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5th Year

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Start of the 5th year

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A week later everyone was walking down to the knight bus so that they could all get on the train back to Hogwarts.
“Do you all have everything? Do you have you clothes, your books, your…”
“Mum! We’ll be fine! We’ll write as soon as we get there, so just relax.”
Mrs. Potter nodded and hugged everybody goodbye before they hopped on the train.
“Honestly, sometimes I think she’s convinced I would lose my head if it weren’t attached.” James groaned.
“Oh come on Prongs, she just loves you! She wants to make sure you’re okay.” Alex laughed, ruffling James’s hair as she passed him.
“I know, I know.”
“Come on, let’s grab a compartment.”
The group sat down and a rather eventful game of Exploding Snap began.
As Alex, Lily, Alice, Frank, and The Marauders walked up towards the carriages that would bring them to Hogwarts, Alex couldn’t keep the smile off of her face.
“Moonette, what are you smiling about?” Sirius asked.
“I’m just really happy to be back here Padfoot.”
Sirius nodded and the group climbed into a carriage at the front of the line.
“Hey, anyone know who the new defence teacher is going to be?” James asked.
“Oh, yeah, it’s Nathan Thomas. He wrote some book or something and then was a consultant at the ministry. I’ve heard he’s a real ass though.” Alex replied calmly.
“How the hell do you know all this?”
“Minnie sent me letters throughout the summer. I asked her about him.”
“Of course you’re pen-pals with a teacher. I should’ve realized.
Alex stuck her tongue out at James and turned away from him to talk to Peter.
“Oh, come on Moonette! You know I was joking.”
Alex turned around and shot him a smile before turning back to Peter.
“You ready to be back at school Petey?”
“Yep! At least I think I am…”
“Remember, if you need any help just ask me and I will gladly assist you.”
Peter smiled at her and Alex returned the smile before she turned to face Alice.
“So, I heard Dumbledore’s planning a dance for this year.”
Alice’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Really?! I hope he does, could I do your make up?”
Alex nodded and Alice turned to Lily and the pair started plotting as they all got out of the carriages.
“Moonette! Please talk to me!”
Alex turned to James and sighed, waltzing over to him and slipping her arm around his shoulders casually.
“Well if I have to!”
James hugged Alex’s waist and the pair skipped up the steps to the castle. As they entered the Great Hall Alex spotted McGonagall and she tore away from James.
McGonagall turned around just in time to see a blur of blond hair and she nearly fell over as Alex hugged her.
“Hello dear! How was your break?”
Alex smiled. “It was good! I’ll have to tell you all about it at one of our teas! How was yours?”
“Rather uneventful. I need to go and handle the first years now, so why don’t you go and sit with your fellow housemates.”
Alex sauntered back over to her friends and twirled down into her seat.
“So… whatever shall we discuss?”
“Well I simply have no idea!” Lily replied, catching onto the joke in Alice’s words.
“I cannot possibly fathom how we could ever have such a lull in our conversation!”
The girls all looked at each other for a moment before collapsing in a fit of laughter, which earned them strange looks from the boys.
Alex rolled her eyes at their stupidity as she recovered and she started rummaging around the folds of her skirt.
“Alex, what are you doing?”
“Looking for something.”
Alex apparently found it because she smiled widely and stopped, pulling her hands back up with an enormous lollipop that was practically the size of her head.
“Bloody hell! Where did you get that thing?!”James exclaimed.
Alex smiled serenely and started to eat her lollipop while other students filed into the hall and took their spots.
“This is going to end badly!” Lily whispered to Remus.
“Alex high on sugar is an extremely dangerous thing.”
Remus’s eyes went wide and he grabbed the lollipop from her.
“I’ll give it back to you after dinner, you need healthy food first.”
Alex pouted but allowed him to hold on to her lollipop.
The first years were led in by Minnie and Alex tuned out through their sorting and Dumbledore’s speech and once food appeared she ate as quickly as she could.
Remus sighed and handed her the lollipop.
“Thank you!”
Alex continued to eat her lollipop and Lily watched her nervously.
“Alex, don’t eat that whole thing!”
Alex stuck her tongue out at Lily and continued to eat happily. When dinner was over, Alex led the way up to Gryffindor tower, skipping ahead while Remus and Lily helped the first years.
“Thestral flight!”
Alex walked into the common room and flopped down on her favourite couch while other students filed in. James flopped down next to her and took a bite of her lollipop.
“Hey! You have to ask first!”
“It’s okay!”
Alex offered James more lollipop and he took it from her for a few seconds before giving it back.
“You’re so innocent!”
Alex laughed and smiled at James. “Yeah, in some ways, but in other ways not so much. It just comes with being alive.”
James raised his eyebrows at her and she shook her head. “Never mind, I’m just being odd. I should probably head up for some sleep. Good night James.”
Alex kissed James on the cheek before skipping up the stairs that Lily and Alice had already disappeared up.
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