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Return to Potter mansion

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Alex catches the Knight Bus back to Potter Mansion for the summer

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A week later Alex wrote a note to her father saying she was going back to England and crawled through the portal to Hogwarts with her things. She was going to head straight for the boys; she missed them a lot more than she thought she would’ve; it made her heart ache that she was so far away from them. So she decided she wasn’t going to take any detours before meeting up with them.
Alex walked through Hogwarts and out to Hogsmeade. She held out her right hand and the Knight Bus appeared. She hopped on and paid the conductor before sitting down.
“Potter Mansion, please.” She smiled.
The bus lurched forward and a few minutes later she was walking down the road towards Potter Mansion. When she got to the large door she knocked three times and James opened it.
James pulled her into a bone crushing hug that lifted her off her feet and pulled her inside before setting her back down.
“Hey James!”
“What happened to your face?”
Alex felt the spot he was pointing to and gasped in realization.
“Oh, umm… I… I fell down the stairs, yeah that’s it.” She smiled unconvincingly but James let it slide.
“Come on then. Sirius, Remus, and Peter are here already. Oh and by the way, you know us way to well, Sirius had already put the prank in the envelope, I was eating cake, Peter was on his fifth helping, and Rem was reading in the corner without the lights on when we got your letter.”
Alex smiled softly and James hugged her again. He hadn’t known her very long, but he missed her more than he had thought he would when she had been gone. And she had only been gone a week.
Mrs. Potter walked out of the kitchen and smiled at Alex. “Hello dear! Was the rest of your year good?”
Alex nodded as James kept dragging her upstairs and she was tackled by Sirius when he saw her.
“BLONDIE!!!!!!!!” He cried excitedly.
“Hey mutt!”
Remus pulled Alex up off of the ground and hugged her as well and Peter ran over to hug her.
“Hey guys!”
“Lily, Alice, and Frank should be here later today so you know.”
“You got Lily to come?” Alex asked sceptically.
“She felt the need to protect you from us.” Remus laughed.
“That makes more sense.”
“We missed you!” James blurted randomly, tackling Alex and Remus simultaneously.
“I missed you too.” Alex smiled as James held her down on top of Remus.
“James, mind letting us up?”
James moved and Alex scooted over so that she was lying on the floor next to Remus and Sirius instantly started tickling her.
“No! Sirius! Stop! Please! Ah! Rem! Help me!”
Remus pulled Sirius off of Alex and the blonde jumped up and moved out of Sirius’s reach. Remus got up and Alex started using him as a shield while James and Peter laughed.
“Umm, hi!”
“LILY!” Alex shrieked, running over and tackling her friend.
James took Lily’s things and put them in one of the empty rooms. Alice and Frank walked up the stairs and James took their things to two other rooms while Alex pulled Lily up and hugged Alice and Frank.
“Right well let’s all get some lunch.”
The group headed downstairs and as they went Lily started staring at Alex’s face.
“What happened to your face?”
“I fell down, down the stairs! That’s what it was!”
“I see.” Lily said sceptically.
Alex waved her wand and the large bruise and various cuts on the side of her face disappeared.
“There. Now let’s eat.”
They all sat down and James brought food over. Alex ate her food quickly and started teasing Sirius by making his plate move around the table and finally hovers over his head just out of reach.
“Alex!” He growled.
“Fine.” Alex sighed, dropping the plate in front of him in a way that splashed ketchup all over him.
“I’ll get you back Blondie!”
“I’m sure you will.”
“So we’ll be going on Vacation tomorrow.”
Alex snapped her head towards James and stared at him questioningly.
“Yep, just us kids. We’re going to be staying at a private island for a couple weeks. It’ll be just us on the island.”
“Okay then. Well what will we do for the rest of the day?” Lily asked.
“Let’s play Quidditch.” Sirius suggested and everyone nodded enthusiastically.
“Okay: Remus, Alex, Lily, and Alice on one team and Peter, Frank, James, and I on the other team.” Sirius decided.
“Sounds good. Let’s go!” Alex cheered.
They all grabbed brooms and raced outside to an Apple Grove where they were allowed to play Quidditch.
“Alex, don’t you want shoes?” Remus asked.
Alex looked down at her bare feet and shook her head as she continued to run.
Sirius and James had both turned into animagi to get ahead and Alex changed as well, racing ahead of them. When she got to the grove she turned back to a human and smirked at the boys.
“You’re the wolf?!” James asked in shock.
“Yes I am.”
“You need a nickname then. I vote for Moonette!” Padfoot exclaimed.
“I agree!” James and Peter said.
“I’m not getting out of saying yes, so yes.” Remus added.
“Fine, I’ll be Moonette.” Alex sighed.
They split into teams and divided up jobs. James and Alex were Seekers, Alice and Frank were Chasers, Lily and Sirius were Beaters, and Remus and Peter were Keepers.
“Let’s go!”
They all took to the sky and the game was pretty intense, but Alex caught the snitch and Alice made a lot more goals than Frank did, so Alex, Lily, Remus, and Alice won.
“Sorry Boys.” Alice smirked as Alex started play fighting with Sirius.
“Oi! Mutts! Turn back into humans!”
Alex and Sirius did so grudgingly and walked with everyone back to the house.
“Piggy back races again!”
Alex raised an eyebrow at Sirius and he shrugged.
“Alice and Frank, James and Lily, Remus and Alex, and I will judge with Peter.”
They agreed grudgingly and lined up in their positions.
They all took off running and James ended up winning.
“Potter, let me go!”
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