and Frank were busy making goal after goal until Gryffindor was ahead by almost two hundred points. Sirius and Mark Bell were trying desperately to keep bludgers away from Alex, who had to keep rolling in order to avoid them.
Alex realized that if she caught the snitch at that moment that Slytherin would be out of the running for the Quidditch cup and she started focusing on that instead of her safety. She noticed the snitch flying above her and went into a dive before quickly changing directions, shooting up towards the little golden blur. As her fingers closed around the snitch something barrelled into her side, knocking her sideways and breaking a rib. She was hit again and fell off her broom so that she was left hanging by a hand.
Realizing she could be seriously injured if she fell, Alex kicked out, her feet catching someone in the stomach and sending them flying away from her as she swung back onto her broom. The whistle blew, ending the game and Alex smiled threw the pain of her rib as she punched a couple of Slytherins in order to get to the ground.
James and Frank had gotten into a fight with some Slytherins and now sported bloody lips, Alice’s hair had been pulled out of its ponytail and the only female Slytherin Quidditch player had a few claw marks in her face from Alice’s retaliation. Sirius casually knocked out a Slytherin by hitting him over the head with a beater’s bat as he walked towards Alex with James and the blonde smiled, revealing a mouth full of blood which she quickly spat out.
Remus and Lily ran out onto the pitch and hugged Alex making her wince as she tried to catch her breath. James and Sirius ran over as Peter caught up to Alice and Frank and everyone looked at Alex with concern.
“What’s wrong?”
“They broke my rib.” Alex gasped.
“Stupid Slytherins! You had already caught the snitch when they started attacking you!” James growled.
“But don’t worry, we got them back.” Sirius smirked.
Madame Pomphrey ran out onto the field and seeing Alex ran over.
“Broken rib? That’s easy to repair.”
Alex gasped in relief and took a huge breath.
“Thanks Poppy!”
The nurse laughed and walked away.
“Let’s go party in the Gryffindor common room!” Sirius cheered.
“Party time!”
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