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The teens spend some time on a private island for vacation

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The next morning everyone grabbed their things and brought them downstairs.
“Does everyone have everything?” Mr. Potter asked.
Alex nodded for the girls and James for the guys and Mr. Potter grabbed their things.
“Good, now your things will be waiting for you at the island. I borrowed young Arthur Weasley’s car for you to fly down to the island. I installed an auto pilot button that will get you to the island without you doing anything. Make sure to hit the invisibility booster button every half hour. Have fun!”
James led the group to the Ford Anglia and they all piled inside the car. James took Driver’s seat and Sirius, Peter, and Lily also piled up in front leaving Remus, Alex, Alice, and Frank in back. In order for everyone to fit, Peter ended up on Sirius’s lap and Alex was on Remus’s.
“This is going to be a fun drive! Why couldn’t I have one of the girls straddling me instead?” Sirius muttered sarcastically.
“Relax Padfoot!” Alex hissed as the car lurched up into the sky.
Several uncomfortable hours later, the car descended and they found themselves on Paradise Island. Alex was the first one out of the car and she fell face first into the sand.
Remus and James pulled her up and everyone else tumbled out of the car. James led the way up the steps to the large beach house they would be staying in and showed them the boys’ room and the girls’ room. Their stuff was already there and Lily and Alice set about unpacking while Alex kept following the boys.
The second Sirius saw the kitchen he started complaining of hunger and Alex started pulling out all the fixings for brats and began to cook.
“Wait, you can cook?”
“Yes, I can.”
“Good, we won’t starve!”
Alex shook her head and pulled out enough plates for everyone. Lily and Alice came in and sat down just as the brats finished cooking and Alex set the plate on the counter with the ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, relish, and buns.
They all grabbed food and dug in hungrily. As she ate, Alex looked around at her surroundings. The walls were painted in bright airy colours and there were windows everywhere. Over all, it was a nice, bright, and inviting space.
After everyone had finished, Alex grabbed their dishes and washed them before turning around to face everyone.
“So what shall we do?”
“Let’s just sail around the island, there’s a boat. I’m sure we can figure out how to drive it.” Sirius suggested.
“I know how to drive a boat, so I’ll drive. Where are the keys?” Alex smiled.
James handed them to her and they all walked out to the dock where a nice red speed boat was waiting. Alex steadied the boat while everyone got in before hopping in as well. She then untied the boat and kneeled on the driver’s seat in order to see and started the boat. They sped away and Alex drove around the island while James told everyone about it.
“There’s Pirate’s Cove. That’s a nice place to dock for a picnic. Over there is waterfall lagoon. Kind of obvious how it got its name.”
They drove past a little cove that had a large waterfall gushing down into it and Alex smiled. Waterfall jumping, cliff diving, and jumping off any high area was always fun.
The teens got back to the dock and Alex docked swiftly, turning off the ignition as she did so. It was already getting dark and they decided to have a quick meal before they all turned in for the night.
The next morning Remus was the first one to wake up and he made pancakes for everyone. He was almost done with the pancakes when Alex walked into the kitchen wearing her pyjamas, which consisted of splatter painted shorts and an oversized tee shirt.
“Morning Rem!”
Remus smiled at her and she wrapped her arms around him while he cooked.
“I’m tired.”
“Then go back to sleep.” Remus chuckled.
“But I’m already awake! Silly werewolf!”
Remus looked at her in confusion and Alex explained.
“There’s are commercial in America for a kids’ cereal called Trix that goes, ‘Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!”
Remus nodded and Alex let go of him, hopping up on the counter and swinging her legs back and forth.
“I want to go over to that Waterfall lagoon today I think.” Alex mused.
“I’ll go with you if you want.”
Alex nodded. “Hey, let’s eat and go now. We can take the boat and leave a note for the others.”
Remus nodded and they ate quickly. Alex did the dishes while Remus wrote the note and then they both got changed. Alex grabbed a bright red bikini and a pair of shorts and Remus just grabbed a plain black t-shirt to throw on over his blue swim trunks.
Alex undocked the boat and they sped towards the lagoon. When they got there, Alex threw their anchor in and pulled off her shorts, diving into the water.
“Come on Rem! The water’s great!”
Remus jumped in and together they swam towards the waterfall. Alex swam under it and found a cave lying behind it, which she quickly started walking through.
“Alex! Wait, you don’t know what might be in there!”
Remus ran and caught up with Alex as she started climbing up the side of the cave, towards a shaft of light. When she heard Remus, Alex looked down at him and smirked.
“Come on Rem, it’s an easy wall to climb.”
“Of course she rock climbs!” Remus muttered under his breath as he started climbing after her.
The pair came out on top of the waterfall, and Alex smiled. She walked slowly towards the edge of the waterfall and Remus tried to grab her, but she was out of his reach.
“Alex, be careful!”
“Don’t worry Rem-ah!”
Alex slipped and went over the cliff; Remus ran over and watched helplessly as she fell in to the water, but a second later her head surfaced.
“Alex! Are you okay?!”
Alex nodded and started laughing.
“I didn’t actually fall, I jumped!”
Remus sighed in relief and Alex beckoned for him to come and join her. After a few seconds of debate, Remus jumped off the waterfall and when he resurfaced he found that he had actually liked the jump.
“You liked it, didn’t you?”
Remus nodded guiltily and Alex smirked as she swam over to him.
“It’s even better when you jump off a really high cliff. You just feel the wind rushing all around you and when you hit the water it’s like you’re plummeting through time itself. You feel like you’re suspended. It’s absolutely amazing!”
“What are you an adrenaline junkie?”
Alex contemplated for a moment and nodded. “You could say that I suppose. I just like the feeling you get in your stomach. That feeling where butterflies are filling you up and your stomach starts doing flips. That’s what I like.”
Remus nodded and swam over to a rock that was under the water but high enough to sit on and rested on it. Alex swam a few laps before sitting next to him.
“We should probably head back.”
Remus nodded and they got back in the boat and headed for the beach house.
A couple of days later all of the Gryffindors decided that they should try surfing and made a big day of it. They each grabbed a surfboard and paddled out into the waves. Sirius and James got the hang of it very quickly but the second Alex tried to kneel, she would lose her balance and crash into the waves. Remus, Lily, and Alice were doing okay and Peter and Frank had already given up.
“Alex, just give up already!” Frank called, but the blonde shook her head.
“No! I’m going to get this!”
Alex managed to kneel and forced herself to stand up. When she realized she was standing, her jaw dropped.
“Oh my god! I did it! I actually did it- ah!”
Alex fell forward and was sucked into the waves. When after a minute she didn’t resurface, Sirius dove in after her and pulled her up.
“I’m fine!” Alex coughed, but Sirius continued to pull her towards shore.
“You’re done surfing.” Sirius told her.
Alex pouted and watched as they continued to surf. Frank and Peter came and sat down next to her and Frank put a hand on her shoulder consolingly.
“At least you know you can kick their arses at other water related things.”
Alex eyes went wide and she smiled evilly.
“Alex, what are you up to?” Peter asked.
“I’ve got a plan.”
Alex hopped in the boat and drove off quickly coming back half an hour later with a two person tube connected to the back of the boat.
“Hey y’all! Let’s go tubing!”
“What’s that?”
“I’ll explain after I teach a couple of you to drive the boat.”
The others hopped in the boat and Alex taught Alice and Frank how to drive.
“Okay, this is the accelerator, this is neutral. Don’t over-steer or the boat might tip.”
Alex explained how tubing worked and James and Sirius volunteered to go first.
The second they signalled they were good to go, Alex gunned the accelerator and they took off. James and Sirius bounced along like ragdolls and Alex decided that it was time for them to fly off, so she drove in a circle until a huge wave pool formed and then she gunned through the centre of it, sending the boys flying through the air.
Alex drove over and pulled them into the boat, laughing at their disgruntled expressions.
“I’ll go next! Who wants to go with me?”
Lily said that she would go with Alex and they climbed onto the tube. Frank took the wheel and gunned it like Alex had and he twisted and turned the boat, sending Lily flying off the tube in only a couple of minutes.
Alex kneeled and flipped off of the tube, helping Lily stay afloat while Frank brought the boat around. Alex pushed Lily up and crawled up after her.
Remus and Alice decided they would go next and Alex let Frank drive again. After a few minutes, Alice fell off only she didn’t come up right away, so Alex dove into the water and propelled herself towards the spot where Alice had gone under. Alex sucked in a quick breath and dove under, finding Alice under the water a ways, struggling to reach the surface as her lifejacket had fallen off. Alex grabbed her friend’s hand and swam up to the surface, pulling Alice onto her back while she waited for the boat.
“Get her in!”
The marauders pulled Alice in and Lily started tending to her while James and Remus pulled Alex in.
“Here, let me.”
Alex pumped the water out of Alice’s lungs and Alice started breathing more freely.
“We’re going back to the beach house now.”
Alex drove back quickly and docked, slinging Alice over her back and carrying her to the house.
“Get me some glasses of water and a damp cloth.”
Alex set Alice down and took care of her while the Marauders, Lily, and Frank watched.
“She’ll be fine in an hour or so.”
They all nodded soberly and Alex sighed. “Look, I know this has probably shocked you, but you need to know the truth. Being around large bodies of water is very, very dangerous. At least she’s safe, and now we know to be a lot more careful.”
“What if she had gotten hurt?”
Alex put her hand on Frank’s arm and spoke in a soft, soothing voice. “I would’ve done anything that was necessary to help her. I won’t let harm come to any of you. I promise.”
Alex spoke so sincerely that despite how scared they were over Alice’s accident, they quickly grew confident about going back in the water.
Alex smiled as the others started discussing plans for the next day, and she was the only one who noticed Alice wake up.
“What happened?”
Alex smiled. “You wiped out when you were tubing.”
A week later the group was debating what they should do. After all, they had already had boat races, broom jousting, broom races, a giant water fight, and had a luau.
“I have an idea!” Alex blurted randomly.
“What is it?”
“We could all build giant sand castles that are connected and play a game of tag or hide-and-seek in them!”
“Yes! Let’s go!”
Sirius ran outside and the others laughed and followed.
Once everyone had built a sandcastle, they all decided to figure out who was going to be it.
“Nose goes!” Alex yelled and she touched a finger to her nose and everyone quickly followed.
“Sirius touched his nose last, he’s it!”
Alex took off running into the nearest castle and ran through the various rooms and tunnels to get away from the boy chasing her. Eventually she found a good spot to hide and sat down in it quietly so that she wouldn’t have to run.
“Alex, scoot over!”
Alex jumped as Remus squeezed in next to her and the two of them discussed their latest reads while Sirius ran past them laughing maniacally.
The rest of the day passed quickly.
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