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The group has some fun on the Black Lake

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As summer approached, the Gryffindors started spending a lot more of their time outside and Alex came up with an idea for some weekend fun.
“Let’s have a pirate battle on the lake, boys vs. girls.”
James and Sirius smirked at each other and nodded.
“Prepare to sink Blondie.”
Alex ran to get Lily and Alice and told them her plan.
“Here’s the deal, its boys vs. girls and the giant squid is a girl, I can get her on our side. Now I need you two to go get Minnie and tell her our plan, I’m sure she’ll help us.”
Lily and Alice ran off so Alex walked down to the lake and dove in. She emitted a series of screeches and resurfaced as the Giant Squid swam up to meet her.
Alex screeched again and the Squid screeched in response, making Alex smile.
The squid sank back into the lake and Alex got out of the chilled water. Lily, Alice, and McGonagall came out to see her and she told them her plan.
The day of the battle came and Alex, Lily, and Alice met at the spot where they had hidden their ship. Alex boarded first and took the wheel while Lily and Alice climbed up after her.
“Let’s go girls!”
Alex took the ship out to the middle of the lake and the boys met them on their own ship.
“Ready to lose boys?” Alex shouted over the wind.
“Are you?” James yelled back.
Alex made a screeching noise and the Squid surfaced, going after the boys’ ship as they tried to out run it. Alex steered the ship towards theirs and she had Alice take the wheel. She then grabbed a rope from the rigging and swung over to the boys’ ship, pulling out her fake sword as she did so. Sirius met her with his sword drawn and the second her feet touched the ground they were fighting. Alex kept Sirius at bay easily and disarmed him, taking his sword and throwing him overboard to the Squid who threw him onto the Girls’ ship. Lily tied him up and dragged him below the deck as Alex duelled with Peter and Remus simultaneously. She disarmed Peter easily and he suffered the same fate as Sirius but Remus was much harder to fight, especially once James started helping him.
“You will lose!” James screamed.
“I think not!”
And with that Alex flipped through the air over their heads and disarmed them in a quick 1-2 motion.
“Have a nice fall.”
Alex shoved them both over but Remus grabbed her arm and started to drag her with him. Alex grabbed the rigging and hung suspended between the two ships with Remus hanging from her arm.
Alex started to swing towards her ship and managed to climb aboard, dragging Remus with her.
“Sorry Rem.”
Alex charmed a piece of rope to bind him and Lily dragged him down as Alice forced Frank to surrender. Alex walked down to the cells they had set up and smirked at the Marauders.
“Told you we would win.”
“How did you get the squid to help you?” James asked.
“I learned how to speak squid with Dumbledore’s help. And the giant squid is a girl.”
“What about your fighting?”
“I took fencing lessons.”
Sirius pouted at her and she laughed in response.
“Come on; let’s go back to the castle.”
Alex opened the door and untied the boys. They all brought the ships back to the hiding spot and walked to the castle together, laughing as they went.
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