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Blood and Chocolate

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Alex plays a trick on some Slytherins

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A couple days later it was time for another Hogsmeade trip and the gang had no special plans as they walked down towards the little town.
“Let’s go to the Three Broomsticks. I could use a good Butterbeer.” Alex decided.
“Wait, Alex! I just noticed you’re finally speaking without your American accent!” Sirius shouted excitedly.
“I have been for awhile now.” Alex smiled, ruffling Sirius’s hair as he pretended to pout.
“Oh cheer up Sirius! It’s not her fault you’re unobservant!” Lily laughed.
The Gryffindors sat down near the back of the Three Broomsticks, behind some trees. Peter and James went to get Butterbeers so Alex listened to the conversations around her, and one in particular caught her attention.
“When are we going to join, Bella?”
“Immediately after school. I’m not going to wait much longer before I join the Dark Lord.” Bellatrix sneered.
“But don’t you think that’s a bit soon?”
“Soon? You idiot! The sooner we join the better! You’re the one who’s not thinking!” she snapped.
Alex saw out of the corner of her eye that Bellatrix was talking to Rodolphus Lestrange and Macnair, and decided that sometime soon she would prank them for being death eaters.
James and Peter came back over and handed everyone Butterbeers. Once they were seated Alex smirked evilly. Peter looked at her fearfully while the others looked curious.
“I’ve got a plan involving a prank on some Slytherins who were just chatting about becoming death eaters. I think you’ll enjoy it.”
“I knew she was an honorary Marauder for a reason!” Sirius laughed.
“So, here’s what we’re going to do…”
The next day Alex decided to hang out in the common room and relax while James and Sirius set up the prank on the Slytherins. Alex pulled out the book she was reading at the moment- Blood and Chocolate, one of her all-time favourites- when Remus came up behind her.
“Blood and Chocolate?”
Alex jumped and turned around.
“Oh! Hey Rem!”
Alex scooted over in her chair and Remus sat down with her. It was a tight squeeze until Alex shifted so that she was sitting on Remus’s lap for the most part.
“So what’s it about?”
“Well, it’s about a pack of werewolves basically, but one girl in particular who is struggling with figuring out whether she wants to be the wolf or a human. It’s one of my favourites.”
“Werewolves?” asked Remus.
Alex nodded sheepishly. “I love werewolf books and movies. A guilty pleasure of sorts.”
“Why werewolves?”
Alex contemplated for a second. “Hmm… probably because I love the moon, I love wolves, and vampires suck… literally.”
Remus laughed at the pun and Alex smiled apologetically. “Sorry about the pun.”
“You need to stop apologizing so much. You didn’t do anything wrong.” Remus sighed.
“Point proven!”
Remus shook his head and Alex snapped her mouth shut before opening her book.
“Mind if I read with you?”
“Of course not! It’s what we always do!”
Alex flipped back to the first page and read it quickly waiting until Remus nodded to flip the page. Every once in the while he would ask a question and Alex would explain the question or elbow him in the stomach for acting like an idiot.
“Ow! Alex, you’re bruising my kidney!”
“Your kidneys are in back, I’m bruising your intestines.”
“Like that’s any better.”
“Just keep reading Rem.”
Remus sighed and kept reading while Alex started to yawn. Remus nodded that he had finished the page but Alex didn’t turn it and Remus realized she was sleeping. He shifted her a little and gently pulled the book out of her hands, flipping the page and reading as the blonde slept peacefully.
After a few minutes Alex’s eyes snapped open and she jumped up, making Remus fall out of the chair. Without any explanation Alex ran out of the common room and down the stairs towards the Slytherin Common Room.
When she got there she slipped inside and found James and Sirius crouching in the corner to avoid the pile of Slytherins surrounding Bellatrix, Macnair and Rodolphus. Alex crept over to James and Sirius and slipped under the cloak with them.
“How’d it go?”
“Good,” James whispered, “but now we’re stuck here.”
“I’ll fix that, just run.”
Alex stepped out from under the cloak before they could stop her and walked towards the Slytherins.
“Hey y’all! I hope you enjoy the new look!”
The Slytherins turned around and Alex bolted out of the Common Room, hearing a herd of people at her heels.
“Get back here you stupid little mudblood!” Bellatrix shrieked and Alex laughed.
Alex made it into the common room and shut the door behind her before any of the Slytherins saw her, and leaned against the door to catch her breath. The footsteps went thundering past and Alex walked over to Remus who was staring at her curiously.
“What was that about?”
“I forgot to figure out how James and Sirius would get out of the Slytherin Common Room after they jinxed the Slytherins to look like donkeys.”
At that moment James and Sirius bolted into the common room and hugged Alex.
“That was stupid.”
“How else were you two supposed to get out?”
Remus stood up and turned to James and Sirius. “Wait, what did she do?”
“She taunted the Slytherins and had them all chasing after her.” Sirius growled.
“What?” Remus cried. “Are you insane?”
“I thought we’d already gone over this,” Alex smiled, “yes, I am.”
“Don’t do that again!”
“Fine.” Alex grabbed her book out of Remus’s hands and batted Sirius with it as she headed up to her common room.
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