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Return Home

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With their vacation ending, the teens return to Potter Mansion to finish out their summer

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The next day everyone packed and loaded themselves into the car.
“Yay! Another awkward car ride!” Alex cheered.
Alex ended up on top of James and Remus while Lily was on Peter’s lap.
“Alex, can’t Pete and I switch?”
“Shut up James! This car ride is going to be long enough without you acting all jealous and fighting with Lils.”
“No! My answer is definitive! You will stay where you are, and Lily will stay where she is. You just need to relax.”
Alex spoke sternly, letting it be known that there would be no more discussion, but she didn’t speak coldly, and everyone knew that she meant no harm in her harsh words.
“You’re used to dealing with little kids, aren’t you?” Remus asked.
Alex nodded. “My summer job used to be working at a day care.”
“Are you implying that I act like a little kid?”
“I’m not implying! I’m saying it flat out!” Alex laughed.
“No! NO! JAMES!”
Alex ran out of the car and was almost to the front door when James grabbed her, picking her up off the ground and lifting her above his head while she kicked and squirmed.
“JAMES!!! Put me down!”
“James! Don’t drop her!” Sirius yelled.
James turned and slipped, Alex flying out of his grasp.
Remus and Sirius ran forward and barely managed to catch the blonde. James meanwhile fell into a pit of dirt and was staring worriedly at Alex.
“I’m fine, really, I am!”
“Alex! I’m sorry!”
Lily glared at James. “You dropped Alex! She could’ve gotten hurt!”
James looked away shamefully as Mrs. Potter came bustling out the door.
“What’s going on out here? Oh dear! James, did you drop poor Alex? How many times have I told you not to rough house in the front yard? You always trip! Save the rough housing for the soft grass out back!”
Mrs. Potter shook her head and walked back inside, the kids following straight behind her.
“I’ve got lunch ready for you! I hope you’re in the mood for Greek salad!”
“Sounds delicious!” Alex smiled as she sat at the kitchen table.
“Thank you dear! Here you go, eat up dears!”
Everyone ate their food quickly and as they did so, eight owls came swooping towards the house, including Alex’s owl Athena and James’s owl Nigel.
“Hogwarts letters!” Sirius cheered.
The owls flew in an open window and landed in front of each of the Gryffindors.
Alex tore open her letter and a badge fell out, which she dropped in surprise.
“Alex! You’re Quidditch Captain!”
“I’m, what?!”
“You’re Quidditch Captain! Congratulations!” James hugged Alex before turning to Remus.
“Are you prefect?”
Remus nodded and Lily did as well.
“That’s great guys! Congratulations!” Alex smiled.
“Party tonight!”
Alex nodded enthusiastically, but Lily shook her head. “No, your parties generally involve firewhiskey.”
“Oh, come on Lily! I’ll make sure there’s no firewhiskey, it will just be dancing and Butterbeer. It will be fun!”
Lily hesitated but finally nodded. “Fine. But I catch one whiff of Firewhiskey, and we’re done.”
“Okay then! Party time!”
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