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Diagon Alley

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A trip to Diagon Alley

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The next morning Alex woke up to James jumping up and down on her bed.
“What the hell do you want?!” She groaned as she put her pillow over her head.
“Alex! We’re going to Diagon Alley!”
“It’s too early!”
“It’s almost noon!”
Alex sat up suddenly, throwing James off her bed and jumped up. “Why didn’t you get me up sooner? I have to get ready!”
Alex ran into her closet and then into the bathroom, slamming the door as James stared at it in confusion.
“Sometimes I really wonder about her.” James muttered.
As Alex got ready James looked around her room and smiled at all the pictures and letters she had taped to the wall.
Alex walked back out of her bathroom wearing a pair of shorts, some wedges, and a bright red tank top. She had straightened her hair and put a red head band in it.
“You ready?”
“Just about!”
Alex grabbed her purse and stuffed her wallet in it before allowing James to drag her downstairs.
When they got to the kitchen, Alex grabbed a piece of toast and they joined the cue of Gryffindors waiting to floo to Diagon Alley.
“Here, I’ll take you with me.”
James grabbed Alex’s hand and together they flooed to Flourish and Blot’s.
“Come on, we need to go to Gringott’s first.”
The group walked down the bright street to Gringott’s and paired up to go down to the vaults.
“Okay, Sirius and I will go together, Lily and Alice, Peter and Frank, and Remus and Alex.” James decided.
Alex and Remus split away from the group and walked over to an available Goblin.
“Excuse me, but we would like to make withdrawals.”
The goblin looked down at Alex and she returned his stare unfalteringly and eventually the goblin chuckled.
“You’re a stubborn girl, well, come along.”
The goblin led Remus and Alex through the bank to one of the carts designed for transporting people to their vaults and Remus helped Alex get in before climbing in after her.
“Which vaults?”
“Vaults 246 and 1821.”
The cart started zipping down the track and Remus held onto Alex’s arm as if he was afraid she would fall out of the cart.
“Relax, I’ll be fine.”
Remus hesitantly let go of her arm and they stopped.
“Vault 246.”
Remus got out and produced his key. After the vault opened he quickly grabbed some of his money and shoved it in a bag before walking back to the cart. It sped off again and a few minutes later they reached Alex’s vault and she grabbed the money she would need for the year before Remus helped her back into the cart and they headed back to the surface.
“You guys ready to go?” James called.
“Yeah. Come on.”
Alex led the way to get their school books and then they went to restock potions ingredients.
“Okay, let’s go get the boys’ robe fittings done and then we’ll go get stationary. While you boys are getting your fittings, we’ll run over and restock on owl treats and things like that. We’ll meet you back at Madam Malkin’s before we all go and get stationary.” Lily decided, leading the girls towards Eeylop’s owl emporium while the boys headed for Madam Malkin’s.
After everyone had the rest of their school supplies, they headed to the Leaky Cauldron for supper.
“Gideon! Fabian!” Alex cried, running over to hug the twins.
“Hey Miss America! What are you doing here?”
“Yeah, we thought you would be back in the United States by now!”
Alex laughed. “I decided to stick around. I kind of like it here. So how’s graduation been treating you?”
“Well we got accepted to the auror training program and, of course we joined the you-know-what.”
“That’s great! You’ll be great!”
“Why thanks! Wait a minute, is that our little Allie-bear!”
Gideon and Fabian turned to hug Alice who blushed furiously at her nickname.
“We wondered if we would find you here! Well we need to go, but we’ll talk to you later, okay?”
“Oh, and Alex, don’t forget to write, keep us informed of anything you here through your job.”
Alex nodded. “Will do, and send me updates as well. I need to know everything I can.”
Gideon and Fabian saluted Alex before turning and walking away.
“Bye boys!” Alex called.
“Well let’s eat.”
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