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America Again

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The year ends and Alex returns to America

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Finals approached before they even realized it and that meant that the school year was almost over and summer was approaching faster than a train with no brakes. As Alex walked out of her last final, History of Magic, James wrapped an arm around her shoulders.
“I don’t want you to go back to America, I’ll miss you!”
“Well, actually, I decided that I’m going to continue at Hogwarts.”
“Yep, I like it better here.”
“Oh by the way, you are officially invited to come visit Potter Mansion this summer.”
“Why thank you. I will take you up on that offer after I visit my parents in America.”
“Good. Now come on, we have to pack up our stuff and head to the feast.”
Alex allowed James to steer her to the common room and she packed up her things sadly, she didn’t want to leave Hogwarts, but she knew she would get to come back soon, so she packed anyway.
Once her last shirt was in her trunk she shut the lid and headed down to the Great Hall where her friends were already waiting. She sat in her spot and didn’t really listen as Dumbledore gave the end of term speech. Instead she was thinking of how amazing her life was. It felt almost unreal.
Food appeared in front of them and Alex grabbed as much as she could fit on her plate, digging in as she laughed at Sirius’s antics. He was busily trying to see how much food he could shove in his mouth, and Alex, feeling particularly daring, challenged him to a contest. As she shoved food in her mouth, she tried not to laugh and ended up getting the same amount of food in her mouth as Sirius did. She then had the challenge of chewing it.
When the feast was over everyone went up to the dorms to sleep and Alex couldn’t help but smile.
The next morning Alex walked down with her friends to the carriages and waved them good-bye.
“We’ll write you the second we’re home!” James yelled out the window at her.
“I’ll write you too! See you soon!”
The carriages disappeared from her sight and Alex grabbed her things and walked to the portal home.
“See you soon!” Alex smiled at the castle and crawled through the portal.
She walked through the door to her house and found her father waiting in the kitchen for her.
“Why weren’t you home for Christmas?”
“I went with a friend to their house so that you wouldn’t have to worry about it.” Alex explained meekly.
“Go to your room.”
Alex ran upstairs and unpacked some of her things. Then she sat on her bed and started writing a letter to the boys.
Hey boys!
I made it back to America just fine, I hope you had a good trip home as well. I’ll probably be back at Hogwarts in about a week. I guess I’ll see you sometime after that. Sirius, don’t send that prank in the mail, I know you want to, but don’t send it to me, send it to a death eater. James, don’t eat just junk food, you want to be healthy for Quidditch. Peter, don’t over eat, you know you’ll get sick. Oh and Rem, try to get some sun. At the very least read outside! You’ll hurt your eyes if you keep reading in the dark! Please write soon. I miss y’all. Like a lot. -Blondie
Alex attached the note to her owl’s leg and sent it out through the window.
The next day Alex received a letter from the boys and she tore it open hurriedly.
Hey Blondie!
We had a great trip home, although we missed you a lot. We’re all at my house for the rest of the summer, so when you get here we’ll be at Potter Mansion. Feel free to come and visit for the rest of the summer, it won’t be right without you around.
Hey Alex! Don’t worry, I’ll start reading outside. Please get here soon, I’m starting to act like James and Sirius, which is beginning to worry me. I miss you a lot; I can’t wait to see you! – Remus
Hey Alex! I hope you get here soon, I miss you. So does everybody else. -Petey
BLONDIE!!!!! I miss you! How am I supposed to torment Prongs without you?! I feel kind of bad since I’m targeting Moony, but I can’t be too bothered by that. Hey! When you get here I’ll have to tell you all about this girl I met! I think you’ll like her! Hurry up and get here -Pads
Well as you can see we all miss you. Please get here soon. Mum misses you too, and by the way, she’s kind of adopted you as her daughter. Miss you - James (your big bro)
Alex smiled widely and reread the letter before carefully tucking the letter away with her school things for safekeeping.
Alex then climbed out her window and down the side of her house before running out into the woods that were behind her house. When she got into them she sat down with her back against a large tree before emitting a series of bark like coughs. Soon a small pack of wolves surrounded her and she lowered her eyes submissively. The largest of the wolves approached her and put his nose against her forehead and snuffled before he licked her face.
“Hey Hotchner! It’s been awhile huh?”
The other wolves approached and brought forward a new pup, which leaped into her lap instantly.
“Well hi! You’re a friendly one aren’t you? I think I’ll call you Rose.”
Rose wagged her tail and bit down on Alex’s arm, but the blonde didn’t even wince, she was used to these kinds of bites. Another wolf, Balto, walked forward and nipped the soft tissue of her knee in welcome, which hurt quite a bit, but Alex didn’t react at all to it, knowing a reaction would upset the wolves she was surrounded by.
After awhile of relaxing with the wolves, Alex stood up and made a low howling sound in the back of her throat before leaving, petting each of the wolves one last time before returning to her house and scaling the vines into her window.
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